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  1. All the sizing charts I've seen show a 4mm difference between half sizes. From that I assumed that 2mm is equivalent to 1/4 size. Is my math off in some way? Below is the video link. It's at the 6:35 mark where he's talking about Crosby being able to tell if his skate length is off by 1mm. https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=https://m.youtube.com/watch%3Fv%3DtjjyiwHzwO8&ved=2ahUKEwjX0PHe4-bqAhVHTd8KHfN-AFQQo7QBMAF6BAgCEAE&usg=AOvVaw05E48_s7bfpDnf2kC14k9m
  2. All this talk about sizing made me start to think......in a recent video the CCM product manager (Fred) said that they consider a 2mm variance as acceptable in their production. Now, I'm assuming that would be +/-, which means that one pair labelled as 7.5 could actually be 7.25, while another could be 7.75. That's as much as a half size difference in skates labelled as the same size. I'm going to take a wild guess and assume that Easton had similar manufacturing tolerances?
  3. In the past I've heard many complaints about the rivets (holder) coming loose and people having to constantly replace them. Has this ever been addressed by True? If not, I assume the issue would carry over to the TF7 and TF9?
  4. I never tried on Makos, did they have the same issue with liner tears if you didn't use a shoehorn?
  5. I'm curious about how people will go about trying these on in store. The True customs that were made for me would not even let me put my foot in them without baking. You also have to be very careful not to rip the liner. If the TF9 and TF7 have similar characteristics to the Pro Custom, I could definitely see some skates being damaged by people just trying them on.
  6. Interesting that they're releasing in Europe a month earlier than North America. Anyone know the reasoning behind this? Is it normal for gear to hit the European market first?
  7. Yeah, that doesn't really seem to make sense. What's the retail value of a set of Shift holders and runners, about $150 or so (2 sets of steel)? If they're not going to give you the unmounted holders and steel, I'd expect the price of the skates to be reduced by $50-$75 at least.
  8. Do we have an issue with Hockey Tutorial, or just the level of expertise, (or lack thereof) in their endorsement? I don't know much about him, other than he's basically a guy from The UK, with relatively novice skills, that makes hockey related videos.
  9. I'm not sure about the AS1, but I would definitely say the AS3 forefoot fits much tighter than the previous gen two piece Tacks. The 9090 Tacks fit me pretty much perfectly in the forefoot, but the AS3 in the same size was crushing my foot to the point that all of my toes were completely numb in about 2 minutes. The connection point of the new tongue system was also putting a fair bit of pressure on the top of my foot.
  10. Grant Imahara. A brilliant guy, who by all accounts was a genuinely kind soul. My son is a Mechatronics engineer and was inspired by watching Grant on Mythbusters.
  11. Sounds to me like you're talking about friction tape.
  12. I've seen a couple of videos where the CCM skate product manager claims that Bauer skates (curv) don't really become pliable until you heat them to 300 degrees, whereas CCM skates are pliable at 200 degrees. Not sure how true it is, but I don't doubt it, as the Bauer skates I've had were not very moldable, even when they were quite hot.
  13. No arguments from me on that, LS5 and Step are both quite a bit better than CCM stainless or black. I was comparing them to the lower end Bauer steel (LS1/LS2). It's just my personal opinion, but I think CCM black is better than LS1, and probably equal to LS2.
  14. I know people always trash CCM's stock steel, but I've honestly never found it that bad. I would definitely say it's no worse than Bauer's LS1 steel, (I know, low bar). I only sharpen my skates a few times per season at most, so probably not near as picky as most. I also don't sharpen skates, so don't have to deal with that aspect of low end steel. I did have Step on a pair a few years ago and I definitely noticed markedly better performance than the LS3 that was previously on those skates.
  15. From July 10 through October 15, (or while supplies last) CCM is giving a free pair of Step runners to anyone that purchases a pair of AS3Pro, AS3, FT2, FT490 or 80K.
  16. Nope. You've basically got the equivalent of a 2019 Vapor D, Supreme D, and Hybrid Supreme EE/Nexus D. I have a feeling current Vapor EE users are going to be unhappy.
  17. They have already killed the Nexus skate line
  18. I actually really dislike the white pinstriping. I think it looks like a cheap iron on decal.
  19. I could be totally wrong here, but I was told that Fit 3 is actually closer to a Supreme EE, than a Nexus D. Have not been able to put one on my foot, so it's purely anecdotal.
  20. I guess I'm just old, but this all seems a bit insane to me. I just use 1" tape, twist it and wrap to make the knob, cover with a quick wrap, and done. I have no issue making knobs of differing sizes with this technique. Sometimes I use the medical style tape as an outer layer, if I want a softer feel that also has less glue to damage palms. To each their own, but I just don't get it.
  21. Website says there is a new fastening bolt tendon guard system.
  22. Just got the email that the Canlan rinks in Ontario are opening up with an 8 game season starting July 22nd. Lots of changes happening and honestly sounds more like organized shinny. Some of the changes: - 4 on 4, max 8 skaters per team, all penalties are penalty shot, any attempt to play the body is a penalty, purposely getting too close to another player may result in game ejection, no faceoffs, redline offside, no showers, full fishbowl mandatory.
  23. You could try shimming under the heel of the footbed to see if it will pull her foot back a bit. Easiest way is to cut the heel out of an old insole, or one of those dollar store spongy insoles, and place it under the skate insole. If that provides some relief, then you could stick with that, or try some Superfeet yellow insoles. Superfeet Yellow have a slightly raised heel. Graf PK line is a composite shell, so not sure how well they will respond to stretching, but if you're considering a new skate anyway, then it won't hurt to try a stretch before giving up. You can try punching the heel too, but there's a strong possibility that will negatively affect the fit in other ways.
  24. Going to depend on what materials the skates are made of, and how broken in they are, (among other things). What model skate? Are they new or already broken in? Are you sure they are the correct width? Does she use the stock insole or something like Superfeet? Have the skates been baked? Depending on the answers to the above questions, you may have some success, but with modern skates there isn't a whole lot you can do to get some extra length. In older skates, the materials would allow for stretching, but newer materials are less forgiving in that regard.
  25. Piggybacking on this thread. @CCMHockey, can you comment on the width of a 70K D/EE vs 9090 Tacks D, specifically the spot right at the edge of the toe box? I tried the 70K in a D width and it fit great with the exception of that spot, which was a tiny bit narrow. A single bake didn't resolve it, but I did not try any punching, etc. The 9090 in a D width is pretty good for me in that spot, but I have other minor issues with the rest of the fit. I also much prefer the construction of the 70K. Any thoughts? Thanks.
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