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  1. Let me put it this way, if you buy a new car from a Ford dealer and upon delivery find that the car is a lemon, do you deal directly with the Ford plant that made the car or do you deal with the dealership that sold you the car? If you tried talking to the head of production at the plant, think you're going to get anywhere? If the dealer works with the factory on your behalf, think you might get a better outcome? You paid for skates that don't fit for whatever reason, so make Pure Hockey do their job and resolve the issue. Edit: my point is that True will likely accept the opinion of their licensed dealer that the skates need to be remade, (an expert opinion in theory). To them, you could just be a nitpicking customer, (not an expert).
  2. Pure Hockey is shirking their responsibility here and you need to press them to get the skates remade. True is not going to remake a pair of skates at the request of an end user, for several reasons. The biggest being that there is no guarantee that you as the end user understand how the skate should fit, (I'm not saying you don't). This is a reasonable approach for True. Pure Hockey has trained fitters, and if in the fitter's opinion the skate needs to be remade, True should proceed with the remake. To answer your question regarding closest thing to True, the answer is nothing currently on the market is remotely similar to a True skate. You may find something you like, but it won't be because it feels like a True.
  3. Looks like you can get the flex tendon guard with traditional eyelets?
  4. I would love to see a successful women's professional league, but I just don't think it's viable right now. I watch as much women's hockey as I can, but it's because I'm a fan of the game, not specifically the women's game. They need to find the "Thing" that will draw in fans, something that they can't get from the men's game. These women are great players, but their skill level is about the same as 16 year old AAA boys. (I make this observation based on the fact that the Canadian women's national team played in the Alberta Midget AAA boys league and compiled a roughly .500 record). I truly believe that they need to develop "Personalities" that people will pay to see. I'd look to MMA to make my point. It's a violent sport and the women could never compete directly against the men, yet people pay to see Rhonda Rousey or Meisha Tate fight, (I know they're retired now, but they make my point). I think the women demanding a "living wage" before there is a revenue stream to justify it is probably going to hurt them. Look at the music industry....there are thousands of bar bands that are more talented musicians than Taylor Swift or Justin Beiber, but they are lucky to make a couple hundred bucks for a gig. Why? Because that's all that people are willing to pay to see them play.
  5. boo10


    I'd be shocked if the FT2 heel was tighter, as the FT1 heel is already quite narrow. Not sure how many people require an even tighter heel. Biggest complaint I heard about FT1 was heel pain because it's so narrow.
  6. Honestly, after having another look at the photos, that really looks like damage from a skate blade. The cut is very jagged, which is not what you would normally see with creasing. Does your son recall getting his feet tangled up with someone else? How does he pack the skates in his bag? I know of at least one person that didn't pay attention to how they packed their bag and damaged their skates just by heavily dropping their bag on the ground. The impact caused the blade of one skate to put a very deep gouge in the boot of the other. Freak accident, but it can happen.
  7. I see what you're saying, but I don't completely agree. We're talking about an 11 year old kid, not a 200 lb man. No way that boot should have a crease like that after 95 days, even if the fit is poor. I'm also not sure that crease is the result of poor fit. Creases from poor fit usually form between the ankle and the eyelets, not between the ankle and heel, which is where this appears to be. You may ultimately be correct, but I don't think it's as obvious as you've made it out to be. Edit: I've looked at the pics again and the crease is closer to the eyelets than I had thought. I still say it premature though.
  8. I wouldn't be overly concerned about it. I believe @Colins had indicated that his son has hyperhidrosis, so the eyelets are subjected to excessive sweat. Bauer skates are not immune to eyelet problems either. My last two pairs of Vapors had eyelets tear out and laces rip through the boot. The last pair were X70's that had less than 30 hours of icetime on them.
  9. Thanks, both of these descriptions helped immensely. I guess the shape I'm visualizing is actually correct, it's just that the transitions are subtle enough that they seem smooth.
  10. I still have difficulty understanding how it's even physically possible to put more than a single radius on a runner. Would love to see a good diagram of the actual shape of a quad radius. In my head I just see bumps or ripples.
  11. That's an annoyance, but will not compromise the integrity of the holder. It's actually quite common for incompetent sharpeners to shave that part of the holder right off.
  12. Custom mould is exactly what it sounds like, a retail skate pressure moulded to a 3d last of your foot. A full custom is made to measure (quarter sizes, different left/right sizes, tongue options, quarter facing options, etc.).
  13. CCM custom mould option is also 10% more expensive than True. Both CCM and Bauer full customs are 35% more expensive than True. (Based on $CAD pricing at Pro Hockey Life).
  14. I think you're missing the point. True has been marketing the skate as "exactly what the pros get". By having a pro only option, this is no longer true.
  15. This is the most troubling thing I've seen in this whole thread. True has always claimed that the skate you're getting is exactly the same as what the pros get. Now it sounds as if that isn't completely true, (pun intended).
  16. Not really. The hole in the front was there for goalie pad toe strap. The player skates initially didn't have the hole punched out. Semantics yes, but technically it's the same holder in a different configuration.
  17. I went from a Bauer P92 to a CCM P29. Lie is exactly the same. The only difference is that the P29 is very slightly less open, (it's almost not noticeable and has zero effect on the way the stick plays).
  18. I believe the SB 4.0 holder is the same pitch as Tuuk LS2/Edge. You could shim the heel of the Step holder or drill the boots and mount Cobra holders. Of the two options, I'd be inclined to go with the shim.
  19. I would say yes, it helps. I run a strip along the bottom, arround the toe and along the top. Then tape all the way past the toe and cut off the excess. I've never had any chipping of the toe using this method. I started taping that way when I was a kid using wood sticks. I found it helped keep moisture out of the blade a little longer, so the blade would take a bit longer to go soft. The strip along the top helps a little bit if you take draws or get slashed on the top of the blade a lot.
  20. Talked to CCM Warranty department today & got confirmation that the 90 day satisfaction guarantee applies to skates purchased prior to October 1st. Think I'll just return them to the retailer, rather than mess around with remounting holders and straightening runners.
  21. Thanks, I assumed as much. Since they're brand new, do you think I'm best to try to get CCM to replace them?
  22. So I just picked up a new pair of 9080 Tacks and had my first skate on them today. Was having all kinds of trouble finding my edges, and just couldn't skate very well at all. (For reference, I've been playing hockey for over 40 years and played very high level in my youth). I noticed that my left skate kept want to turn right. I took the runners out of the holders and have found that the left runner has a pretty significant bow in it. The right has a very minor bow as well. A couple of questions: How can I tell if the bow is caused by a holder mismount? I've tried to examine the holder, but my untrained eye can't see anything obvious. Since the skates are brand new, (and $500 CAD at that), how would CCM handle this under warranty? Are they likely to just replace the skates? Maybe I've just been lucky, but in all my years of hockey, I've never had a bent runner before. I'm assuming the bowed runners also resulted in uneven edges.
  23. https://www.hockeyvancouver.ca/products/toe-pro-skate-protector
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