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  1. I used the CCM 30 day guarantee a few years ago at Pro Hockey Life. I was given a full refund, no questions asked. If I'm not mistaken, I believe @JR Boucicaut said the in store credit is a Pure policy, not CCM.
  2. I wore the OG Jetspeed in a 7D and it fit quite well. I have a high instep, so most skates are a problem for me. I tried on several models from the new Jetspeed line in 7.5D and they were all way too shallow, so the answer is yes the new line has changed in volume. Interestingly enough, I found the current Tacks line to fit very similar to the OG Jetspeed line in terms of width and depth. Just my 2 cents.
  3. I actually held the PHL skate in my hands about a year ago. It is definitely a Nexus boot with some upgrades. As JR mentioned, it has LS3 steel. If I recall correctly the other differences from a stock Nexus 7000 we're a different tongue and liner. It's a tech mesh boot. If a Nexus fits your foot, it's a decent skate.
  4. Having a bit of trouble visualizing how this works. Conceptually, did they basically take the LS2 design and make the retaining nut accessible from the outside?
  5. I think his point is that if the sales rep was doing his job thoroughly, he would have made the customer aware of the effect adding the shot blockers would have. Then it's up to the customer to decide if the trade off is worth it. I think that's a fair expectation.
  6. Will the Prosharp correct pitch issues during a profiling? I have a pair of STEP runners that were completely jacked up by some guy that should never be able to touch a pair of skates again! I've compared them to some brand new runners and they look like they've got a pitch of about +5! They're also definitely not symmetrical. It was like skating in high heels. I've been wanting to try out a quad profile, so thought I'd put it on these runners, but need to know if the pitch will be corrected during the process.
  7. TL:DR...Bauer fanboy comes into True thread to complain that True fanboys aren't impartial. True fanboys say shut up poopie head! All kidding aside, True, Bauer, CCM and even Graf have positives and negatives. Just accept that everyone has different preferences and priorities. It's great to discuss gear and give our opinions, but stop telling people they're wrong, as it serves no purpose other than to make you look like a jerk.
  8. I'd wait and see how it plays out. Canadian Tire owns all of the big box hockey retailers in Canada, (Pro Hockey Life, Sportchek and National Sports). You may see players like Warrior, and STX get squeezed out of those stores.
  9. Considering Toronto seems to lead the league in "blown tires", I'm not sure that's a good thing for Prosharp. 😁
  10. Well now that is interesting.
  11. There's no context with the photo. Did he use a Vapor the whole game? Did he break his stick and grab one from a teammate? Is is still using a Vapor? Without that info, it's nothing to get excited about.
  12. Back when goalies had to rely on positioning and reflexes, as opposed to being 6'6" with giant equipment. I'm waiting for some GM to figure out he can just strap the pads on a Yokozuna that just blocks the whole net.
  13. That used to happen to me every year at camp. My solution was to wrap a cotton wristband around my fingers while tying my skates to protect the skin from tearing.
  14. Non-Canadians may not understand his place in our collective psyche and Canadian Hockey culture. Every time I hear Wheat Kings, I'm profoundly aware of the injustices that are going on in the world today. Gord had a way of making a statement without being 'In your face".
  15. @Skate Mod I'm always interested in the opinions of others, as I believe that's how we learn and make progress. I am a little confused by your post though, as I've interpreted your comments to be, Graf was inferior because they were too soft and low cut....Bauer is superior for hockey because they are stiff and high cut. That in itself is fine, (though I would not agree). What confuses me is you offering solutions (H-cut, etc.) which seem to only serve to bring the performance of the stiff boot back closer to that of the softer boot.
  16. That was my impression as well. The old VH website had an order form that let you choose your options and submit tracings. That site now redirects to the True site, which does not appear to have any options for ordering. All I can find is "Find a Fit Center" info.
  17. Are Fit Centres the only option now? I've searched high and low to see if you can submit an order directly (tracing method), but it doesn't appear to be an option any longer.
  18. It's Vegas. Fleury should put a watch battery in his mask and have a flashing neon sign on his head! :P
  19. I'm not sure what True's business model is for fit centres, but I'm sure they are either allowed to charge a fitting fee, or True pays them a commission on each pair sold.
  20. You could always just order boots without holders, and have your holder of choice installed afterwards.
  21. Nice! I like the blue trim.
  22. Was looking at some sticks in PHL yesterday, that were labeled Gino 71 on the plate. If they are legit Malkin pro stock, then they are very similar to a P88. I put it next to a P88 to compare and found very little difference.
  23. Country specific pricing is nothing new. Just pick up any book and look at the back cover to see that Canadians pay more regardless of exchange rate. This is the case for electronics as well. You don't have to like it, or agree, but VH isn't doing anything unusual here.
  24. No pic, but I noticed Tyler Bozak was in VH tonight.
  25. I suspect McDavid is one of those guys that is very particular about every little detail, and here's why...My friend's daughter was dating Josh Ho-Sang when he was McDavid's teammate on the Marlies. I was told that at tournaments, while the rest of the team was having fun between games, Connor was in the hotel room with his dad drinking protein shakes, etc. I'm not knocking the kid, it's just clear that he's been groomed from a very young age to be an elite athlete. He's clearly looking for any advantage he can get, so probably has a preferred hollow. If I had to guess, I'd bet he's somewhere between 5/8" and 1". As for Grabner, his speed is mostly just an extremely powerful push. The man's quads are huge and he's a workout beast! Edit: Just saw OTG's post about him being on 5/8".
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