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  1. I know virtually nothing about patent law, but I would think a patent on the holder would only stop others from selling a similar holder. Runners are clearly not a part the holder, so would they not need a patent on the runner?
  2. Manufacturer states they are designed to last 100 hours of ice time, or about 1 year of skating twice per week.
  3. Have a look at the CCM Hossa. Not completely square, but pretty close.
  4. I would love for someone to bring back the late 80's Titan Clark curve. I can't even find a pic of it because I think it was discontinued before the birth of the modern internet! I loved that curve. If my memory is correct, probably the closest thing out now is a P88, but definitely not the same. It was almost impossible to take a bad shot with that thing.
  5. Sorry I took a shot at you. I had my bell rung right before I saw your post so I was woozy. I was just trying to get to the bench and saw your post at the last second. I couldn't avoid drilling you in the back! :P All kidding aside, while I agree that a textbook fit is brushing the cap, there is some room for personal preference. A half size isn't very much and some people do not like to feel the cap at all, while others like their toes smashed up against it. My opinion is, if you have solid heel lock and no side to side movement, you're ok with the half size up. You are entitled to disagree with me.
  6. Either you're joking, or you clearly think you know more than you do. I've got 40 years of hockey experience, and was an instructor at a hockey school for elite players. Half a size is completely personal preference, as long as your heel is properly locked in, and your foot isn't moving around.
  7. You do not "need" to be brushing the cap. If your heel is locked properly, going up a half size is perfectly fine.
  8. Here's a post from someone that has Tuuks on his Makos. Says the holes lined up. http://modsquadhockey.com/forums/index.php/topic/64882-definitive-tuuk-holder-information/
  9. I highly doubt Bauer will add a 4th skate line. In my personal opinion, it would not be an economically sound decision. The incremental sales would be minimal and not justify the expenses. I suspect either the Mako is dead, or they could potentially replace the Nexus line with a Mako flavoured design. Pretty sure Nexus skates don't sell all that well in comparison to Vapor and Supreme. I have no inside knowledge and this is just my personal speculations.
  10. Just had my first skate with them. Can't say I noticed any extra power, buy didn't really expect I would. They did make the skates more comfortable, so I'm happy with them and will continue to use them. Well worth the price of purchase.
  11. Just watched the video on the website, and am considering cancelling my order due to the appearance of those horrible Habs socks! :)
  12. All the positive feedback has convinced me to give these a shot. For $20 including tax and shipping, how could I not take the plunge? These things are so inexpensive that I didn't even have to grovel to the wife! :P
  13. I just put new STEP xl runners on a pair of Vapors. I left the stock profile and did not shave the heel or toe. Have skated on them about 5 times and found them easy to adjust to. One strange thing is that the 3rd game I wore them, I took out the Superfeet and used the stock insole. I caught my heel 3 times when pivoting and went down, (I am an excellent skater, so my mates had a good laugh at my expense). Put the Superfeet back in and problem gone. I could seamlessly switch the insoles back and forth with the old LS2 runners. I plan to sell the runners since I've got new skates with Edge holders, but if I were planning to keep the STEP, I would shave the heel down a bit, (not a lot). I will say that the quality of steel is phenomenal and I could actually feel the difference.
  14. Sounds like VH with built in shot blockers would be a more viable option for your boy.
  15. What's the blade length and shape like in comparison to the P92? I'm particularly interested in the toe height. Love my P92, but wish it wasn't so open. I think my ideal curve would be a P92 shape with P88 curve. I can shoot rockets with the P88 but my puck handling is better with the P92.
  16. Can't say for certain, but I suspect that it wasn't VH that converted the currency on your purchase. More than likely, you used a credit card issued by a US bank to pay for your purchase and it was your bank that converted the purchase to your "Home" currency and built in their own little foreign exchange margin. This is exactly what happens when I use my Canadian credit card or PayPal account to make a USD purchase. If your invoice from VH is in USD, then I respectfully withdraw my remarks.
  17. I see no problem with the different pricing for US and CAD customers. The big guys do the same thing via MAP and shipping restrictions. As Canadians we are used to being charged more than our American counterparts for most goods. Why when the CAD $ was worth $1.10 USD, were we paying 20-30% more for electronics? Fair or not, it's how the market works.
  18. PM Old Trainer Guy. I know he posted about this early on after the release of the Edge holder and the forum basically told him he was nuts.
  19. I thought LS2 and Edge had the same pitch, with Edge just being 3mm taller in both towers?
  20. It has been available for quite some time. http://www.prohockeylife.com/hockey-skates-skate-accessories-c-1_27/ccm-speedblade-4-0-holder-p-8470
  21. At this stage in their venture into the hockey skate market, I think some of the cosmetic things being discussed are acceptable. Sure, Bauer will make you a custom skate that looks nice and clean, but it will cost you $200-$300 more than a pair of VH. You won't get to speak directly to the bootmaker and he/she most certainly will not personally make revisions to the boot until you're satisfied. Like all things, you get what you pay for and in this case if you use market value to determine what your'e paying for, then you're not paying for a pristine skate. What you are paying for is an exceptionally performing/fitting skate and what appears to be first-rate customer service with a personal touch. If Scott continues to grow the business, he's going to have to address the cosmetics issue, but we as consumers will undoubtedly have to pay more.
  22. Micron Mega 10-90 Daoust 301 Daoust 501 CCM Super Tacks Micron Medallion
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