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  1. I had a few of these in the shed & decided to put them to use on the ice & was I surprised! The feel for the puck is a noticeable improvement over carbon for me but there is a weight difference between the two. I'll use them up before I have to spend up on some expensive twigs!
  2. Anyone know what curve equivalent this koho blade would be ?
  3. With pro stock though wouldn't the boot be made for the players foot or is say like a standard size boot with customisations, tongue,liner, holder size,stiffer & so forth?
  4. Looking at some new skates & considering the ribcor 100k's , they have been out for awhile now so there durability should be well known. When they first came out there was a post which showed there quarter package all cracked up but can't seem to find it, anyone got some experience with them , are they holding up? Are they worth buying?
  5. I asked a player using them recently what he thought about them & he said he didn't notice anything different from LS holders.
  6. If you need more protection for your knees try Smith's knee gaskets the ones skateboarders use , they are a compression fit with padding.
  7. How's this for a alternative to a cat eye player cage! Vintage CCM half cage
  8. You could always fit your own chin cup ,what worries me is if the toe of the stick can fit thru the cat's eye?
  9. Because I am not playing roller for now I won't experiment on wheel combo as the 72/76 is extremely maneuverable in the small area I am skating on. If I was playing on a rink I would definitely be testing the 76/80 but for now I love the medium chassis with the 72/76 set up they are easy to throw around in tight directions in comparison the large O1's feel clunky & i don't enjoy using them. I have had a large R1 before, the medium definitely work better for me. If your using them in competition it would definitely be a personal thing depending on the type of player you are & rink size/surface.
  10. They way I took it is his designing a true one piece boot , the holder & boot being one piece.
  11. Thx for the links , interesting that this clip is a year ago so maybe the D'Cosi skates might come out this year?
  12. Recently I went with a medium chassis instead of the large for my 8.5 Bauer's & for outdoor off rink skating I been using 76 rear & 72mm front with the ice like insert as a result it flexes really well & it feels better then my 01"s. If I end up playing roller again I will test that combo because we have a small rink around here & agility over top line speed works better for me. I know the recommended wheel size is 80mm /76mm but 76mm/72mm still works because it's still 4mm difference from fron to rear, reducing the length of the chassis too if your boot size is on the border of the large & medium also allows for more leverage in the rocker, it might work for some skaters.
  13. A few games in now & they feel great no sketchy feeling at all so I did need a adjustment initially, I am yet to loose my edge with these blades by far my favourite runners!
  14. That could be a problem if they are 3/4 because of the soft ice I skate on. Its kind of strange that on one hand i feel the improvement in crossovers ,c cuts, tight cornering , mohawks & acceleration but on the other hand if I get lazy with my posture it can grab a slight edge. A similar feeling is when I had T- blades that where too sharp & they go in a rut. Having said this I will go as far as say they have a edge (no pun intended) on the competition in my opinion & I have tried marsblades first gen ,second gen,step DLC, bladetech & others apart from flare.
  15. I skate on soft ice , the hollow is 1 inch ,it kind of feels like I got half inch near the toe like there eager to grab a corner if I am making any sense.No doubt that's because of the various flaring at the toe. Other then that I am very impressed with them & I have had no other blade that can hold a edge like them.
  16. I am using the medium curve DLC & I am amazed at how well they hold there edge in tight turns but I am feeling kind of sketchy up near the toe of the blade, I have only had 1 public skate & 1 beer league game. A question for those using these blades did you guys have a adjustment period to get used to them? Should I expect to adjust to the blade soon? ATM I have mixed feelings about them.
  17. My subscription is coming up for renewal on the 9th but I want to cancel i am having problems as my manage purchase/ subscription page has no icon for cancel the only thing that resembles cancel is a red cross which does not active by tapping on it, am I missing something?
  18. In my opinion the only skate that is similar but improved is the true Tf9/7 & custom.
  19. It's in the mounting leaflet that comes with the Sprungs to have them fitted 1/4 towards the rear of centre.
  20. Sprungs are more comparable to the MB R1's then the O1's, they feel nothing like the O1's. O1's for training & R1's for roller hockey, Sprungs are more fragile then the R1's & in my opinion don't offer a advantage over the R1's.
  21. The O1's are the nearest experience to ice that your ever going to get , my reference to the R1 was that they are tuned for Roller hockey & they have a different feel to them. Buy the O1's & you won't regret it.
  22. For thin outsoles you can use T nut " short" as there are 2 sizes which are used in football helmets so they are easy to find in football gear shops, these T nuts are the same that where used on the MLX skates.You will need 8/32 grade 10 button head screws. With this set up you will not have to use 14 as they are very strong , make sure to use blue locktight. Thicker outsoles use regular stainless steel T nuts 6/32. Done this on all my franken boots & never had a problem.
  23. The rocker movement is in the heel & the toe is fixed so I would assume that the inserts do not effect the pitch. Try profiling the blade if you want a forward pitch.
  24. Thanks Per that explains it , I was thinking along the first edition holders mechanics.
  25. I received my marsblade holders yesterday yet to skate on them but it seems that they operate a little differently then the first generation holders. The first gen had a torsion leaf to act as a spring where as the I2 doesn't have any spring effect & to my knowledge seems to be in the rocker effect position by default? Maybe someone or Per can chime in on this but the only way I can get movement out of the heel is by pulling the blade down with my hands so when you stand in them they are in the compressed stage of the flex with no spring effect to drop them back down , this is with the most rocker setting.
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