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  1. If you had a previous profile done and the pivot point was not altered, then it would be 20mm back of center. When they reprofile the steel to an Ellipse the steel would be positioned in the sled holder based on that previously set pivot point. Otherwise, you would be 40mm back of center. I totally understand how you feel about the Ellipse vs the Quad 0 in regards to mobility. In my testing, I think the Ellipse XS would be significantly closer to your feeling of a Quad 0 as compared to the Ellipse 0. You can put both templates on a lightbox and see how they are the same yet different, specifically in the front 1/3 of the profile. I am not entirely sure why the Ellipse was made with a much less aggressive front 1/3 compared to Quad or Zuperior. The Ellipse doesn't activate muscle groups that next-generation players are using (McDavid, MacKinnon, Bedard, etc) and results in much longer strides. For some older players, this might feel more comfortable but advanced younger players aren't coached to skate in the same way and I think the Ellipse might actually be bad for them.
  2. I never said that, but others did.
  3. Graf Supra 707 skates were my jam for a majority of my life. Second would be Bauer Nexus 1000.
  4. I've been on a ~272 since my feet stopped growing. I tried a 263 holder/runner and I could not adjust, likely the change in where the balance/pivot point was located was what was throwing me off. With a 272 holder, the balance/pivot point is located much further back and then if you profile the steel it's pushed back another 10-20mm, depending on the profile selected. With that being said I could maybe skate on a 263 now if I adjusted the pivot balance/pivot point to match the 272 holder/runner.
  5. If you look around on Google you can find the catalog published. https://www.groupehockey.com/public/catalogues/CATALOGUE TRUE 2021 EN.pdf
  6. What size steel and what brand? I know some shops will alter the pivot point based on the steel size or brand of steel. For example, when I profile Flare I usually dont do as much forward pitch since I want to remove a minimal amount of steel possible. Also, I always tell my customers exactly what I am doing when I profile their steel. If they can't come back to me, or decide they want to go elsewhere, I don't want to be the "gatekeeper" to their profile. I know there are some shops that refuse to share details with their customers and while I understand some of that information could be considered proprietary I feel like it's customer lock-in.
  7. I've replaced it. Basically, the same fan as you can get at a computer supply store. Not sure it's really necessary though unless you are doing a lot of skate sharpenings.
  8. Did you get them in the same size as your Jetspeed? I remember trying on a pair of Graf skates and them being slightly shorter in length when compared to CCM and Bauer.
  9. I was only selecting gear that would be readily available, hence why I excluded some items. You can actually mold the 1X lite shins to make them conform better to your body. Since the shin was primarily based on CURV composite you could apply heat to the facing and mold them better to your ergonomics. I didn't know this was possible until one of my buddies who is an equipment manager showed me such. The biggest issue I have had with most any Bauer shin is the knee cap tends to crack or separate from the rest of the shinguard over time. I had this happen on every pair of Bauer shins I have owned since the first generation 1X protective.
  10. Vapor 2X Pro gear is nice but overpriced for what you get. However, if you want the absolutely lightest gear on the market there are very few options available that can compete. STX RX3 shoulders and elbow pads are good. I am not a fan of their pants or shinguards. Vapor 1X Lite gear is also light and can be found for decent pricing. If it was me, I would recommend the following, taking into account weight, cost and fitment. Shoulder Pads: STX RX3, Bauer Vapor 1X Lite, CCM Crazy Light, Bauer Vapor 2X Pro, CCM FT1 Pants: CCM Crazy Light, Bauer Vapor 1X Lite, Bauer Vapor 2X Pro, CCM FT1 Shin: Bauer Vapor 2X Pro, CCM Crazy Light, CCM FT1, Bauer Vapor 1X Lite Gloves: Bauer Vapor 1X Lite Pro, CCM Crazy Light, CCM FT1, Bauer Vapor 2X Pro, STX RX3 Elbow Pads: STX RX3, Bauer Vapor 2X Pro, CCM Crazy Light, Bauer Vapor 2X Pro, CCM FT1
  11. Thats pretty typical for this group. I sub for them occasionally and 99% of the time I have to do all of the heavy lifting.
  12. I honestly never knew Itech mad a TI cage. Crazy!
  13. I like that you colored in the blue/white details.
  14. 2 SSM units and a Pro Sharp AS 2001-SC
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