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  1. Thats an easy fix. You dont need to swap out the whole toe cap to fix that....
  2. The SHIFT holder with the new v2 SHIFT DLC steel weighs slightly more than an XS holder with XS steel. If you compare an XS holder with STEP steel the SHIFT holder weighs less. I would reprofile before swapping holders.
  3. The new steel is what I am most interested in. We are getting some samples before the end of the month to start tinkering with.
  4. It is a standard mid-kick but the ER Spine makes it feel more like a variable. 1N/2N are standard mid-kick as well.
  5. Why would you ever need to replace the toe cap? TRUE is the only brand of skate where I have never seen the toe cap suffer a catastrophic failure from impact or otherwise.
  6. Thats what I have seen as well. The holders are not very durable and are quite heavy. I think for a v1 (beta/alpha) product they were interesting and I am excited to see the evolution of them. It would be cool to see Flare partner with them. That would be a very compelling design.
  7. Yes, I would assume so since the volume changes with size.
  8. Gen 2 are more flexible and pliable. They are a good mix between pure performance with a bit of comfort. Gen 1 is definitely stiffer and offers greater performance. However this comes at a sacrifice to comfort. I think the biggest difference is height. V2 is thicker takes up more volume than V1. If you already have a very tight fitting skate V2 might not be an option. Basically, if a player is using TRUE skates with the factory insole and they use the red insert then V2 should work. If use the factory insole and the red insert adds took much volume then you should consider V1.
  9. I always say to start with a minimal pitch a possible. You can always re-profile and add pitch but you cant add back steel you've removed.
  10. There are a bunch. Are you looking for youth teams or adult? Maybe both?
  11. I also had the same issue so I would leave the bottom of the girdle loose enough for the top flap of the shins to slide under without binding.
  12. If the customer is serious about purchasing and not wasting my time, or my staff time, I will happily bake the skates for them. The new store will have a 10x30 synthetic ice sheet in it so they can test out the skates and see if they like them.
  13. Bauer will not be releasing the Ellipse profiles on the new skates. Maybe in 2022 they will, but for 2021 it will not be an option.... though that can change at any time.
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