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  1. Yes, they are stiffer laterally. There is multiple option available; retail models, a Pro model, and Full Custom. Yes.
  2. Maybe I overlooked if he was going with a larger holder?
  3. They are 95% the same
  4. A good shop that specializes in profiling would be able to fix that without swapping holders.
  5. Agreed MAX is taller, light, and stiffer. Wrap is about the same. The stiffness has been adjusted as they feel stiffer laterally, but forward flexion has been increased for better range of motion.
  6. I think the sizing has been adjusted to reflect the same as other brands.
  7. Facings on them are significantly different allowing more flexion and range of motion. Boot fits tighter than the current TF design due to the change in the toe cap assembly. Tendon guard is more flexible. Skate is lighter.
  8. The 13" is more like a 13.5" and the 14" is more like a 14.5" Basically, the new Supreme gloves fit about .5" bigger.
  9. My only complaint with the 90K is CCM used a TPU outsole instead of a carbon outsole as they did with the 70K and 80K.
  10. CCM XS holders have slightly more pitch, almost indiscernible. However, the CCM XS holder is significantly stiffer than Bauer LS Edge, which might be what you are feeling. Give it a little more time, and then if you feel too far forward, get the pivot point adjusted.
  11. I know a few people that have them and claim they are very good. I have not personally used them myself, though.
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