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  1. Agree with this as well. Just warranty it.
  2. Honestly, this still doesn't really explain anything any better than I previously understood.
  3. Usually from the time they go into production to the date received should only be about 15 days. Have the store email TRUE for a status update.
  4. Upload the video to a sharing site, like YouTube, and share the link.
  5. I would recommend a girdle if you need excessive height adjustment.
  6. How do you like the Eagle Aero Pro shoulder pads? How do they fit?
  7. The AS3 will have a slightly deeper and wider heel pocket than the FT2.
  8. Very good. Better than the FT3 Pro and Trigger 5 Pro.
  9. I like the T4. Great stick. Much better balance and significant improvements over the T3. Since its on sale right now I wouldn't even think twice about grabbing one if you can find the right flex and curve pattern.
  10. I think the issue is everyone is trying too hard to make things look "new" and "innovative" and we are going through the vicious circular cycle of ugliness all over again. I don't understand what is wrong with black skates with a small graphic and logo. I don't understand why we need these crazy colored skates. Not to mention how bad the color clashes with some teams uniforms. If the fact that a simple design makes you an old fart, then I am also happily part of your club.
  11. 8-10 min Yes, this is exactly what I am referring to. The new thin tongue easily gets creased when baking and slightly compressed. I think it makes it look ugly.
  12. Well, we of course cant forget this one too then.
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