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    True + CCM FT2 + Bauer Vapor 2X Pro
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    True A6.0HT + CCB Jet Speed + Bauer Nexus 2N Pro
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    True XC9 + CCM JetSpeed FT1
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    Warrior Alpha Pro + CCM Tacks 710
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    Warrior QRE Girdle
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    STX Surgeon RX3
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    Conway and Banks

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  1. Sometimes the easiest way to outperform the competition is to buy them, shut them down, and take/use whatever IP you find valuable. This happens in nearly every industry. Bauer could easily buy Tydan or any other aftermarket steel company yet they don't seem to have any interest. IMO buying STEP would have been a VERY smart move for them and they really missed out there. Same with buying Tydan.... But who knows what they have planned. I will admit the new PulseTI blades are decent. The steel itself still isn't as nice as Tydan, STEP, Flare, or many others but it's tremendously better than the LS4/LS5 steel. I also have to applaud them for the partnership with Prosharp helping to educate the general consumer on profiling.
  2. I dont understand the question. The retail model will be in hockey stores so you would just walk in and buy the skate off the shelf.
  3. Probably becuase they would not allow for tendon replacement. Do you dislike the ability to replace parts on your skates if or when they fail?
  4. I never had any issues but maybe thats becuase I flare my coppers after I set them as opposed to others. Ive never once had an issue with rivets in any pair of my own skates or skates for others I have worked on.
  5. While I dont diagree with your statement, there is always a way to get items imported that "should not be allowed." Many years ago I had a friend who worked for a company that specialized in doing this for nuts. Yeah, sounds crazy, right? But there is a bunch of restrictions in place when exporting/importing nuts to Asia.
  6. I like the ability to swap tongues. They seem to be the main thing that I wear through quickly on skates so having the ability to just swap the tongue when it starts to lose it shape or denisty is nice. This was the thing I always loved about TRUE so I am glad to see other larger companies starting to adopt this.
  7. I think that is due to the new tongue system.
  8. The ankle padding is very similar between the two. The AS3 has the same level of soft padding (comfort foam) as the AS3 Pro but has slightly less high denisty hard foams. The AS3 carbon does not entirely wrap around like the AS3, if you look inside the skate there is a plastic midsole sitting on top of the shell, under that you can see a seam.
  9. Yes, this is possible and many players request this. Just make sure a reputable shop does the work. I am not sure where you are located...
  10. It was just a matter of time before Bauer went after others. I am not shocked at al by this. I am sure Byonic, Flare, Massive, and RamonEdge are next in line.... assuming they have not been served already. Massive is most likely to have no issues through all of this considering they are based out of China.
  11. TRUE has plenty of connections with steel. I am not sure who they are sourcing it from but the quality looks good from what I have seen. Is it as good as STEP? I personally dont think so. But its still very high quality. Note: Pro Customs still come with STEP steel and they have a lot in stock from what I have been told.
  12. This is correct. its now a locknut. Much easier to swap/replace.
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