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  1. I always force myself to try other brands so I understand the pros and cons when talking to customers. These are very nice skates, they just dont work for me personally. Some people prefer Audi over BMW even though they are both equally nice.
  2. Well. A couple more skates in.... Still not the biggest of fan of the these skates. They just don't compliment my skating style or maybe they provide to much flexibility which makes me feel like I have a lack of support north/south. East/west feels good, nice lateral movement, but north/south I just feel all over the place. I messed around with lacing, I changed how I normally lace my skates, loose at the toe, tight in the midfoot, loose at the top. That just doesn't work for these. I finally settled on loose at the forefoot, tight in the midfoot and medium tight at the top. This seemed to allow good support and flexibility but just doesn't feel 100% correct. The first major issue was pitch, I messed around with various shim heights and think I finally figured that out. With a shim I felt very neutral even with pitched steel. Next issue was skate pain. This is the first time I've had pain in my feet in ages. I don't ever have foot pain so this was a big deal to me. First it was the small pinky toe, which I had a problem with in the retail skates Inna FIT2, and guess what, still have a problem with the customs. My poor toes feel like they are being crushed in a vice. The only way to avoid that pain is to not lace the first skate eyelet. The location of the pressure and pain is directly where the toe caps is riveted to the boot. I looked at maybe punching it but as soon as I start to put pressure there it looks like it's going to ruin the boot. Not a good thing. So I guess it is what it is. The skates feel heavier than my TRUE skates. Maybe it's just mental. I dunno. I'll weigh them tonight and see. Overall, nice skates, I am sure if they compliment a players skating style and foot they would be awesome but they just don't work for me. Lastly, the Pulse TI runners. They sharpen nicely. Feel good. But Flare is better IMO. I really don't understand how anyone can skate on anything else other than Flare. I feel like that steel has changed my game entirely. But that's for another thread... I'll be posting these skates on SidelineSwap for sale or if you're interested send me an IM.
  3. What stores are in the Las Vegas area? Anyone on here local to Las Vegas?
  4. They dont want a new store to open in close proximity to other stores as it would cannibalize the business and could ruin relationships. That has to be taken with a grain of salt though as they have no problem opening a Pure Hockey in any location fully knowing it will destroy any local small stores in the immediate area.
  5. With the current happenings in WA, such as civil unrest, pandemic, rinks still being closed, fires, among other issues including the proximity of Seattle to Vancouver, CA. I think it was an intelligent choice.
  6. I found with the lower boot cut and standard eyelets on the Ultrasonic that the newly redesigned tongue doesn't limit forward flex as the previous generation did.
  7. They are definitely more forward flexible with the standard eyelet system as copared to previous models but they still feel very much like a Supreme MX3/1S/2S, just more refined in some ways. Dont hate them. Dont love them. Im just waiting to finish this last conference call of the day and then I am heading into the workshop to tinker.
  8. Had my third skate with these today. The overall review would be, meh, at this point. Maybe I am just used to TRUE but these still don't give me that connected feel with the ice. I have pain points and discomfort in multiple areas that I am going to have to work out. My profile doesn't feel right, the boot must be pitched differently or Bauer mounts there holders more forward or back than my TRUE ones since I feel very off balance. I dont really care for this flexible tendon guard but the new toe cap is nice. Ankle padding is very comfortable and the clarino liner actually extends all the way into the toe cap with the toe cap having a little bit of felt on the top which is also nice. I think I need to spend a little more time trying to tweak them before I can give me full official feedback. As of right now, they seem decent enough to wear in a low-end drop-in or pick-up hockey but if I was skating with the usual group of players I would definitely use my TRUE skates. I feel like I am playing C-league with these on. I am much slower and unsure of my edges due to the balance-related issues. I am going to spend the day messing with them and then will try and get some ice time tonight.
  9. I havent seen a custom glove order in a very long time, other than team gloves.
  10. I know most bigger stores arent even aware that they can still submit a full custom order via the excel document and instead only sell the general retail custom build. Both CCM and Bauer have a full custom spreadsheet that has all of those options that you wanted, and more. I know a customer that ordered a cery custom pair of FT2 skates recently. He requested 3mm extra height + 3mm extra comfort pads on one skate and 6mm extra height + 3mm extra comfort pad on the other skate due to ankle surgery. He needed some extra volume on the one foot. Different size skates, different widths, selected a tan clarino liner, and went with oversized ankle pads with poron. He also requested the standard tongue instead of the removable/replaceable tongue and went with oversized holders. Added extra stiffness to the ankle area as well. These suckers were about as custom as you can get. I guess some of the smaller more specialty stores are more aware that they can do these types of orders for customers while others either arent aware or just dont care.
  11. Not sure if all dealers can but I do know some (other than myself) that have ordered full customs with and without a scan. I imagine it depends on the Bauer rep.
  12. Not retail custom. These are full custom. At full custom you can request standaard tendon guards.
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