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  1. I really appreciate the support, guys. The amount of friends, memories and knowledge that I have from MSH is unreal. Much love and respect
  2. +1 Forward blade profile with some Stable 26 socks could help
  3. Definitely classic Slavic and Scandinavian visages respectively
  4. Jarda is in the not-givin -an-f phase, I think he just doesn't re-tape often
  5. Not so much of a new gear sighting but it's a trip seeing Jagr using 1) white tape 2) a Pastrnak style tape job
  6. P30 is more readily available than the P46, which seems to be on the way out.
  7. A few years ago some of the bigger online retailers in the States were carrying the CCM one, I bought one in 2016 for $25 as a backup for the older Reebok one that I use... I guess that like the Jofa designs that were basically the same at retail and pro-stock, that these don't do well at retail. Which is a shame because as many have stated above, it's a very simple, comfortable and protective piece of gear
  8. I met Benn during his rookie season in Dallas after a practice; and being a gear nerd, asked him what curve he uses. In a very enthusiastic, Spicoli-ish manner he replied "Sakic!" I think it was his sophomore season that the hook started to show up
  9. Would definitely purchase either a Jagr pro or a Benn pro. Would be awesome to have a toe curve with a square-ish toe available (besides the P10)
  10. Getting your steel profiled for forward pitch, or adding shims between the skate boot and rear tower of your holders
  11. Beagle with some interesting FrankenVapors
  12. Jags used the Supreme One90/One95 sticks heavily during their run, I feel like I've seen people describe the feel of the XCore as comparable to the One95?
  13. I bought a pair of the Pro 15's back in January and have been very happy with them. They are definitely tanks in terms of protection, but they are still nice and mobile. It took 2 or 3 skates and a little time wearing them around the house to feel broken in, but once that happened, very comfortable. I've also found they run true to size, I wear a 30" waist in jeans and a size Small fits very nice, no need for suspendors. Also on a purely aesthetic note, I like that the pro 15's are very clean, one embroidered logo on the left thighboard, no other branding on the outside
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