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  1. Like Flip said, really hard to beat the price for even the stock specs. A Third Line stick, after shipping to EU, is cheaper than buying a mid-level stick here in CZ; where its probably only going to be a P92 if you use intermediate flex. Combine that with being able to get Laine, MacKinnon and Ovi curves in 55 flex at that price... It's really a no-brainer. I prefer mid-kick, square shaft, but the honestly the way the Third Lines come (low kick, rounded corners) in Int, is fine considering the build quality/price/curve options
  2. The Easton Pro 10/Pro 15 pants had a spine protector that would move with you when you leaned forward. Like Marka said, they're heavy but very protective. From what I recall the weight difference wasn't that vast between those and the 9K
  3. Recently retired player Stephen Johns asked for lace-bite remedies on twitter today (amidst his inline skate trek across America) and it's interesting to see the many recommendations, especially from some pros
  4. I really appreciate the support, guys. The amount of friends, memories and knowledge that I have from MSH is unreal. Much love and respect
  5. +1 Forward blade profile with some Stable 26 socks could help
  6. Definitely classic Slavic and Scandinavian visages respectively
  7. Jarda is in the not-givin -an-f phase, I think he just doesn't re-tape often
  8. Not so much of a new gear sighting but it's a trip seeing Jagr using 1) white tape 2) a Pastrnak style tape job
  9. P30 is more readily available than the P46, which seems to be on the way out.
  10. A few years ago some of the bigger online retailers in the States were carrying the CCM one, I bought one in 2016 for $25 as a backup for the older Reebok one that I use... I guess that like the Jofa designs that were basically the same at retail and pro-stock, that these don't do well at retail. Which is a shame because as many have stated above, it's a very simple, comfortable and protective piece of gear
  11. I met Benn during his rookie season in Dallas after a practice; and being a gear nerd, asked him what curve he uses. In a very enthusiastic, Spicoli-ish manner he replied "Sakic!" I think it was his sophomore season that the hook started to show up
  12. Would definitely purchase either a Jagr pro or a Benn pro. Would be awesome to have a toe curve with a square-ish toe available (besides the P10)
  13. I'd also love to see some photos of the TC1, I've had a hard time coming across images of it from the time the A series came out
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