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  1. 46, Took two years off due to family and work. Got back on the ice yesterday. Sore today, But man do i miss playing.
  2. Helmet: Reebok 6k Cage: Boulder hockey Zero one Shoulders: Bauer Supreme one 40 Elbows: CCM Tacks Pro classic Shins: CCM U+ Fit 05 Gloves: STX HPR Stallion Black/Black Pants: Bauer Supreme one 40 Skates: CCM Tacks - Yellow superfeet Stick: HD1 dressed as a QRL Brendan Gallager pro stock 70F Covert QR5 SE 75 W71
  3. Awesome, thanks for the info. that mit collection is nuts !
  4. WOW!! So simple yet so awesome. Is the no cuff custom or is that how the CP94's come?
  5. After play or practicing one to two times a week for the past few months i scored my first goal last night in twenty years. Thank you to you guys and gals for this thread and and words of encouragement,
  6. Man are those nice mits. What size?
  7. Just picked up a Warrior HD1 dressed a a Covert QRL. 70 flex Brendan Gallagher pro stock. None retail curve.
  8. They are in most shops (at least the stick line) up here in NH.
  9. Do you think Sher-Wood will disappear in the United States? Given that the track record of Canadian tire show's them making Sher-Wood a house brand?
  10. Why the hate? I played stick and puck the other day and a few of the younger guys that are not regulars, were mocking a guy who had low level and older equipment. i know the guy he dosent have a lot of funds but plays every week. I just dont get why unless you have pro equipment you love the game less or are not as good as others in some peoples eyes. Anyway just had to get this out. Moving on.
  11. Thank you for the advice and words of encouragement. Cardio I’m working on for sure. It’s a challenge up here in NH it’s been below zero everyday except for two for two months. But it’s getting better every time I get on the ice. Thank you again everyone.
  12. $400 plus for a stick is nuts. I can see this as a limited pro only model. But retail is crazy.
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