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  1. It was great when we started there. They used to let us park underground and come through the security entrance. But one other group got rowdy or something, and suddenly no one was allowed to park there anymore. Parking was free Sunday nights at the lot across the street, so it was okay. Our ice time was 7:30-8:30 (I think)...but there was never anyone on before us....so, if we got there early and dressed, we'd be on the ice shortly after 7...get all warmed up and get a full hour in. Then when the management group changed from the local company to the US company, they instituted their half hour rule. They even wouldn't let us into the room until 7:00, so our extra ice time went away. Paying almost $400/hour wasn't worth it once all the perks went away.
  2. Is that FirstOntario Centre (Copps?). Used to have a regular Sunday night pickup there. We moved it a couple years back when they raised prices.
  3. Reports say it could be a suicide, but also point to a possible case of autoerotic asphyxiation. Athletes, actors, musicians. Anyone who performs or competes at a high level and seeks that rush of the stage/field is other ways, how many times has that been their downfall??
  4. We had a guy in our league who wears 7...I mean he wears 7 ALL THE TIME...every year. Fine, guys have favorite numbers. I like 11. This guys connection to 7 is a little beyond 'like'. Midway through the season, they will make trades if one team is running away with it, to keep it competitive. So, #7 gets traded to a team who already had a 7. He offered money to the guy to change numbers. Other #7 was a first year guy and was comfortable, wanted to keep his number 7...so he said no. Obsessed #7 QUIT THE LEAGUE, rather than play without his beloved #7. His original team had little #7 patches sewn onto the shoulder of their jerseys. haha.
  5. So, a buddy sends me a msg today "Wanna go to the game?" I reply "Bulldogs?" He says yes. I go to the rink I play at, because I know they sell discount tickets. Turns out...they aren't tickets but vouchers that can be redeemed for tickets. Not a worry, they never sell out so there will be lots of great seats left. Text my buddy that I have the "tix" he asks 7 or 7:30 start. I look at their website...they play at 7:00 ON THE ROAD! I just assumed he already knew they were at home, so I never bothered to double check. Only 2 home games left this season and I know I can't go tomorrow. I've offered them up on facebook for $20 to try to recoup some of my stupidity. I may end up going alone Sunday just to salvage some of my ticket buying dignity. haha
  6. For just being "dumb" comedy, the timing and delivery is fantastic! The blooper reel is probably hilarious.
  7. It's Jared Keeso's show. He created it. The 2 hockey guys were in the Gordie Howe move. Dylan Playfair (Reilly) is Larry's kid. Looking forward to the St. Patrick's day special. I haven't had a chance to watch the "Ferda" addition (as in 'ferda fans'). There is additional commentary and stuff. Should be entertaining.
  8. I was shocked that he was only 79. I figured he was in his late 60's in the early 80s!
  9. Mike Ilitch. Detroit Red Wings/Tigers Owner. He was 87. http://www.freep.com/story/money/business/columnists/2017/02/10/ilitch-detroit-pizza-red-wings-tigers-hockey-forbes/91475642/
  10. I play with a goalie who wears a helmet/cage combo (like Hrudey used to wear). Thing is beat to crap. Mask is bent. I've encouraged him to get something new, but he seems happy with it. He bought new pads in the last few years. He had been using blue/white Kenesky pads (circa 1980's) and prior to that the old brown ones filled with horse hair, or whatever...damn things weighed a ton when they were wet.
  11. I'm assuming you can't use Crave TV from a US IP? Have you considered a VPN service with a Canadian IP.
  12. Not likely to get released on Netflix. It's a Crave TV (Bell Media) original series.
  13. I wonder if they will do an off screen death and use the E9 crawl to explain what happened.
  14. Sweet: I've got 4 points (all assists) in my last 2 games. Both wins. 4-3 and 4-2. 3G/5A in 9 games. Second in team scoring. Not so sweet: I also took a 4 minute double minor for unsportsmanline conduct. First 2 was for shooting after the whistle. I had my back to the net and didn't realize we had scored...when I turned around I shot/tapped the puck into the open net (Not much of a "shot" if you ask me) The second 2 was for inquiring on my way to the box "So, those 2 hacks don't get a f**king call?" (I got slashed on a breakaway that lead to the eventual goal).
  15. I think that logo looks like a shoulder patch or secondary logo. It lacks something as a primary logo. As for the name, I would have gone with Aces (I know they wanted to avoid the gambling references, but c'mon...) or "Vipers". Especially if they don't want to use 'Las'...Vegas Vipers rolls nicely off the tongue! Not a huge tradition to draw on...but at least there's hockey history in Las Vegas.
  16. Apparently, Season 2 has been shot. Hopefully it is out soon, and is longer than 6 eps this time.
  17. The Grammy's are going to have to have an entire separate show just for the In Memoriam this year!
  18. Saw this today on facebook, posted by a former radio colleague on mine, and credited (originally) to W. Earl Brown (who I am not familiar with): Merle's Final Show*. It was Super Bowl weekend. Merle had already cancelled months of shows, but this particular booking was a big payday. Merle had to pay his band and crew, so there was no calling in sick for this gig. Toby Keith was in town with his wife to watch some football and have some fun. Toby got word that Merle was in Vegas, so he went to see him… Merle was in bad shape. He needed to be in a hospital - not on a stage; but The Show Must Go On. Merle would not take charity from anyone, but he did turn to Toby and say, "How many songs of mine do you know?" "All of 'em" answered T. "All of 'em?" "Yep. And I won't need a teleprompter." "Well, stay nearby." After four or five songs, Merle's infected lungs were spent. He couldn't draw enough air to sing any longer. "We've, uh, we've got a special guest here tonight…" Toby came out and sang the rest of the show. Merle gave his last concert. The Strangers got paid. And the audience, while not realizing it at the time, saw something special. Never speak ill of Toby Keith to me; thanks to him, Merle exited the stage with his dignity intact. * I have been informed that Merle played a couple of shows after Vegas, so this was not the FINAL show. I knew he and Kris were set to play a rescheduled LA on Feb 3, because I was missing it due to my travel schedule. I had no idea it was postponed a second time. Whether Vegas was the last show, second-to-last, or whatever, the fact remains that when Merle needed a helping hand, he got one, and the audience was not left wanting. Merle was an artist and a showman until the end. The reason I know about it, is that I phoned T after the Super Bowl to talk football. That's when he told me what happened. Knowing what a Merle fan I am, he sent me this pic. I asked permission to share the photo before I did so. (the pic, as you can imagine, is of Merle and Toby exiting a stage area together)
  19. No...not the organizer. He's just the rah rah guy who is always preaching a game plan, but can't follow it himself.
  20. Why is it that the guy who sends the pregame email saying "...short hard shifts, wingers stay high on the point guys, lots of smart passing and shots..." is the same guy who takes long shifts, coasts, keeps letting his guy free and doesn't pass or shoot exceptionally well? Ugh!
  21. haha...I love that Snopes actually took to time to do a hoax page for Animal!! In other non-death celebrity news...I actually misread this headline the first time I saw it: http://www.ncscooper.com/keith-richards-found-not-dead-in-san-francisco-hotel/
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