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  1. It's more than just rumors that he will be offered a FO position. JD confirmed it. No way he plays again. Very sad but his health is what's important. Amazing he was able to play as long as he did. I am sure it was closely monitored.
  2. Just really hate this... I understand it but these jerseys are sacred to me and that's what's next. They also totally REPLACED the team logo on the helmet. Thats a bad sign to me It also brings teams closer to the commercial pressures of sponsors. I know they already are but this gets us even closer.
  3. I don't know the CCM model but I am pretty sure that the Agility was an SMU based off the Vapor 10 line. I can't tell for sure how "high" up the food chain that model was though.
  4. I think it depends on. how used the stick is. I have bought and sold used elite level sticks that have had plenty of life in them. I think a real pro is more likely to break down a stick than a beer leaguer. Most adult league players don't really flex that stick the way it's intended and it probably has plenty of life left in it. I wouldn't shy away from that value. To me the real value is in the new pro stocks tho.
  5. I play both.... when you are as bad as I am you need to use every tool in your toolbox.
  6. keep us posted!!! Thinking of you!
  7. Look at it the opposite way... next time I need to clear space in front of the net for myself.....
  8. I take off the end cap and leave it open... I like it open to be honest. I put a wood extender in once and I hated the way it felt.
  9. It's all ball bearings these days!!!! Best movie EVER!111 That said.. overall doing better. Still need to heal but I am hopeful this is it for cardiac issues for a while.
  10. still funny....and IMHO still telling!
  11. Totally love that True is posting their skates with the Tuuk holder on FB!!! LOL... even they know which holder is better!!
  12. Make me an offer!! They are in really good shape. No rips or tears. I haven't used them much and now that I lost weight they don't fit. Hoping this link works.... https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/381304249848289/
  13. THANKS BUD! Had the procedure yesterday. The stented the distal artery - something they don't usually do. Apparently its really low down and they say people don't typically feel effects from blockages there (it was also only 70% blocked). For any of you that know me though, I am far from typical so yea, of course it impacted me!! The procedure went well and I actually do feel a bit different and better today. Hopefully that's not just my brain convincing me of that and this is it! Fingers crossed!! I am optimistic this morning!
  14. if you are worried exchange it.. why take the risk with that kind of$$
  15. is that a fused shaft? Glue maybe? Perhaps some loose carbon weave?
  16. Eagle used to do customs at a very fair price. Not sure they still do.
  17. Ok... 4 weeks post 4th sent (2nd angioplasty) and now I am going back again. Just don't feel right. This really f-ing sucks. Hope 3rd times a charm.
  18. ok... first off I think they are fugly... like it's 3am, I'm still at the bar and the chick at the end must have lost 40 lbs over the course of the night come on honey lets do this fugly! 2nd... I had Vector pros and liked them and thought they were pretty cool looking. 3rd.. at this point I will wear whatever fits me best and helps me skate better.
  19. Can't say I am surprised. Good decision IMHO.
  20. The project was incredibly educational and I think really educated many of us who had never heard about profiles before. I know I shared what I had learned with my teammates who now also have begin to seek better profiles and improve their game. It is a pathetic that some people took advantage. Things like that ruin it for everyone else. Thank you for all you did with this. I know that personal sacrifice was involved.
  21. I can't compare to the AS2Pro because I don't have one (and I haven't been on the ice much either due to f-ing Covid) but I can tell you the blade on my Tacks, Ultra Tacks and my Super Tacks 2.0 are amazing. Lots of feel and not pingy at all.
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