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  1. That's some sexy sexy ass goregous colour scheme too bad I never had a reason to wear those colours or a team in those colours lol ugh
  2. Nice pics bro .. Hockey in Qatar ? Woah!! It's amazing how the game is growing. What league do u play in ?
  3. i took a puck to the eye during a shinny skate in Mississauga because some idiot Defenceman thought he could sauce the puck over his own player, there's some people out there u gotta cover your eyes when they do stupid shit because u can't tell some people the truth everyone thinks they got something to prove .. But I love the game so much I have the ability to look beyond them like they are invisible ... They guy who drove me to the hospital was too busy trying to hit it on my girlfriend... I swear to god I'm sitting there blood spewing outta my eye and there he is smiling joking around lol the most unbelievable thing I've ever seen
  4. its not just playing.. It's how hard u work off ice
  5. I have been searching for threads that are in discussion about this new stick with no success. If anyone has links please hit me up. . I'm wondering how this new stealth line compares to the s19 I have read a few articles on Google. I'm the kind of player who leans into my shot with almost the exact technique phill Kessel shoots with. What I know so far is Easton made this stick for him. I cannot seem to adapt to any stick on the market that's not a total one nxg and u HATE the new mx3 stick and the vapor or nexus line just doesn't work for me. I felt soo confident every time I shot with the nxg every shot was soo quick and accurate. I'm praying that the cx will give me that same feeling and I was wondering if any of you had experience with that stick.
  6. hockeytron has won me over for alot of gear except helemt skates and sticks..
  7. I'd have to punch him at least once twice.
  8. i got my pair of x60's and i was scared i wouldnt like them because i been a graf user for the last 5 years. i thought the transition would be a biatch.. but guess what? i just skated on them today and all i can say is "so long graf!!!" i love theese skates and yes they put you on ur toes more then the xxxx but i will be getting a heel lift on the 60's because i like that forward pitch that grafs have. once i get em done they will perfect. amazing boot man and tottally worth the 700 lol. :D
  9. hey guys is there any other bauer models that have had duribility problems?
  10. dont try to saucer pass over other players heads. im a victim.
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