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  1. Just wondering if the fit of the ribcor line has changed over the years? Looking for a replacement pair for my 50k’s and nobody local has any ribcor skates in stock.
  2. If she were to wear 2 different size skates she might have an issue with the different runner sizes. Not sure if larger runner would line up with the smaller skate.
  3. A little more than 1.5 years ago I had a herniated disc block a nerve going down my leg causing drop foot among a few other things. Today was the first time i've been able to skate in a game since then. Some nerve damage is still present and will probably always be there but got through the skate and felt pretty good albeit slow.
  4. Also, I just bought him his first pair of Junior skates. Went from paying $150 for the last year's top of the line to paying $250 for last year's top of the line. Custom VHs is a much more substantial investment, epecially when he likes what he's in. When I considered Makos for him, it was the M8 option. Heck, does VH even have a junior skate? It would be a tough pill to swallow to shell out $800 for a skate that might only be used for 1 yr or less. My son is in his last pair of junior sized skates. The last 2 years he's got great deals on higher model current year Vapors. I've already had to tell him that from now on the skate budget is $350/year. He can either get a previous year skate on sale or pay the difference himself if he wants the latest and greatest.
  5. I've been a full-time firefighter/emt for a decade in an area that has a very high rate of fatalities. Find your way to get the stress out. Everyone is different but it has to get out. Wait until you deliver a baby, it will make you forget about the 100's of dead people you are going to run into in this line of work. It's a pretty cool thing to see life come into the world as opposed to leaving it.
  6. I had to re-read your comment a couple of times to figure out what the Superb owl was and why you were trying to avoid this owl.
  7. Have you tried a Sherwood 75 flex? I have a 75 flex EK15 and find it to be too soft for my liking and I like 75 flex sticks.
  8. Some updates. Helmet: Bauer Reakt Shoulders: Reebok 20k Elbows: Reebok 18k Gloves: CCM Crazy lights, Warrior Franchise Pants: Pro Stock Warrior Franchise Shins: Sherwood T90 Skates: Bauer APX2 Sticks: Sherwood EK15 and T100
  9. Bauer APX2- current skate Bauer x60 Graf 709 Bauer 6000 Bauer supreme 1000 when I was a kid
  10. A fresh flood this morning at the outdoor rink and having to drag my son off the ice after 2 hours of playing. A balmy -13 celsius, but thats a huge improvement over the last couple of weeks.
  11. A lot will depend on your skin. Some skin will take colour well, some won't. Fading won't be a big issue if you don't tan and always wear sunscreen.
  12. Nice bike. My first bike was a Dyna and had no problem getting used to it. I feel your pain on the snow. Northern Alberta has a ton. I was in southern Alberta last week and saw lots of guys out on bikes already.
  13. Is pricing going to stay the same for the Mako m5?
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