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  1. Just wondering if the fit of the ribcor line has changed over the years? Looking for a replacement pair for my 50k’s and nobody local has any ribcor skates in stock.
  2. If she were to wear 2 different size skates she might have an issue with the different runner sizes. Not sure if larger runner would line up with the smaller skate.
  3. Sport chek in Canada has QR1's, Speedburners, and 1x's on clearance. I picked up a couple of QR1's and am impressed with them so far.
  4. I checked my local grocery store for whole milf yogurt today but couldn't find it. You have a local source? It sounds great.
  5. I still wear it because of nerve damage in my ankle and foot from a back injury.
  6. Couldn't see it on amazon when I first looked. This is the exact one I use. Its missing the bottom part of the boot. http://clinicsuppliescanada.com/aso-vortex-ankle-brace?
  7. I use something similar to this. Its nice because you can play around with it to get more lateral support on one side or the other if needed. No problems fitting into a skate either. https://www.amazon.com/ASO-264019-P-Ankle-Stabilizer/dp/B00XP3YB6I
  8. A little more than 1.5 years ago I had a herniated disc block a nerve going down my leg causing drop foot among a few other things. Today was the first time i've been able to skate in a game since then. Some nerve damage is still present and will probably always be there but got through the skate and felt pretty good albeit slow.
  9. Also, I just bought him his first pair of Junior skates. Went from paying $150 for the last year's top of the line to paying $250 for last year's top of the line. Custom VHs is a much more substantial investment, epecially when he likes what he's in. When I considered Makos for him, it was the M8 option. Heck, does VH even have a junior skate? It would be a tough pill to swallow to shell out $800 for a skate that might only be used for 1 yr or less. My son is in his last pair of junior sized skates. The last 2 years he's got great deals on higher model current year Vapors. I've already had to tell him that from now on the skate budget is $350/year. He can either get a previous year skate on sale or pay the difference himself if he wants the latest and greatest.
  10. I've been a full-time firefighter/emt for a decade in an area that has a very high rate of fatalities. Find your way to get the stress out. Everyone is different but it has to get out. Wait until you deliver a baby, it will make you forget about the 100's of dead people you are going to run into in this line of work. It's a pretty cool thing to see life come into the world as opposed to leaving it.
  11. I had to re-read your comment a couple of times to figure out what the Superb owl was and why you were trying to avoid this owl.
  12. Have you tried a Sherwood 75 flex? I have a 75 flex EK15 and find it to be too soft for my liking and I like 75 flex sticks.
  13. Some updates. Helmet: Bauer Reakt Shoulders: Reebok 20k Elbows: Reebok 18k Gloves: CCM Crazy lights, Warrior Franchise Pants: Pro Stock Warrior Franchise Shins: Sherwood T90 Skates: Bauer APX2 Sticks: Sherwood EK15 and T100
  14. Bauer APX2- current skate Bauer x60 Graf 709 Bauer 6000 Bauer supreme 1000 when I was a kid
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