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  1. You’re good. Unless it rubs wrong or the adjustment clips slip, why would you need to redo it?
  2. The cage is a senior large. I can dig around my spares for comparison pics tomorrow if you would like. Lmk.
  3. AFAIK they were the first. Nice and light.
  4. Shipping is on the buyer. Prices are in USD. Happy to bundle. PM with questions. Here's a full album: https://imgur.com/gallery/dLH3Tas SOLD $60 14” Custom pro stocks made by MF2. Mesh gussets. Loops and liners are intact. I patched a hole through the 1st layer with PalmSaver. See pics. Gloves are near new and not yet broken in. I just have too many. MF2_pics $100 Pro Stock Colorado Avalanche Thirds Team issue. These are a pro model so the palm does not zip off. Wear on the pointer finger and thumb were patched with palmsaver. See pics. Size 13” but fit like a 14”. Last pic is a side by side with 14” Tacks for reference. The Tacks glove is not part of this sale. Avs3rd_pics $50 Large Ottawa Senators Pants RBK MHP520 Two-piece pants. Buttons are solid. Zippers zip smoothly. Board burns on the hips. See pics. SensPants_pics $OLD 75 Itech Titanium cage SR Large The first titanium cage on the market. Very light. New, old stock. All hardware and packaging included. SOLD $40 24 New Champion Adult All Sports Team Mesh Pinnies Scrimmage Vests Yellow. Pinnies $275 SOLD LA Kings Jerseys team set of 21 SR Large SOLD
  5. Ha, that’s exactly what I did with my Tacks. I used a lock strap from old RBK shin pads. Works great. They stay put now.
  6. 1. Speedy stitcher, but you may have to come at it from the inside, through cuff roll. 2. Trim the hangers, then Super Glue that dries clear so it doesn’t get worse. 3. Careful loop stitches with matching thread through only the gold cresting to reinforce it. Personally, I’d go with #3, maybe finished with #2 to make it permanent.
  7. You can DIY with a Speedy Stitcher if you want. Seam rip the old loops off then Speedy Stitch a fresh set on.
  8. My brother wore an SK2000. I had an XL7, which will never make a comeback.
  9. I wear Projekts in a non-checking league. I find they’re a good mix of protection and maneuverability. I went down to low end Eastons at one point, but took a spill into the boards and my shoulder wasn’t the same for several weeks. I acknowledge that the shot to the heart may be 1-in-a-million, but if the weight and fit don’t bother me, I might as well have that covered, too.
  10. Fire ants gloves are sold.
  11. Here are a few from your list. I bought in bulk recently from CL as raw material to make chairs for dawgnationhockey.org, found some vintage gems. PM me if you want detailed specs/pics. Shipping would be from CO, 80104.
  12. I’ve got a few of these in my garage. They’re all broken, though. Does length or condition matter?
  13. Fischer gloves are sold
  14. White set of jerseys sold. I’m moving next month and would rather sell than pack this stuff. Make an offer.
  15. I still rotate between 2 pairs of that generation, but 5k not 9k. Something about the fit/shape is juuuuuust right. 5k is plenty protective for beer league.
  16. Final price drops. Any lower and I’ll just keep the stuff.
  17. My bad. I’ve cleared my inbox and sent you a pm.
  18. Vancouver Canucks gloves and Easton Ultralite is sold. Dropped some prices. Shipping is on the buyer. Prices are in USD. Happy to bundle. PM with questions.
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