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  • Skates
    Bauer Supreme NXG
  • Stick
    Reebok Ribcor, CCM RBZ
  • Gloves
    Eagle PPF, Warrior Franchise
  • Helmet
    CCM V08, Bauer 4500
  • Pants
    Warrior Hustlers, CCM Pro 520
  • Shoulder Pads
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    Easton S17
  • Shin Pads
    CCM U+ Fit09
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  1. Jets Heritage Uni's^tfw
  2. Hey Malcolm, is that "big toe" version as open or less open than the one pictured here?
  3. W14 = P14
  4. The W88 Zetterberg is a clone of the P88. I know Warrior has the W16 Karlsson now that is similar to the P45 but I don't think it was introduced by the time the QR1 line came out.
  5. I'll throw my hat in the ring as another vote for a few mentioned above: Kovalchuk pro, Kovalev pro (or Perron pro if you need a righty / can't mirror the Kovy), P10, and Gionta would be awesome!
  6. Is there a set price for the tapered shafts yet? I'll also throw my hat in the ring and say that a Kovalev (although mirrored to righty) and the closed mid-toe curve would definitely be an awesome option!
  7. You could also custom order some CP95 as well.