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  • Skates
    Easton Mako (ice), Mako with Sprungs for roller
  • Stick
    Warrior Diablo Gionta Curve, Warrior QR Pro Yakupov curve, Inno Mania with Smyth curve
  • Gloves
    Easton HSX, Warrior Projekt
  • Helmet
    Cascade M11 with Itech Titanium Cage (ice), Easton E700 with Reakt cage (roller), Bauer IMS 7.0 with Bauer Pro Clip (ref)
  • Pants
    Warrior Projekt Girdle with Nike Bauer Shell, Valken V-Pro with V-Elite Girdle for roller
  • Shoulder Pads
    Farrell H600
  • Elbow Pads
    2012 Warrior Projekt
  • Shin Pads
    Warrior Projekt (ice) or CCM CL (roller)
  • Hockey Bag
    Warrior Eraser, Warrior or RBK Pro for carrying, ShockDoctor Dryer at home

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    Toronto, ON
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  1. althoma1

    Lightest helmet on the market?

    Nothing out currently is close to the weight of the Easton E700. The E700 replaced the S19. The fit system was changed to a Giro bike helmet style system that fit more people. The S19 didn't fit me well, but the E700 is very comfortable. Now, the E700 hasn't been manufactured in close to 5 years; so they'll be hard to come by, but you could always scour the internet for new old stock (sideline swap, ebay, BST sections, FB Marketplace ect.). The Fitlite 3DS mentioned is one of the lighter models that is more recent and even though it's also been discontinued (just last year I believe); it should still be pretty easy to find. The original Bauer Reakt is also a lighter than average model that should be attainable. Neither of these will be as light as the E700 though. I've tried various cages over the years - i2, Itech Titanium, Reakt Titanium and the Fitlite Titanium. Both the Reakt and Fitlite have the flat bars and offer excellent vision. The Fitlite is a bit wider and longer in the same size vs. the Reakt so it fits my face and helmet better and that's the only reason I switched from the Reakt to the Fitlite. I would try on both those cages with your helmet in various sizes if you can and buy the one that fits best. With that said, I do believe the Fitlite Titanium cage was discontinued; so it may be harder to find now than it was a year or two ago.
  2. althoma1

    Custom Bauer 1X holder size

    Agreed that 7.5EE and 8D are 272, but I believe 8.5D is as well. Bauer always sizes up at the half size in EE width. So 7.5D is 263 and 7.5EE is 272. 8.5D is 272 and 8.5EE is 280.
  3. althoma1

    Custom Bauer 1X holder size

    The retail holder sizes for Bauer are as follows for skates around your size: 8.5D 272mm 8.5EE 280mm 9D and 9EE 280mm
  4. althoma1

    2018 Third Jerseys

    I like the creative options sublimation opens up, but I don't think the Lightning Jerseys utilize the possibilities. I do like the spray paint sleeves look, but the body of the jersey is too simplistic and makes it look more like a practice jersey. Personally, I'd go all the way with the sublimation and have a full blown thunderstorm on the main body of the jersey with subtle colour gradients for the sky and clouds and lightning strikes throughout. With that said, my tastes lean more toward crazy concept sublimation jerseys than traditional simple NHL jerseys.
  5. althoma1

    Wheel options/questions

    I've used various wheels over the years (Rink Rat, Revision ect.) and have found the Konixx Pure wheels to be more durable than average. They feel harder and faster, but still grip as well as other wheels. I've never had a hub separate (and have used Konixx for almost 2 years now), but I do get the small splits after a lot of use (I both ref and play year round; so use them A LOT). So I'd give those a shot if you haven't already.
  6. althoma1

    Custom Skates / Ice to Inline Conversion

    JR owns Modsquad, managed a Total Hockey store and worked in the hockey industry for years before that, including a stint in the equipment department for the Tampa Bay lightning. I believe he also played inline in college. So your skates would be in excellent, very knowledgeable hands if you send them to JR.
  7. althoma1

    Custom Skates / Ice to Inline Conversion

    Send them to JR. He offers that service in the Pro Shop.
  8. Yes, I can see why they'd go with a medium sized company vs. a smaller operation with a niche following. I suspect the Fizix hasn't launched due to a lack of funds. I'm still interested in the product and hope it does well, however; I can absolutely see why True chose the partner they did. It certainly seems like the safer play (less moving parts, less potential for issues, a more well known brand in the roller community outside of these boards, ect.).
  9. It's great True is getting involved with roller hockey. I used Revision for years and definitely enjoyed the Variant, Variant + and Steel wheels. I'm currently using Konixx pure wheels, but would definitely be open to trying the latest Revision wheels. Being able to pick soft or hard wheels is a great option. I usually convert ice hockey boots for roller, but if I was to buy ready made roller hockey boots currently available from other brands, I'd have to replace the soft wheels with a harder set if the retailer/e-tailer wasn't willing to make a swap. Personally, I'd have a hard time going back to a flat chassis and would've preferred to see True go with the updated versions of Sprung, the Fizix chassis, however; I know the majority of inline players use a flat chassis. If they'd went with a more radical chassis design like Sprung, Fizix, or Marsblades then that may not appeal to the roller players used to the flat/hi-lo setups. If it's a fully custom boot, I imagine the pricing would be similar to the custom True ice hockey skates. A boot only option would be great for those who don't wish to use the Revision chassis, however; they no longer offer a boot only option for ice; so I doubt it will be available for inline.
  10. althoma1

    2018-2019 Gear Sightings

    I was thinking the same thing. The lace wrap also makes me cringe, but hey; he's a pro and I'm just a crappy beer league player. So if it works for him then it works.
  11. althoma1

    League Schedules

    For ice hockey, they usually release the schedule for the first 2 months of the season about 2 weeks ahead of time. Then they release the schedule for the next 2 months about 2 weeks before the first game in that schedule ect. They only schedule 2 months at a time so they can rebalance divisions if necessary. For the inline league I play in, they release the entire season's schedule about 1-2 weeks before the first game. This is only an 8 team draft league; so any rebalancing is done via trades and not by moving teams up or down divisions. So that allows them to release the entire regular season schedule at once. For my planning purposes, I prefer to have the schedule 1 month in advance, but do understand that this isn't usually practical. I do appreciate that once my inline schedule is released, it's set for several months (I now know my game times from Jan 6th until mid-June). My Jan ice schedule only goes until Jan 14th and I'm anxious for the next 2 month block to be released ASAP so I can plan around it. I can see why players would want the schedule ASAP, but expecting it before the evaluation skate isn't reasonable. So unless the evaluation skate is moved back to 4 or 5 weeks before the season instead of 3, then the best they can hope for is to receive the schedule 2 weeks before the start of the season. Getting it a week before can be somewhat difficult to plan around; so I'd aim to get it out 2 weeks before, but sooner if it's possible.
  12. althoma1

    Easton Mako Skates

    See the post in this thread from Nov 30th - I linked to it above for easy access. It's possible to repair it if you find someone who knows what they're doing.
  13. althoma1

    Officiating 101

    The Tron Visors are fine. I used to use one when I first started officiating and it worked well. I switched to a Bauer Pro clip to have one that is CSA certified for Hockey Canada insurance purposes, but I don't notice a big difference in vision or performance. It is convenient to be able to take the visor off to clean it and replacing a scratched visor takes seconds rather than minutes. I use a helmet bag to protect both the helmet and visor.
  14. althoma1

    What would you like to see on MSH?

    Custom guides. There are companies with very detailed custom options, but they don't always have detailed images and descriptions of those options. Warrior custom sticks is one example; they offer a lot of stick finishes, textures and curves, but I don't see any pictures or detailed descriptions beyond the names in the customizer tool. There are threads here where members have helpfully posted pictures of grip types, but you have to search through a very long thread to find the images. Having a walk through for various products (Warrior custom sticks, Warrior custom gloves, Base custom sticks, True custom skates) with detailed descriptions and pictures of every option would be helpful for anyone ordering a custom product. As mentioned, most of this information is available in various threads, but taking all of that out and putting it in one or two posts on one page would be great. Of course, having all of those available on the manufacturer pages would be great as well, but I think there are currently gaps. It's fantastic to have a lot of options, but it's hard to decide what to order without having full descriptions and pictures of those options.
  15. althoma1

    VH Footwear/TRUE by Scott Van Horne

    Glad to hear they're remaking them smaller. Did they determine how the original sizing was so off? Was the scanner incorrectly calibrated or was it another reason? Was the solution of foam taped in addressed? I hope the remade skates fit perfectly and work well for you, but I am still curious to know how the first skates ended up so large.