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  • Skates
    Easton Mako (ice), Mako with Sprungs for roller
  • Stick
    Warrior Diablo Gionta Curve, Warrior QR Pro Yakupov curve, Inno Mania with Smyth curve
  • Gloves
    Easton HSX, Warrior Projekt
  • Helmet
    Cascade M11 with Itech Titanium Cage (ice), Easton E700 with Reakt cage (roller), Bauer IMS 7.0 with Bauer Pro Clip (ref)
  • Pants
    Warrior Projekt Girdle with Nike Bauer Shell, Valken V-Pro with V-Elite Girdle for roller
  • Shoulder Pads
    Farrell H600
  • Elbow Pads
    2012 Warrior Projekt
  • Shin Pads
    Warrior Projekt (ice) or CCM CL (roller)
  • Hockey Bag
    Warrior Eraser, Warrior or RBK Pro for carrying, ShockDoctor Dryer at home

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  1. althoma1

    Expensive bags worth it?

    My old bag had the U Shape opening (but did get holes in the bottom of the external end skate pockets after about 4 years) and it was a little easier getting things in and out, but it's not a huge difference. The Alkali looks like a great deal at $25, but you'd have to make sure you had good skate guards and would probably have to use toiletry bags for other accessories as Joey suggested. Verbero made a Tarpaulin bag with a zipper that goes around the top, has mesh vents, skate pockets and side and top storage pockets. I have no experience with the bag so can't say how well it's made, but Tron bough Verbero last year and has been clearing out old inventory. Right now it's full price at $79 on the Tron site and $99 on the Verbero site, but if you keep your eye on both the Verbero and Tron sites (and maybe sign up for their electronic mailing lists): you'll probably be able to grab it for less than $50 if you're patient: https://hockeytron.com/collections/bags/products/verbero-hockey-equipment-bag
  2. althoma1

    Expensive bags worth it?

    One could hope it's old Alkali stock that was produced before Tron bought them out. There's no guarantee with that, but they look like the old Alkali bags from before the buy out.
  3. althoma1

    Expensive bags worth it?

    True, if they're sewn poorly and have crappy zippers it doesn't matter that they're tarpaulin. I do have an Alkali back pack bag that I bought for roller on sale, but haven't used it much since the RBK Pro carry bag is working just fine. So I can't speak to the long term durability of the Alkali bags directly, but can say that it seems like those are well built and the zippers are of high quality (based on handling it). I know other roller players who have used Alkali bags for years and are very happy with the durability (I've seen them and they've held up very well). So the Alkali for $25 may be worth considering if the lack of skate pockets aren't an issue. I have no experience with Firstar bags at all; so can't say if they're well made or not.
  4. althoma1

    Expensive bags worth it?

    I agree that good skate covers should alleviate the need to separate skate pockets, but for some illogical reason I still like having the skate pockets. I put everything else in the big opening of a pro style bag, but like the slight organization of the skate pockets and a few side mesh pockets for laces and shower sandals. With that said, you're also right about the more stuff on the bag, the more likely it is to fail. Wheel bags tend to have the bottom rub on the ground and wear out in that area. Bags with external skate pockets have seams rip or zippers fail ect. One high quality bag with good zippers and a strong material like tarpaulin, canvas or high end nylon should last for years. I'm sure the Mammoth made in America bag is a high quality bag, but in my experience there are some overseas bags that hold up well that are much cheaper alternatives (Warrior Pro and RBK Pro are two that have held up for me, but I did have other bags over the years that had zipper and external pocket failures)
  5. althoma1

    Expensive bags worth it?

    Hockeytron has a couple very cheap clearance Tarpaulin pro style bags in black that may be of interest to you: This Firstar for $19 (orig. $80) that has internal mesh skate pockets, but no mesh vents: https://hockeytron.com/collections/bags/products/firstar-tpb-12-hockey-equipment-bag?variant=15405896564813 This $25 Alkali (orig. $60) with no mesh vents, but I'm not sure if it has skate pockets: https://hockeytron.com/collections/bags/products/alkali-rpd-max-senior-hockey-equipment-bag
  6. althoma1

    Expensive bags worth it?

    I actually like the silver, but after digging a little deeper, it seems that bag may not have internal skate pockets Skate pockets are nice to have IMHO. If I were you, I'd probably just go for the $54 Dolomite bag. They mesh on my Warrior Pro bag has held up just fine for both the vents and the internal pockets. In the internal pockets I put in and take out sandals, tape, and laces, but don't over stuff them. In the skate pockets I put in and pull out my 8EE Mako skates with soakers on without issue. I think the Warrior Pro bags are durable as long as you don't over stuff them or drag them across asphalt or something..
  7. althoma1

    Expensive bags worth it?

    This Easton Pro style bag is on clearance at Hockey Monkey. It has a U shape opening (which is preferable to a straight zipper. It makes it easier to find things in your bag), is made of Tarpaulin like the Warrior, but doesn't have the mesh vents (which may help with durability). If I were in the US and was shopping for a new bag, it'd definitely be on my short list at $40: https://www.hockeymonkey.com/catalog/product/view/id/191022 It used to be $90 like the Warrior Pro, but is likely being cleared out for such a low price because Easton hockey was bought and basically shelved by Bauer a couple years ago so they're just clearing out old stock. They only have it in shiny silver, but if that doesn't bother you; it looks like a solid buy; especially at that price. Edit: just read the QA and it looks like it may not have internal skate pockets. That'd be a deal breaker for me as I do like to have skate pockets.
  8. althoma1

    Expensive bags worth it?

    It's the same thing, but with different branding and colours. The Dolomite themed bag was likely released when Warrior released their special edition Dolomite and Mac Daddy retro sticks and is now being cleared out. Getting the Dolomite bag for $54 is definitely a better deal than paying almost double for the standard branding/colour scheme.
  9. althoma1

    Expensive bags worth it?

    Yes, they definitely don't have to be hockey specific mats. Some small dollar store mats would do the job fine. I actually haven't had to buy a mat in a while since I've gotten a few free at different events (Modsquad events, Officials summer clinics, leagues I ref for ect.). The point is, it's definitely not worth shelling out big $ for a bag with a built in mat. If someone likes the style, assumed durability and other features then they should go for it, but the built in mat shouldn't be a deciding factor.
  10. althoma1

    Expensive bags worth it?

    A cheap skate mat will save your feet from melted snow. Any of these $10 mats should do the job and there are more options out there: https://hockeysupremacy.com/en/hockeysupremacy-com-skate-mat.html https://www.prohockeylife.com//products/pro-hockey-life-skate-mat?variant=39945562244&gclid=CjwKCAjwzPXlBRAjEiwAj_XTEalLE3h_LC_Q11ct762to1qAR_61QPJsPnlXTku-V36bERQCZBnv1BoCtC4QAvD_BwE#fo_c=1554&fo_k=615adddce4903b1312ff9c06c65e0845&fo_s=gplaca https://www.hockeymonkey.com/catalog/product/view/id/156759 The Warrior Pro bags (and some other Pro style bags) do have two inner end skate pockets as well as three divided mesh pockets on the sides where you can put laces, sandals, tape ect.
  11. althoma1

    Expensive bags worth it?

    I also have the Warrior Pro bag for ice hockey and it's held up very well after several seasons of use. I've seen a few that have looked beat up, but those players also seem to over stuff their bag with extra jerseys and equipment. I haven't had any issues with mine, but only carry one set of gear, a jersey or two, socks, a skate mat, a set of under layers, a skate mat and shower accessories (towel, sandals, soap and shampoo). I also have a Reebok Pro style bag I picked up over 6 years ago for $35 on sale that I use for roller hockey and while it shows some wear (one grommet came out on one corner, but the corner is still intact), it's still in use as the zipper works perfectly, the inner skate pockets are intact and there are no major rips or holes. A good pro style bag can be had for under $100 CAD at regular price and much less than that when on sale or clearance and have held up well in my experience. So while some of the pricey bags look nice, I wouldn't get one at the regular prices.
  12. althoma1

    Easton Mako Skates

    To me, the Mako is wider on the toe box than Supremes, but the heel is tighter. Majid are also baked longer and are more responsive to heat. Many people use the same size in Bauer and Makos, but some go a half size either way. Personally, I use 8EE Makos and have demoed 7.5EE Supremes. The length felt similar, but the Supremes were too tight on the forefoot and I had slight heel lift. With the Makos, my forefoot is comfortable and my heel is locked in. You will feel shots in Makos, but could buy shot blockers like the ultrastop blockers https://images.app.goo.gl/SfqSFo4uUdhACqfo8 Or use skate fenders.
  13. althoma1

    Boston Bruins (A2) vs. Toronto Maple Leafs (A3)

    I agree that the Leafs have more depth and talent and also agree that they'll lose the series. I think Boston will win by playing physical; in a tough playoff series their style works well. If it was a non-contact all-star format; I'd take the Leafs.
  14. althoma1

    Full Gear Selection Help

    Yes, being able to try things on is always best and it is worth driving to a good shop with a lot of selection if that's possible. With that said, STX does provide free returns and shipping (both ways over a certain order minimum...if you're ordering a bunch of products you'd have no problem meeting that threshold) for 14 days on their top of the line products if you're in the US. The only STX product I've used is their Surgeon 500 gloves, but I love them and they've held up very well (the RX3 gloves are the latest models). I don't believe they currently ship to Canada, so if you're a Canadian like I am then you'd have to get it shipped to a friend or P.O. Box in the US.
  15. althoma1

    Easton Mako Skates

    I agree with you - the Vapors I've tried on in the past definitely don't fit me as well as Makos and no toe box has ever been as comfortable for my feet as the one on the Makos. With that said, the new 2X Pro toe box looks a little similar from the pictures out there. I have never tried them on; so don't know if they even come close comfort wise.