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  1. It's been a while since I had Sidas insoles but I once tweaked their shape using a heat gun. I heated the part I wanted to reshape and placed it on a 4" thick slab of polyurethane foam (aka foam rubber) and stepped on it while helping to shape it with my fingers. It's more of an artisanal than scientific method but it did the job. The difference between the Sidas and the Speedplates is that the Sidas starts out flat and has to be pressed against the foot for shaping, whereas the Speedplate starts out with a high arch that has to be flattened by the foot. So just baking the skate with the Sidas in it won't work the same way it does with the Speedplate, and is probably not a good idea.
  2. Larry54

    VH Footwear/TRUE by Scott Van Horne

    Those look like thick socks. That sure won't help with volume. Rob from VH had told me that their skates had a "fudge factor" so they could be worn with or without socks. That tells me that they can be worn either barefoot or with very thin socks, so IMO wearing thick socks would be pushing the limits. So if moving the tongue doesn't fully solve your problem, you can always try thinner socks to get more volume.
  3. Larry54

    VH Footwear/TRUE by Scott Van Horne

    In addition to removing the red insoles, I suggest tightening your laces looser than you think you need. Just remove the slack in the laces and pull them barely snug. That's all these skates need.
  4. Larry54

    Thinnest/least volume Elbow Pads?

    I remember when the Edge jerseys came out, they were going for a different look, tighter and more form-fitting than the traditional fit, and many NHL players requested one size larger to compensate. https://www.cbc.ca/sports/hockey/nhl-unveils-streamlined-jerseys-1.633673
  5. Larry54

    Stiffness of skates

    I'm 59, and around a year ago, after reading posts from Vet88, I started skating unlaced at public skating like BenBreeg does, and also for the first half hour of each stick and puck. After a short while a light bulb went on in my head, and skating unlaced felt so natural that I was practicing all the skating techniques unlaced, albeit at a slower deliberate pace. As a result, I'm now playing hockey with the top 2 pairs of eyelets unlaced. So if an old dog like myself can learn a new trick, there's no reason a young whippersnapper like yourself can't do the same.
  6. Larry54

    Thinnest/least volume Elbow Pads?

    Here's an peculiar quote from their Fit Guide that might explain the situation, "Our jerseys have a modern cut like today's NHL jerseys. In plain English, they're slimmer in the arms and wider in the torso -- that way they hold your elbow pads in place..."
  7. I disagree. You need more ankle flexion to use a more shallow hollow. A tight stiff skate hinders ankle flexion. While my VH skates are stiff, I now keep the top 2 eyelets unlaced so I can skate with 5/8" hollow at 145-150lbs.
  8. Larry54

    Is this holder mounted properly?

    MCornell, The holder is not centered on the outsole but the outsole is not centered on the boot, so if you look at the position of the holder relative to the boot, it doesn't look as bad and might be within tolerances.
  9. Larry54

    LHS owners/workers

    It's cold in a rink. Do a test and put your watch in your refrigerator at home for a couple of hours and see if that slows it down.
  10. Larry54

    VH Footwear/TRUE by Scott Van Horne

    Unless I'm mistaken, the rivet hole pattern on the old Step holder matched the Tuuk model, right? Now if you want to swap out the True holders for Tuuk, you'll have to drill new additional holes in the boot. Maybe I'm out of the loop but what's the current policy on ordering True skates with/without holders, or drilled for holders other than True. And it just looks a bit "cheap" for the lack of a better word to not have dedicated left and right holders. It feels like a "cutting corners" measure. WTF is going on with my favorite skate brand.
  11. Larry54

    VH Footwear/TRUE by Scott Van Horne

    I still have my first pair of VH skates with the carbon fiber toe cap, and I took this picture of what holds the velcro strip to the toe cap. It's an 8-32 thread.
  12. Larry54

    VH Footwear/TRUE by Scott Van Horne

    To be fair, I actually preferred the original tongue that came with the first VH skates. I thought that the felt tongue was to appease the conservatively-minded hockey player, and was actually a downgrade from the original dense foam tongue that was thicker in the center and tapered toward the sides, and it contained a stiff thermoformable plate to conform to the top of the foot and protect it from lace bite.
  13. Larry54

    VH Footwear/TRUE by Scott Van Horne

    The new tongue looks a lot like the one VH offered as an option a few years ago. And that was just a thinner version of the original tongue from a few years earlier. IIRC, the felt tongue had replaced the original tongue by popular demand.
  14. Larry54

    Tendinitis help?

    Here's a bit of shot in the dark, but ask a coach or more experienced player to check your stick handling technique. Or maybe you could try something like this:
  15. Larry54

    Alternative to True skates?

    I assume that common procedure with VH skates is the same as it was Pre-True. Volume fine tuning is made by removing the red insole liner to increase volume, or thickening it to reduce volume. The OP should just try the thicker liner and if the skate is still too large, have the boots re-made after re-scanning or re-measuring to determine where the process went wrong.