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  1. JR Boucicaut

    Is this holder mounted properly?

    That’s different though - for reinforcement/perhaps blade alignment. I had him take the skates to my old store and my old ASM fixed them. Spoke to him and he said every hole lined up, and saw no reason to create new holes.
  2. JR Boucicaut

    Is this holder mounted properly?

    Furthermore, there aren’t rivets in areas that should have them, namely the heels and the top rivet on the left skate.
  3. It's not a subscription; it's listed in the store as a product. That's why you're not seeing it when you look at subscriptions. You do have access. If you want a refund, PM me and I'll process it.
  4. JR Boucicaut

    Tuuk LS2 holder problem

    Yeah, you just have to get the plastic to move a little bit. I don’t understand how a shop would let that go like that. But then again, if I’m being completely honest, I don’t understand how a shop would leave the UPC sticker on the holder. It’s the attention to detail...
  5. JR Boucicaut

    Tuuk LS2 holder problem

    The issue isn't the steel. On new holders, sometimes the channel is too thin and certain steel (usually LS3) struggles to fully go in. What they should've done would be to hit the bridge of the holder with a mallet to get the center to fall in. That's hard to do when the skates are mounted on the boots as you can't get a hammer in there. Take out the steel and you'll see that the channel will most likely look like some plastic has been shaved off. That's what happened when they put the steel in. Go ahead and take an X-Acto knife and remove some material from where you see the bulge. Reinsert steel and see where it's getting stuck at, then repeat. Try to confine it in the channel, not the edge of the holder. In this situation I wouldn't recommend heat, because the holders are mounted and things could go wrong. If not mounted, then I would've.
  6. JR Boucicaut

    Bauer vs Step lawsuit

    Agreed; I did my best work when I worked out of a rink shop. Very easy to make an appointment and figure things out. However, what Prosharp (and I do) with the profile testing is a great option. Having every size runner with different profiles on them is pretty cool.
  7. JR Boucicaut

    ProSharp Goalie Profiles

    I only have Goalie Sam. If you want it, send the steel in.
  8. JR Boucicaut

    Bauer vs Step lawsuit

    It was about the steel, not the profile. What Bauer/Prosharp is going to do is offer custom profiles through the MyBauer portal.
  9. JR Boucicaut

    Moving between ProSharp Profiles

    I’ve had to do that on one set. Put a 14’ on it to reset as much as I could.
  10. JR Boucicaut

    Moving between ProSharp Profiles

    No, there's a pivot point marked on the sled. The machine isn't that smart. That's one of the problems that I have with a lot of shops; they don't tell you exactly what they give you because they want to protect their business. It's stupid and I just wish people were more transparent. The method in the video won't add any additional pitch, so basically what the tech would do is set it and they should be able to see the additional pitch added. I haven't had a case like that yet, but I guess what I would do would be to adjust the pitch settings to the point that the cycle would be even.
  11. JR Boucicaut

    Moving between ProSharp Profiles

    He's right about just slapping it on; it will overpitch the steel. What has to be done is to trick the machine by marking a new line 20 mm from the original . Then putting the steel in normally (but not clamping), but moving the sled manually to meet the new line, then clamping it there.
  12. JR Boucicaut

    Bauer vs Step lawsuit

    Yeah, they are finished differently. LS3 has always had that swirly finish, whereas Step is polished. Yes - Step played by the rules when the holder came out in 2013. The US patent was granted, but not the Canadian one. So, they were okay until that happened.
  13. JR Boucicaut

    Bauer vs Step lawsuit

    All of LS3, old mount included. Never noticed that it was always made in Canada whereas all of the rest of Bauer steel was made in Asia? Had no bearing on what transpired now.