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  1. the_game

    VH Footwear/TRUE by Scott Van Horne

    Is it just me or does the rear tower on the new holder look huge?
  2. the_game

    2018-2019 Gear Sightings

    If we’re going back to 90’s era jerseys can we start bringing back that era’s gloves designs too? Can’t stand solid black or blue gloves most teams use.
  3. the_game

    New Bauer 2XRs?

    Isn't it just going to be whatever is the newest Bauer boot plus the Kryptonium hi-lo chassis? Maybe a different manufacturer wheel, but pretty much the same as previous years offerings I would think.
  4. Does it need marketing dollars though in today’s social media driven world? If you look at the Instagram page of beerleagueBeauty she has double the number of followers as Kendall Coyne who was in the skills comp and is doing color commentary. Perhaps a ‘build your own’, grass roots level fan interaction based league is what is needed. Take your product straight to your audience, engage them and make the event interactive. Sure they’re going to need some funding to get this built up but I would think that a few of the girls who got scholarships to play hockey might’ve majored in business and know a thing or 2 or have some connections in the venture capital world. At one time pro hockey players had jobs in the off season, ‘pro’ lacrosse players had full time jobs and played their ‘pro’ games on the weekend. I’m not saying the women haven’t made sacrifices, but there’s work that goes into building a league and it doesn’t just happen overnight after someone throws money at it (hello xfl/Vince McMahon).
  5. They should copy the model built by the PLL (Premier Lacrosse League) this year. Best players on 6 teams going to sites for a weekend, maximize fan interaction, etc.
  6. the_game

    spinal fusion and ice hockey

    hey @caveman27Good to hear you're progressing and getting better! I know with my issue it was across the board with what surgeons have you do in terms of recovery and rehab so maybe your surgeon didn't think you needed PT. As long as you are listening to your body and progressing I think you're fine. Good luck with the next appointment and keep us posted!
  7. the_game

    My Bauer sticks

    myBauerID part deux
  8. the_game

    Koho Robitaille Curve

    My internal memory pattern DB is usually pretty good when it comes to blades like that from the 90's but I'm drawing a blank on that one. If you search Koho blade on eBay there's a signed blade (by Kevin Hatcher) that looks very familiar and has the curve listed as PP-21. Maybe that can help your search.
  9. the_game

    New Tour Skates

    Looks like the Code One.1 come with Addictions and the Code2.one and lower come with those Kemistry wheels.
  10. the_game

    Best tape/grip for digital palms?

    Tacki-mac have worked well for me. But with digi palms it seems like you're just delaying the inevitable, they always end up ripping.
  11. Jan-Michael Vincent, I know you're gonna say 'Who?' but if you were a kid from the 80's he was the dude from Airwolf.
  12. the_game

    CCM/Jofa pro jock

    Such a bummer and just when I needed a new one.
  13. the_game

    New Tour Skates

    Looks like they’re coming with addictions which is a great wheel. Skate looks really nice if you ask me. Now the only question is how or better yet if they will hold up. Never had a Tour skate that lasted past 6 months or so with regular use.
  14. the_game

    Mission Wicked Light

    When you say Wicked Light Vibes you mean the ones with the 'ViBE' chassis on it that had the springs on the front and back wheel to move them up and down to give sort of a rocker feel? If that is the case, and I hate to crap on your inner childs amazement of these skates but, this chassis was probably one of the worst designs to ever grace an inline skate. First they were heavy, I mean really heavy...for as light as the Wicked light were the chassis was pretty much a concrete block on the boot. Also the round cannisters that held the springs were bulky, what do I mean? You could be making a turn, not an overly aggressive one, but just be turning and then you would hit one of those cannisters against the floor and fall over. And then there were the axles, there wasn't enough Loctite in the world to hold the axle where the springs were and then you'd tighten the axle and the wheels wouldn't spin there. Great in theory, horrible in design and execution. Now if you're just looking for the original Wicked Light skate, yeah that was a great boot. Might've been ahead of its time with the carbon and baking the skate.