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    Shoot me a message and we can discuss further!
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    Do they crack like the Speedplate? Just kidding, we are the leading Superfeet dealer in our area. We sell a lot to elite figure skaters as well as hockey players. A great value for the job they do and how well they last.
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    My son made Mite B... Proud of him!
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    Hey Guys, As some of you may know, I work as a rep for Superfeet. This post is not intended to be SPAM, but I wanted to let the loyal MSH community get a first look at the brand new hockey specific insole we're launching in May - CARBON PRO HOCKEY. Here are some of the features: Up to 11% better acceleration on the ice. The FlyBridge loads and channels energy and absorbs vibration. EVOLyte carbon fiber-reinforced stabilizer cap for weight-defying support Durable Aerolyte foam cushions the foot Heel-to-profile with angles midsole improves energy transfer to the ice The stabilizer cap and contoured foam provide the shape that supports the foot and arch. It's this distinct shape that increases stability, reduces shifting & minimizes hot spots. When reading through a lot of the posts associated with our products and/or foot "issues", pains, discomforts, etc. I noticed a lot of good terminology being tossed into the mix. Of this, I can let you know that some of the most common things our products help with include Plantar Faciitis, bone/heel spurs, bunions, calluses, and Haglund's deformity. These will be sized in the same lettering system that we currently use with Yellow and our other products. Don't hesitate to reach out with any questions on the thread or in messages!
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    Then you shouldn't call it a sauna. :)
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    MSRP is $54.95. I would check with your local retailer to see if they'll be bringing them in. I also just fired off an email to one of our UK reps to confirm. I'll circle back with you when he responds! Is this on the Yellow model? If it's within 60 days, send it back - no questions asked. If it's after 60 days, I would call our Customer Care dept. at 800-634-6618 and let them know, I'm sure they'll take care of you. These should be lasting about a full "normal" season (aka all of us not skating 5+ times a week).
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    I have an assortment of Finnish relatives, I am familiar with how a typical sauna works. ;) To clarify however, our sauna is specifically a dry sauna. (We also have a steam room). It is not meant to have water poured on it, and does short out.
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    Really depends on the segment and price point. In wood it's #1, entry level and mid range product it still does quite well. In high end it's kind of fading away.
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    FYI, that's how a sauna works. Not sure if the stove has stones on it (there should be), but the whole point of a sauna is to pour water on the hot stones to make the water vaporize. One of the most common misconceptions about electric sauna stoves is that it's an electrical hazard to let water contact the heating elements.
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    And THIS^ is what I love about Mod Squad and the hockey community!!
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    Saw these a couple weeks ago, and as someone who has and uses Superfeet insoles, I was very impressed.
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    When I wear Supremes, I have to lace them outside-in to gain a little more volume to avoid dreaded lace bite. These Super Tacks didn't give me any issue at all, they should be able to fit the majority of feet.
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    Finally, been a while since I needed new skates, just wanted to wait to see if paying extra for the new S series of Supreme skates was worth it or pick up some discounted older model. Any longer on the steel on those One100's and they would have started to sharpen the holders...
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    I wanna say the guys at Sherwood hooked me up. I was able to find a store that had what I needed. Thank you Sherwood.

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