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    indeed is the ft4 stick to go along with the ft4 skates. only a matter of weeks till the ft5 twigs come out
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    Hey guys luckily source for sports happened to be open they did the kid’s measurements and fitting curb side. They did a great job. We went with ccm tacks, cute little skates lol. He was so excited and his feet weren’t hurting at all on the ice. I started him out with those skate helpers that you hold onto for balance and push around. Halfway through the session he kept pushing the thing away because he wanted to skate on his own lol he was arguing with me so the only way was to let him find out himself. Fell on his bum He has a helmet,shin and elbow pads so far next thing will be jockstrap and pants.
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    Is that pretty much the same font and green coloring as the Xbox game?
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    After covid made my current position pretty much obsolete since fans haven’t been able to attend sporting events, I accepted a job offer yesterday after being on the hunt since the summer basically. it’s an entirely different industry to what I’ve been in, but it’s giving me a great pay and benefits package, and as someone who’s turning 30 this year, those things become more and more appealing hah
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    Tape a viagra to the blade.
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    I wouldn't put a huge amount of weight on the results of this "test". Everybody has their own preference for kickpoints and flex profiles. If you ask someone to "test" something with a different kickpoint and/or flex profile than they are used to then of course something is going to feel off and not to their liking, especially at first. And generally, the higher you go up the hockey food chain, the more this will be the case.
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    I would assume that the price went up given lost revenue.
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    The hole in the A needs cutting out too, that is bugging me
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    https://jacksonskate.com/collections/jackson-ultima-outfits/products/softec-sport-men-v0 we used to sell a ton of these to kids learning to skate. It’s an easier transition from shoes to these to skates in my opinion. It’s less important to be hockey specific, focus first on skating, balance, and comfort on the ice. They also resell, and hand me down very well. They have a reasonably reliable size guide on the site, and I think you may even find these at Dicks as well
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    By any chance have you talked about the other sticks that you tested, but were not able to talk about yet. I would think they would have been released......at least one of them I think it could be...Nexus Geo?
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    This brings gear nerding to a whole new level. I love it. I have shot every stick on that list except the ultrasonic and the ft3 pro (used the ft2 and the 2s pro before, but I think they changed the kick point from the 2s pro) and I would definitely agree with most of the conclusions. I liked the as2 a lot. I would say the Nexus is preferable to the flylite to me because of the balance, but that's mostly because of the flylite blade, which I found to have a weird balance relative to the stiffness

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