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    Yes. I use electrical tape to build the knob top and then used Vuk grip over. Whats most interesting to me is you dont need to overlap the Vuk grip otherwise it locks your hand in too tightly. I also like that you can remove and reuse the Vuk grip too.
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    FWIW, hockey monkey doesn’t care about all the small shops they have run out of business. I wouldn’t feel the least bit bad milking every possible thing out of them without a second thought. These giant stores can’t undercut local shops and fall back on “just capitalism bro, nothing personal,” and then cry foul when consumers do the same thing to them. Fuck ‘em.
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    Butt endz is a huge waste of money when you can get tacki macs. I like the subtle looks of tacki macs better too. I personally like lizard skins the best. Soft and grippy and doesn't damage palms. Only thing is that black does transfer some colour onto the palms but they don't damage the palms. Lizard skins also don't last as long as butt endz or tacki Mac and isn't transferrable from stick to stick. I only get lizard skins on sale. Otherwise I'd settle with stretch grip tape. Or even tennis grip.
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    Ive used both Tacki Macs and Buttendz over the past few years. I prefer the Buttendz because they are transferable from stick to stick. They're also much more durable than Tacki Macs. You get what you pay for I guess.
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    I don't use it on hockey sticks anymore, but the Wilson Sensation Overgrips are very thin providing much more feel than the standard over grip.
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    A closer look at the skates same as the other Matthews Tacks skates posted before these ones have the holders with the logos on it. But by the time they get to the leafs the holders are all white. I wonder why they block out the branding on the holders.
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    It’s thicker than tape, but can be stretched out so it’s fairly thin. Feel it’s not much different than lizard skins in that regard
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    Such as? They run their test at 3 impact speeds on 4 helmet locations. To come up with a single rating, they have embedded an assumed number of impacts for each of the 12 combinations. There is little research data published on what to use and they have chosen 1 reference to use. "The average hockey player experiences 227 head impacts per season." Until very recently they only published this single rating and even when reading their paper, you were not able to determine if a helmet has bad for a certain type of impact. Recently, they updated their results presentation to include ratings for each of the 3 impact speeds. Be careful reading the numbers because all the ratings are relative and the scale adjusts. The one the surprised me the most is the SuperTacksX. Having looked at the helmet, I would have expected it to fail at the high velocity impacts and be great at the low velocity. But the results show the opposite. @marka https://helmet.beam.vt.edu/hockey-helmet-ratings.html#57 The 2nd aspect is the risk analysis, the correlation between test results and likelihood of concussion. This is harder for me to dispute, as I am not an expert, but combining their testing with other concussion research models for this would be good. Overall, I greatly appreciate the work they have done, as no one else has published anything close to this level of scientific analysis on the helmets available.
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    Auston Matthews FT4 Pro skates for St. Pattie’s day. Too bad he didn’t play
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    This version of Mathews AS-V's looks much better. More pics in their Instagram post.
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    Solid week of vintage pickups

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