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    Got home today from my surgery and related issues. On the mend. Thanks for everyone who reached out. I got a ways to go but it’s not like I haven’t dealt with other significant health issues before.
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    That’s where I thought you were going and then suddenly it got all Inception.
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    Sorry to hear you got a bummer stick at the end of your wait. If I were you, I would complain. It's not reasonable to wait as long as you did. That on its own. On top of that to have a product that doesn't match the spec or live up to reasonable expectations (if they weren't going to paint it the way it looks like it does on their relaunched website, they should have given a heads up) is just the sandy sprinkles on a shit cake. You're doing them a favor saying something. As you said, they won't stay in business long if they alienate their previously loyal customers that want to give them the benefit of the doubt. You shouldn't be out a decent amount of cash, or any amount for that matter, for a product that's honestly way below what it should be.
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    (updated) What I sent to Customer service over email - I'm trying to be nice about it but I mean come on "Hello, I placed an order (USA-3751) in January for a stick which I recently received. My stick didn't feature the "nasty" silver colorway as depicted on the website, just black paint with a grey "base" logo in the middle. I ordered a 65 flex intermediate, but this is more like a 85-90, very stiff, stiffer than my 75 flex I had ordered in previous years. In previous talks with customer service I was told the shaft would feature a gloss grip with carbon fiber weave visible, this stick however has thick black paint throughout. I would prefer the stick to have minimal paint, maybe just graphics applied with grip for weight reduction if possible, because when weighed it's closer to 500 grams than it is to the advertised 435 grams for an intermediate. I expected a 12k carbon weave on the blade as it's an "extra stiff" option but the blade came with a 3k carbon weave which seems softer. The stick was only extended about an inch, uneven at the end so I had to trim off not helping the flex by any means. I am disappointed as I've had positive experiences with Base before and I have two other additional custom stick orders in the Base order queue. This was a let down, especially given the 5 month wait and the fact that this could happen again with my pending 2 orders. Please let me know if there's anything I can do. Best regards (Dmitrakov)"
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    You are taking this way better than I would be. I would have been screaming and kicking just from the delay. After that - the stick should have been perfect. The fact that it isn't, man, I'd be fuming. Sounds like they have A LOT to sort out. Very curious (as others are) to see how they respond to your feedback. If they have any business sense they'll remake the stick ASAP at no charge.
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    If you complain, worst they’ll do is ignore you. Plus, we are all curious how they’ll respond!
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    "...escalated to the management and will be used to improve our production process. I'm sorry the stick fell short of your expectations." Makes it sound like you are the one "at fault", what a crock! That isn't an apology, even though they used the word "sorry" in the sentence. The proper response should be "We apologize your stick made it through our rigorous QC process and was delivered out of spec to what you ordered, we'd like to offer you a discount off your next order with us if you'd be willing to continue giving us your business".
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    Lol. My bad. I meant p28 most open of the three. So p28>kuch>pasta
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    Ouch. G*d speed you get your other orders before Christmas. Sounds like Base should try to keep you happy since you have already ordered a decent amount of stuff from them.
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    Way too nice in my opinion, but I can see some merit in taking that approach. We'll see how they respond (if they do). If they don't respond by end of week - I'd call your CC and dispute the charge, so you can at least get your money back and shop elsewhere.
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    Yeah you're right. I have ordered from Base a few years ago and the product was much better, I loved my sticks back then. it could be any number of issues from their position but I expected better especially after all these emails from Base boasting their rebirth from the dead lol.
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    They all start with factory shell, with adjustments to foam placement, facings, etc. Overall, nothing has changed. If you have foot issues; bone spurs, haglunds, etc. You should consider TRUE SVH customs. If you don't have any foot issues, but have different sized feet, need minor adjustments to skate facings, etc. Then Bauer or CCM custom should be fine.
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    Bascially. https://www.instagram.com/bsharpottawa/reel/C7Us8_oRM64/
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    Hell yeah @Steve_v3 happy to see you out! Speedy recovery bud!
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    Is the supreme line best for dorsiflexion and plantar flexion recoil? Do any other companies offer a boot that’s as responsive as a supreme?
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    Good to hear! Wishing you a fast recovery!
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    Hey! The pitch of the i2s in it's forward position is about 4.5 degrees, approximately 1 degree more than a traditional holder. Depending on what rocker insert you're using your pitch rocking back will be different. With the most amount of rocker (14ft rocker insert) you'll reach a pitch of 2.9 degrees rocking back. //Per Mars, Inventor
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    I use 1 place in Toronto, Duke's Source for Sports. Technically in Etobicoke, which is a district in the west end of Toronto. Another place I trust my skates with is Hockey Lion in Richmond Hill, which is a city just north of Toronto. I suppose a better way of answering your question would be to know where he'll be playing in Toronto?
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    Howdy, And then they'll sell dozens of them. 🙂 Mark
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    Probably bc CCM steel is noticeably crappier than any other steel on the market.
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    I've reached out to Base a handful of times since getting my poorly made stick delivered and I'm pretty sure my messages just get sent into the ether that is Base hockey now. Anyone looking to buy into Bases rebirth be warned.
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    Nothing from Base, I guess I'll cancel both current orders! Good way to do business.
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    It’s a shame the Kings went away from actual equipment sales. I feel the sales now are mostly crappy merch. A handful of game worn jerseys and sticks, but not a heck of a lot of actual gear. At least that’s how it felt when I went to the first two. Skipped last year

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