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    I like how they say their name is an homage to Koho. No, you are just stealing someone’s name, and probably trying to take advantage of people who aren’t very good at spellchecking or fact checking. I can’t wait until they release their My-Cron skates.
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    So, two things. First, the AR straps aren't doing anything to help with the excess bulk. Second, that pad isn't even close to fitting you. Your legs are too wide for that pad, which is why it sits proud of your shin. The lack of wrap in the last pic was the tell. I'd look for a wider fitting pad, or go bigger and modify the bottom.
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    You can't light a fire in your kid to love the game, but you can certainly snuff it out. The most important thing is finding them an environment where their love of the game can flourish. If they love the game, they will work hard at it, because it doesn't feel like work if you love it. It shouldn't feel like a job or like a chore - because it isn't. It's supposed to be fun - kids play sports to have fun.
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    CCM Tacks/Reebok (and their Jofa ancestors) are the only game in town as far as shin pads are concerned. There’s a good reason most of the NHL uses some version of this shell. Fit and protection are unmatched IMO. I’ve also never had a pair of Bauer shin pads that didn’t crack at the top of the kneecap.
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    My "award" for best money spent on new gear has gotta be my own skate sharpener (first a Blackstone X01 and now a Sparx). It is so nice to get consistent sharpens for the family whenever I want. Well worth the money spent.
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    I definitely would not use a P28 as a beginner stick. P92/29 or P88 are going to be what you want to start with. I personally would go with P88/P40 because it's a wide, flat blade without much rocker and it's a pretty vanilla curve that isn't too open. It will be easy to learn and master most skills with. I'd choose it over P92/29 because the P92 is a pretty upright lie 6 and has more rocker. I see a lot of beginners (I coach adult learn-to-play) using P92s with the toe of the blade well off the ice unless their hands are perfect and they're making a concerted effort to keep the blade down. Typically this ends up in the puck going under the toe because they don't get their hands right in time to receive the pass or pick up the puck.
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    Yes foams will eventually form to your foots shape and yes that will help accelerate the break-in process. However, no amount of skating or use will mold the outer composite boot. Baking is the only way to achieve that. It's also the only way to maximize the overall fit, which will enhance the skates performance. To the OP's question. No, there is no reason not to bake them.
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    So CCM just sent out a survey about home skate sharpening and asked very specific questions about the Sparx and cost of rings, capabilities, etc. Not too unlike they did a few weeks ago about steel before they bought Step. Things that make you go Hmmmm.... colins
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    All I can say is.... damn glad I stocked up on STEP Edge when the lawsuit was settled!!
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    Why would a company want to undermine their own steel sales ?
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    Or maybe they are two entirely different concepts. I recall the O-stick being touted as reduced drag, improving swing speed. The ADV has nothing to do with drag or swing speed.
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    Unless you can step on the Nexus ADVs blade and transform it from a PM9 to a Crazy Ovy mid-shift I ain’t interested.
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    I disagree. A 500g stick is far from heavy, it's just heavier than a 400g stick. Balance is just as important as weight. Grab a 20lb sledgehammer and simulate stick handling, then turn it around and try again. Tell me balance point doesn't matter. It's an extreme example, but illustrates my point quite well. An extremely light stick might work best for you, but for others like myself, there is a point where a stick becomes too light. Personally, I have found that the True A5.2 and Nexus 1000 have felt much lighter than the actually are because of how well balanced they are. On the flip side, my QX3 feels as heavy to me as a Supreme One.7, which is almost 100g heavier. The QX3 is not heavy, but it feels heavy when I use it because the balance point is too low for my liking.
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    Your friend should focus on balance rather than weight. I’ll take a balanced stick at 430 gr over a stick at 370 gr that has me nervous to carry the puck because it might snap. He might find a cheaper factory in China this way too.
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    I wish you the best of luck but I think the above approach is a real critical mistake. If you're having lace bite in Supremes, trying to make Vapors work is going to be futile. I know it's hard to walk away from an investment in high end skates, but it could literally ruin any chance you have of enjoying the game in the future. Find the pair that passes the pencil test and fits your foot properly. colins
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    Here’s a link the the VA Tech Helmet study thread, so people can rehash the same debate over and over in that thread, rather than this one.
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    Well, at this point a year later, we are at another organization. He tried out for the previous organization. Due to multiple issues and a desire to play other sports we left. He was going to play in house at that rink. The inhouse program closed. At that time he was asked to play for a tournament team at another rink a little further away. He joined their inhouse program then they let him join late season on their travel team. He actually played his old team and was accosted by players calling him names and hitting him after the handshake line. So long and short he is happy where he is. The program he came from and rink all seem to be in jeopardy. It is a shame. But he enjoys his new team so much and the game.
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    Have the same issue with my a6.0 stick as well as a shaft I have of theirs. Both super gummy.
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    This makes no sense. Bake them.
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    Baking true skates, and even other top end skates isn't just to accelerate the break in period, but to increase wrap and decrease negative space. I'd argue baking skates these days has hardly or very little to do with "breaking" them in. They probably feel good to you now because you're comparing them to retail skates you've had in the past. You should 100% bake them. But if you do, do it properly with shrink wrap and heat them for the full recommended length of time.
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    Great advice from Colins! I found the same when transitioning back to skating. I kept trying to tighten these new stiff skates up and get them locked on my feet but the opposite turned out to be the solution. Snug and no top eyelet...they feel a little "tippy" for a while and then they somehow morph into the perfect feel when you adjust. A ton of what I thought were the skates not fitting perfect was about just getting used to being on the ice again. It all comes back. Things I used to obsess over I kinda laugh at myself now about. Ankle strength and "feel" hours...goes a long way... all that lock and tight perfect fit jargon seemed to go by the wayside the more time I spent on the ice. Close is actually good enough. Tighter not better for me. I found it easier to get to the edges when I had more "slop" in my fit. Not loose but snug with room to move. I've learned to love a stiff boot just not laced as tight as in the old days.
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    They're not too worried. Just need to get to April.
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    Brendan Gallagher broke his stick in anger yesterday but he's okay since he's with Warrior.
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    Elbow pad is upside down. Must have been hittin the pipe with Goldberg.
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    Bombay has been away so long, he forgot how to dress and tape his sticks.
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    Just as ridiculous as I would’ve imagined. Excited to try it on ice
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    Remember to read your casebook, not just the rule. For the puck out of play, the face off is located based on who caused the puck to go out of play. "Last play" faceoffs are determined by which team's actions caused the stoppage. In your case, the defending team caused the stoppage by deflecting the puck, and since it was inside his defending zone, the faceoff is at the nearest end-zone faceoff spot to where the puck went out. For the hand pass, it's defined in Situation 4 of the casebook https://www.usahockeyrulebook.com/page/show/1085021-handling-puck-with-hands
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    IF you keep breaking steel, it's likely because your holders aren't mounted correctly.
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    Coronavirus gear help you create more space on the ice
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    I went Tacks, Ultra Tacks, SuperTacks 2.0,. JetSpeed, Tacks AS1 and then moved to the True A6.0 SBP and I think I have settled there. I loved the Tacks and especially the Ultra Tacks but then they went downhill. I sold off most of my CCM stock and filled up on True.
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    The .5 was very minimal adjustment, it just felt natural. I did try a Quad 1 at first but that felt very short up front which I didn't care for, so that lead me to the .5 and I've been happy ever since.
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    I'm curious how this will affect True skates going forward.
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    Played my second game with the stick last night and was able to take a bunch of shots in warmups and I’m absolutely falling in love with this stick. Shots come off really nice especially shooting in stride the shots came off amazing. I think it’s gonna be my new number 1 stick and my Flylite will be number 2 until this thing breaks. The blade also got stepped on again, happened in first game too and luckily hasn’t broke. I think the green insert in the hole makes it durable, hopefully stays that way.
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    So he just un tapped that stick did he, taking all the residue off.
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    With approval of the physical therapist, I got back to the ice today for about a half hour and took a few shots. Felt surprisingly good for not having skated in 4 months, though my stamina is absolute pants.
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    I'm waiting on the Pure X. I have 2 sets of the Pure +1 wheels. I probably should have gotten the +0 being only 165lbs, but I usually go for a 76a which provides a little more speed. I consider myself an advance skater so I didn't think it would be a big deal, but the +1 don't feel as grippy as I would like. The first 2-3 were like a break-in period with very little grip, after that I got comfortable with them but I think still think I should have gone with the +0. I'll probably split it up with the pure x. 2 +0's and 2+1.
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    ^^ oh yeah, lots of back checking pressure from 39 Blue. !! Next time, show us in real speed,!!
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    I saw a trustworthy guy review one on YouTube ..........
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    Go to a different store then.
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    I usually slash the lower portion of the shaft so the blade is safe if you are playing against me.
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    If it fits well everywhere else then a Supreme EE isn't going to help, you will be getting a wider heel and forefoot for the skate of a little bit of volume. Your issues are not uncommon, it's a foot shape that retail boots don't cover, extra volume in the skate. If you want to stay in these then make your own eyelet extenders, then you can lace the boots up as tight as you like without any pain. It's not hard, have a look at these https://i.imgur.com/vzYCq5L.jpg as to what individual extenders look like, or you can make them as a 2 or 3 eyelet or however many you like. Message me if you want more info and what you need to do this. Or buy Reebok lacelocks, they can still be found on eBay and in shops.
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    Actually, I think your one handed example supports my position. It's much easier to maneuver the opposite end of the hammer when the weight is in your hand. The same would hold true with a stick in that the blade is easier to maneuver when the balance point is closer to the hand. You're correct that a heavier stick is a heavier stick, but we rarely move the whole stick without wrist movements. I'd agree with you that in general a 400g stick would be preferable to a 500g stick, but I don't think there's any evidence to show that the average pro or Joe would prefer a 375g stick over a 400g stick. It's not unheard of for prostock sticks to be heavier than their retail counterpart. I can guarantee that the One95 sticks Kane uses are probably heavier than the Vapors they're painted as. To each his own I guess.
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    The thinner the sock you wear the better the feel between your foot and the skate.
  46. 2 points
    There’s some advantage to roller players too who eat through the bottom of blades quicker than normal
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    can't really be sure, but it sounds like a lower neck problem. C7 innervates the triceps and middle finger, while C8 innervates the ring and pinky. go see either a good musculoskeletal based chiropractor or ortho (preferably not an urgent care facility or a gp/pcp as they tend to really be terrible with musculoskeletal and nerve injuries) to get a proper work up asap. the longer you let that nerve issue go, the higher the chance it can cause permanent issues.
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    does the tingling in the arm start above(shoulder side) or below(wrist side) the elbow. which part of your hand/fingers are involved(last 3/pinky, ring and middle or first 3/thumb, pointer and middle)? the way you're describing it, it could be anything from a pinched nerve in the neck(due to a disc issue, degeneration, arthritis or combo of things), to thoracic outlet syndrome(from a possible 1st rib issue or something muscular like spastic scalenes) to ulnar tunnel syndrome along with a bunch of other possibilities. doubtful that the bone spur in your humerus is causing that. but the fact you're having some weakness in your arm/hand is no bueno. that likely means there is some chronicity to your issue and likely some nerve damage going on in which the impingement on whatever nerve(s) involved needs to alleviated asap along with some therapy to assist in regeneration of the nerve(s). regardless, you need to be properly examined so that course of treatment can be administered asap to limit any possible nerve damage.
  49. 2 points
    I have had this type of issue for years. They never positively diagnosed it. Some stenosis in my neck but not a lot. I have seen tons of docs, had MRIs, etc. Bad posture seems to aggravate mine, so the stenosis would be effectively worse as my neck bends. I focus on posture and do a lot of upper back work to help with it.
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    Sack the coach? Just kidding but he sounds like a real pita if that is how he coaches kids. I was talking to 2 well known swedish coaches last year and the most important thing they emphasized for kids under 10 in their system - it has to be FUN, regardless of their skill set. For example one of the best times my kids had training was one year when they did a 3 month intensive course for the junior olympics. Different stations with coaches set up around the rink and kids just drifted from station to station trying things out and trying to beat their own pb's. No pressure to try anything, just have fun and the improvement in the skills (video analysis before and after the course) was quite an eye opener for a totally unstructured training course. I'd pull him out now because you aren't going to change how someone coaches, ask around about other teams / coaches. Forget about the level, look for something that makes him enjoy skating and playing again. Even if you just explain to him that we are not going to worry about your skills for the rest of the season (they will naturally get better if he keeps skating), the focus is to have fun with no pressure. Drop him back into his age group?

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