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    To be fair - gear has stagnated completely and either innovation is at an all time low, or we’ve reached a point of diminishing returns on currently available materials. I have a hard time getting excited about CCM moving their logo from the bottom of the Ribcore shaft to the top, or Bauer adding different pops of chrome every year and calling it a new stick. Protective hasn’t really gone anywhere in about 8 years since the CL line released and skates, aside from steel/holder enhancements haven’t really gone anywhere aside from perhaps better baking results. We’ve also seen a decline in unique products. We’ve been P92/P28/P88’ed to death and quirky stuff like custom Franchise gloves have completely disappeared. Did I also mention that all of this stuff has been increasing in price at an absurd rate? It’s hard to generate buzz when there is nothing to buzz about. /rant.
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    The 24 team format gives those teams with a potential to have won their way into the playoffs a chance to do so. It makes deadline deals mean something for those bubble teams. It makes conditional picks mean something. We already lost that potential last week surge, the win and you're in on the final day of the season excitement. We lost the excitement of watching that unlikely bubble team claw their way in. The 24 team format gives some of that back. It isn't perfect but it is better than than just calling the season at 70. It forces those teams just in at the break to earn their way into the playoffs, just like the last 3-4 weeks of the season would have done. Could there be some freak Cinderella story where a 12 team shocks everybody and turns the whole thing upside down? Sure. The "purists" will rail and cry and the rest of us will relish in the fun and excitement that it creates.
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    Going to take a stab at some items that came up over the past couple of posts. Thanks everyone for reaching out! Forefoot is very comparable. Heel start a little more snug (but still very much a "B" heel) and can move out to compare with the nexus heel if necessary. Rib EE has a higher instep measurement than AS3 Pro EE, so more volume and wrap Very good call out here. I'm going to attempt to link some photos clarifying the current fit lineup: Keep in mind that this 2nd image does not include the updated Super Tacks EE. Just imagine a little bit bigger yellow box Same idea on Jetspeed. RFM composite is extremely thermoformable and especially so in a one-piece boot as the bottom of the skate is also RFM and lacks the glue and nails that can impact the bottom and immediate sides of a two piece skate from moving as much. Not sure what happened during your bake but regardless, the next step is to remold them (2 mins in a hot skate oven, no more) and tie them about how you would when playing. It's not necessary to tie them extremely tightly or really crank down on the eyelet row. Be sure to remain sitting until the skates are cool to the touch and don't get up and move around. This should take awhile, maybe 15-20 mins. Take care when molding to lace the skates back up after you've taken them off and leave a full 24hr (at room temp, but colder is better) before unlacing and skating. Good luck! Not sure if this applies to you, but when taking them off after normal use, loosen the laces down several eyelets before taking them off. It should be extremely easy to slide off and not require much leverage or effort. The skate goes under a lot of stress when being tied up and especially when being removed so taking an extra 10 seconds to really unlace them can help preserve the molded fit.
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    I have been the biggest fan of ModSquadHockey since day 1. I came over from Corebeam. I loved visiting this site...finding out about the latest gear and talking with other fanatics while getting expert insight into the little details we all care about. This week Bauer officially debuted their new Supreme skate and CCM released the new Tacks skate and helmet. I came over here to read reactions...crickets. What has happened? Is the market stagnant and no one cares anymore? There hasn't been a product review in a year and a half or a new catalog in over 2 years. What does the community see as the future here? Sorry if this is posted in the wrong section
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    Can I get my new Bauer skates with a P91 Curve on the Tendon Guard instead of the P28 curve pictured?
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    As of 2019, Ribcor EE is CCM's widest, deepest out of the box skate. Conversely, Ribcor D is CCM's narrowest out of the box skate. The reasoning is that Ribcor construction is uniquely suited to molding and will serve a customer on the narrow (with D) and wide (with EE) part of the spectrum equally well. The main difference (and this is true for all CCM skates) is that the quarter material is super reactive to heat. So while the Rib EE may seem similar out of the box in size to a competing product, the amount that it will change during a baking/molding process is significantly greater and can fit a lot more feet as a result. Rib EE ends up being CCM's largest and blankest canvas for a foot to fit into and that's what makes it so useful for those with significantly different than stock sized/shaped feet. Volume is a little challenging regarding Ribcor because of these same molding properties; the amount of wrap is going to depend on a lot of factors including the unique geometry of each foot and the only way to know for sure is to heat one up and tie it. CCM skates can be rebaked multiple times so no need to worry if it requires a couple molds, just keep 24 hours between heatings. Finally, all CCM skates come with a 90 day satisfaction guarantee so if it ends up not working out, just return the skates and get something different. As a PS: We've done hundreds of retail fittings since the intro of the new Rib EE and 1 important learning has been that if it seems like nothing will fit well, Ribcor will probably end up working... Oftentimes we'll get called by dealers or equipment managers to work out an especially difficult fitting scenario and more often than not, the result is a Ribcor construction. Good luck with your skate search!
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    The message from Dark Star is about shields and Covid. Placebo or not, DS is getting word that people of snapping them up thinking they will be better protection than a cage.
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    That's not related to what this post is about.
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    Watch a vintage game from 20 years ago or more on NHL Network now and just look at all the brands that are gone. Each brand drove the others to innovate and punch through the envelope back then. Now ? Not so much. The access to Pro Stock is also another pipeline that has effected everyone in the chain.
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    My thoughts as someone who is in product development and plays and has a young son playing. -The “innovation” is so incremental in many areas as to be meaningless. -They still haven't nailed the skate fit problem. It is confusing to consumers and the weak link is the value chain, store employees often don’t know what they are talking about. At the same store my son got fit by someone who knew what he was doing while I got the dunce. -Too few brands honestly, it makes things less interesting to me. You get similar design language from the big players in all their stuff. I remember when there were still a lot of other players listed in the Great Skate, Ocean, Kemps, etc catalogs.
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    Konixx pure white for me. I have pure X and they’re more durable and have better grip but they just feel like they bog down.
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    All aboard! Jumping on the konixx pure train here. I’ve owned a number of other wheels, mostly labeda, and their performance is better then all those. Also very noteable, they do not crack for me anywhere near as easy as other wheels have, so they’ve lasted longer.
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    I've only used a couple of indoor wheels but the Konixx Pure (+2) wheels are my favorite ones thus far. I'm currently using them and look forward to using the Pure X's when the time comes to replacing my current wheels.
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    I think the original post is referring to masks to wear whilst playing, not the masks and scrubs companies are doing an awesome job providing for front-line workers. Apologies if i've mis-understood the OP
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    Tacki Mac Pro Ribbed aka Kane grip. It's the thinnest version with the smallest knob and provides good feel, reduces glove wear and is much cheaper than other non-tape options. Edit: the rocketgrip looks exactly like sniper skin https://www.prohockeylife.com/collections/hockey-stick-grips/products/fox40-sniper-skin-hockey-stick-grips?variant=21193324789837
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    Big props to JR for updating these beauties for me:
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    This is super helpful! Thank you. Great reason why forums like this are much more useful than other social media sites.
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    I'll just make my own. It's easy, see.
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    Brand freaking new at PIAS.
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    Everyone eventually gets to a point where they are set with what they have. So while they may be in a position to afford new gear, they aren't buying it cuz they are still happy with what they have. I couldn't agree more with the plateau in tech. IMO, I think modern era skates are as good as they are going to get. Same goes for sticks. Protective.....why bother. Really, the only area for new tech is helmets. But, stubborn ass hockey players want their Bauer 4500 and its crusty ass foam because it looks good. I'll leave some of the other stuff be.
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    Given that there will be no new FFS from Bauer this season, I thought it was in the public interest to share the information for those thinking of moving from wire to a bubble. I think you may have misunderstood my post.
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    I agree with all of this. As player who also owns multiple hockey stores and also does team sales I think we have hit a point where the only innovations are decreases in weight. The problem is the materials they are incorporating to decrease weight by such a very minimal margin are also making equipment less durable and more costly. The good news is that the second or third from the top price points are now just as good as the top of the line product from a year or two ago. So anyone thats not playing at a ridiculously high level no longer needs to buy top of the line sticks and such to get a high quality product. For example, the new AS3 skate is very nice and I don't see many people wanting to spend the money on an AS3 Pro unless they are wanting to go custom. Otherwise it seems like a poor investment, unless you are getting it for cost, your team is paying for it, or you have money laying around and want to waste it. I think other companies such as TRUE are also recognizing this as well with their retail strategy. Lastly, the market has been flooded with pro stock items so even if you want to go with a top of the line product you can usually find it the very same thing in pro stock with equal or better specifications for significantly less than retail. There is an equipment manager for a WHL team that sells a ton of stuff on the side and he has made my life miserable for some time now. Why would anyone spend $250 on a top of the line stick when they can get the same stick in a pro stock model from him for $100?
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    I guess not enough people have their own private rinks to test out the new skates. not a lot of people have their mind on hockey right now, as many rinks still will be closed for a while.
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    COVID - we have to stay 6 ft away from new products (plus rinks are just starting to open again; wouldn’t have had an opp to test it)
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    If that’s your end goal, and you are using these as a training tool, then yes, marsblade and asphalt wheels, paired with some cheaper bones bearings, or even another brand you find cheap, are ideal. You don’t want to spend too much on bearings for outdoor usage as they will get dirty and have a bit of water uptake from puddles etc, and even with cleaning will break down faster, just something decent to get you rolling. If you want a good reputable person doi the conversion, JR offers the service in the pro shop portion of this site. He’s done a few conversions for me and does excellent work
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    I have used a lot of different indoor wheels over the years and Konixx Pure +2 are by far my favourites. They're fast, durable and grip well. I haven't tried the new Pure X yet, but look forward to doing so in the future.
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    Leather wears to quickly. After lots of trial and error for a dirt cheap fix I used stick tape as the material and soaked it with an epoxy for each layer of stick tape I put down aka laying down sheets of fiberglass or carbon fiber. It takes a few days to build the layers up but once you reach the height and coverage you need it last for ages.
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    Some new toys from MSH marketplace, SLS, and CL since the Coronavirus shutdown
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    We're talking about a community that took decades to accept half shields, refuses to wear any sort of shoulder protection, and swears by the gear they wore in junior or play in refs gear (yes I know a guy). These are the guys you'll be making masks for, haha, good luck getting them to wear them. 100% positive I won't be. I'd rather hang them up.
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    Thanks all. Maybe I lost my mind for a bit. Hockey doomsday prepping. LOL! I tend to overthink stuff, just ask my wife. For now I have some roller hockey skates on the way in the right size (we had to stretch his ice boots at the end of the season to get the last month or so out of them). I tried some adjustable size recreational rollerblades that he was not digging, I think the extended wheelbase made them feel like skis compared to what he is used to. If he is really uncomfortable in the new roller hockey skates... I'll explore the Marsblades and some Vapor boots. If all else fails... I'll look at Can-Ice.
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    I mean...no frills here and this kid seems to be making the most of what he’s got.
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    I chose 6-32 T-Nuts to limit the size of the holes in the outsole, and because they are more than strong enough. I suggest you get truss head screws since the head has a bigger diameter and negates the need to add washers which I would recommend if you used typical machine screws with smaller heads. If you can get stainless steel screws and/or T-Nuts, that would be a plus to avoid rust but not a must. I also felt that the pitch didn't match my ice holders so I added a shim on the heel as you can see as the white piece of plastic in this photo.
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    Hey Kris, I guess sarcasm doesn't come through in this medium. I was just poking fun at the situation since I essentially got raked over the coals for a post with a similar sentiment. that being said, in all seriousness, the sentence in bold hits home. At this point, it's not even just about development, my kid is kind of depressed right now. He's never had this much time with no ice and it's really getting to him. Skating, just skating, let alone the other stuff is his release and he doesn't have that right now. With regard to your second paragraph, you don't have to justify your position to me. My motives have never been about getting my kid to the NHL, just about giving him the best opportunities to pursue something that makes him happy as far as that takes him (actually both kids, but my son is more passionate about hockey than my daughter, but she's AAA too). I would probably do it if he was a house player. So, you're preaching to the choir. That being said, we intentionally avoided AAA at that age to keep ti fun as long as possible without the stresses that come along with SOME AAAs. That is certainly a personal decision though and if he's made AAA at that age and is having fun, then roll with it (sorry you have to deal with the politics though My daughter forced us into it by making us go that route now for 12U. Now to your question.... that's a tricky one. At that age, I think good synthetic can be ok. My kids both spent a fair bit of time on it at that age (not ours, sorry, there are limits to my funds) and the time probably helped their development. That being said, if it's about doing things at home, I honestly think inlines would be better. Here are a couple thoughts as to why... 1) My main objective is always about keeping it fun, especially at that age. Being outside in the off season, messing around with friends (or Dad) while playing hockey has a higher fun coefficient than being in the basement on fake ice. 2) Although I commented on keeping the hcokey specific skills as sharp as possible, again at 10, it's a slightly different story to me. There are a lot of really really good hockey players who played roller growing up. In fact, one of my good friends just rollerskated until he was a freshman in high school where he tried out for his high school ice team and ended up going to ice and ultimately AAA and juniors/college. Roller players always seem to have fantastic hands (he does) and it teaches different skating skills than ice (e.g. mohawks and continued movement as oppposed to stops/starts). There are lots of observations that are just that, observations, not hard data. Anyway, at 10, I think developing more diverse abilities is still important. The "bad habits" that come from roller are actually broader development skills which contribute to greater tools to call on later when on ice. 3) Getting back to 1) putting in 2 hr in the driveway with friends will develop skills (hands and skating) more than 30 - 60 min doing more specific things in the basement. To USA Hockey's ADM point, the former would be akin spending hours on the pond, which kids don't do any more. It would develop vision, creativity etc etc etc...... Anyway, if I had unlimited funds, I'd probably do both. If I'm debating between synthetic in the basement and good inlines for the driveway, I'd probably go with inlines to keep it fun and develop more things than just very specific skating/on-ice skills. That's my $0.02, I guess. Good luck and enjoy the journey.
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    His kids' 10 and nobody's going to hammer him about worrying too much about skating in the off season? Sheesh....
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    Hopefully not any time soon. Stuff is already opening up way too soon as it is.
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    A lot of times in the locker room I'll hear guys say, "I like mine really dull but I get a 1/2" so they last all season". It's done as a matter of convenience, but if you could get them sharpened before every skate, what hollow would you get? I started doing my own skates at home last Fall, and as a result, I was able to drop my preferred ROH by several steps. With that in mind, I really miss skating
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    Asphalt will chew up unprotected composite blades in short order. Wood will splinter and wear quickly as well. So you want a shaft and ABS blade, a stick with an ABS blade or buy a wraparound and replace it as it wears. Personally, I use composite shaft with ABS blades when playing on asphalt or slightly gritty concrete. For Sport Court, you can use a regular one piece stick - I cut the strip of tape off the bottom of the blade so there's less drag and one piece sticks still hold up well on Sport Court. I have never had a composite blade wear down on sport court; the stick lasts until the blade or shaft breaks. Edit: If you're using inlines, you'll also want to have wheels that were designed for sport court and have another set to use on asphalt. Trying to use one set for both surfaces is a bad idea. If you use a sport court set an asphalt they'll wear out really quickly and become useless on sport court. If you use a set designed for asphalt on sport court you'll have no grip and will be sliding and falling all over the place. Some good outdoor options are Labeda or Revision Asphalts, Revision Clingers, Konixx and Red Star Rockets. Some good sport court options are Konixx Pure (my personal favourites -they're expensive, but perform and last longer than anything I have used) at the upper tiers, Revision Variant or Steel for a mid-range dual pour wheel or Labeda Grippers for a more budget friendly single pour option. Just stay away from things like the HiLo multisurface wheels that come on a lot of the low end Bauer skates (I mean, use them up if you have them, but don't buy another set when they wear out). I've seen a lot of hub separation with those in the leagues I play and ref in and the players that use them always notice a big difference when they upgrade to a better sport court wheel. If you want to cut corners somewhere; do it with the outdoor wheels. You could get a bunch of cheap unbranded outdoor wheels in the 82a to 86a durometer range and use them on asphalt. They'll probably wear down faster than the more expensive outdoor options and may be more prone to hub separation, but asphalt kills all wheels sooner or later anyway. You'll notice a bigger difference with better sport court wheels vs. the cheaper options and the sport court wheels should last much longer if you only use them on the sport court and never on asphalt.
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    My high school finally cancelled the rest of the year, which, while it was obvious in retrospect, it still really sucks to lose the end of senior year and all the stuff that was lined up for the next month - an internship, HS Nationals for rugby, prom, graduation, saying goodbye to friends, etc. I'm hopeful that college won't be impacted a lot by this, especially since the county that the school I'll be attending is in has had very few cases, but that optimism feels foolish. Hope everyone's doing well though, I'm fortunate to live in a town where there hasn't been many cases.
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    When it comes to depth(volume), I'd put the Ribcor somewhere between the vapor and supreme.
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    In like...93 or 94 I bought a pair of DR Centurion shin guards because they looked super-protective. They were (are), but were also incredibly bulky and hot. When I wore them, I felt like I was ready to go out and train with a K9 unit. I could barely crossover with these on. I will say, if you have knee injury or are particularly concerned about having one...these are your best friend. Just not gonna be Bobby Orr while you're wearing them. They're on sale on Sidelineswap and Ebay...probably forever.
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    Wow congrats on being ambidextrous!
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    1) yes 2) totally fine to convert. Only difference with roller boots is the added wear patches and some have extra vents. 3)Chassis: if you want an ice like feel go marsblade or sprung. If you don’t care about that any newer chassis should do. 76-80 Hilo is the most common. Make sure you get a one piece chassis they are much stronger than a two piece. Wheels: Depends on the surface you’re on. Labeda, revision, and konnix are all good brands. 4) usually 30-50 cad around here
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    Howdy, I expect that the covid playoff games are going to be like any other hockey broadcast in the recent past. Unfortunately, other than over the air broadcast in your particular area, if you want to legally watch hockey "in market" the only way to do that is to pay for cable/the right channels or to go to the game / someplace else that pays for such. It would be great if there was a way to legally watch in market games streamed over the internet. But that's not a thing, yet. Mark
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    It's the new sharpener. His pressure isn't as good or consistent as the old one. Leave the profile ask the old sharpening guy to do them at 3/4 and go from there.
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    I second JB Weld. Had holes through my wear patches and simply made new ones. For about $5, it was a no brainer before: after:
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    Gotcha, makes sense. Thanks for clarifying. Looks great btw
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    https://imgur.com/o6Th08E Very excited about this pick up. If anyone has any tips for using it or dust collection I would appreciate it. I am used to a big double head blade master.
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    I have a shaft and just put ABS blades in it.
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