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    That Hockey Tutorial guy will endorse anything for the right price, he has no shame lol, I stopped watching his stuff after the whole charity scandal and just getting tired of biased reviews. He doesn't hold a candle to Hills' "Hockey Reviews" page in terms of reviews. With that off my chest, I did enjoy the Graf video, my 705's I got in the mid 90's were my favorite skates I ever owned, partially because the brand had so much history and just stood out over Bauer/CCM at the time (it was like going for a Porsche over a Ford), and partially because they just felt so good on my feet. I haven't seen or tried any of their new offerings but they'll always have a place in my heart.
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    It might not be suitable for full-time use, but a couple of times, I've had teammates coming back from broken or badly bruised ribs. I gave them some thigh inserts salvaged from old pants that they held in place with compression shirts. Those contoured thigh pads actually conform perfectly to your ribs and don't get in the way of anything. They're also much more protective than any padded shirt.
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    It's definitely very difficult to thread the top two eyelets over the tongue with the skates on. What is much easier is threading the eyelets behind the tongue and then pulling the laces over.
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    Like has been pointed out, at this point it’s not really about tech, it’s about a company trying take over share in a relatively fixed size market. And when you look at the TAM/SAM/SOM, there’s probably not a lot of room there. The video said CCM came in and basically forced them out of some markets. It’s a huge uphill battle, probably more akin to scaling a cliff face under fire.
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    I have a custom and a retail. I don't notice the difference in weight, except that one has a visor vs a cage. If I had to guess, I would think the custom is slightly heavier, cause it has a more dense 3d lattice vs the retail version. I would highly recommend the custom though over the retail, cause for the price difference, the custom is a much better helmet imho.
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    How are the sticks breaking? Off a faceoff? When shooting? When battling in the corner? Thats a significant number of sticks to break, which leads me to believe its not a defect of the product but instead associated with his style of play or position.
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    In this case, hockey talent aka hockey IQ is, imo is completely innate. All professional hockey players can pass, shoot, skate etc. What separates the best from the avg is what's in between their ears. The ability for them to read plays, and be in the right position instinctively. This isn't something that can be trained or taught imo. You can teach the basics and tell someone in this situation you should do this, but in a game situation there are so many variables and there is never one exact same situation. The great players can slow the plays down in their head and read other players and the ice that much better than the avg player. There are sports where it's all about conditioning and physical fitness, ie 100 metre dash, but sports like hockey, the best players are "born different".
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    Yeah, I stopped watching Hockey Tutorials years ago.
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    100% agree. At least we have options now. Everyone's feet are different. And I've suffered through enough discomfort with my feet to know a pair of well fitting skates is probably the most important piece of equipment you can invest in. I haven't been skating since I was 2 like most of the NHL guys. And I'm also not getting my skates for free. Having a "near custom" fit experience at multiple retail price points is amazing for those of us who need it or see the value in it due to unique biomechanics or whatever. And yes, the durability issues need to be addressed or what inroads they've made in the retail space will start to decline. Hopefully these new models fix at least some of those issues.
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    Pros get a different more comprehensive custom skate. That and ccm Bauer been around way longer than true so they definitely have the edge in terms of brand loyalty. At the retail level, it's a trickle effect of what people see the pros use in the NHL. True needs to really up their game in the quality and durability department though. Ifs laughable. At least they're getting a bit better in the esthetics department.
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    Can't speak for other brands, but I am pretty confident there is no structural / design difference between the larger senior sizes and the smaller intermediate/junior sizes with the True lines. Less material needed for a smaller size = less money. And I'm sure to some extent they need to make it more palatable to parents as their young one's foot grows, so probably making more profit off the senior sizes to offset the smaller sizes at lower prices.
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    I also have a pair of those pliers whenever I run into stuck steel. Work great
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    Take a look at the CCM Jetspeed/Tacks girdles. I'm similarly sized and have been using these for a few years now and cansee going back to regular pants. The legs are height adjustable so you can dial in your preferred length. Not bulky or heavy at all.
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    Guys. You were totally right about sizing issue. Went to a different local hockey store at lunch time. spoke with the guy over there. Looked very knowledgeable and asked me lots of questions about my issues with the Ribcors 9.5D. He measured my foot and quickly said: Mister customer, you need to go down to size 9 or maybe 8.5. Mister customer, you got a narrower foot than average. Mister customer: you got to feel lost with the 9.5 ribcors and skate like an a$$. We tried different brands in the mid range level $500-700$cad (I dont want to spend $1200 and I only play once a week). True were no bueno for me. Awkward fit inside. Too much padding in some spots and not enough elsewhere. CCM JetSpeed - in the mid range they don't offer tappered fit on jetspeed so overall size 9 regular width felt ok not good. Room for improvement. Bauer Supreme Matrix (Similar to M5) - size 9 fit 1. Was comfy in it. But ankle felt unstable and balance point was hard to reach. Vapor X4. size 9 fit 1.Wow! I think we got a winner. Foot felt wrapped and supported. No dead spot inside the boot. Toe were brushing end of toe cap. Also tried size 8.5 fit 2 (they didnt have fit 1 size 8.5 in stock). Length wise, with the 8.5, it felt a bit tight and toes were slightly bending/curving. Even with knee in flexion. Not sure if this will be good or not. Bummer they didnt have the 8.5 fit 1 in stock. The guy at store told me: 8.5 is the fit I'd suggest if looking for a more "pro fit". Size 9 is "comfy performance fit" I didn't pull the trigger. Was in a hurry at lunch time and didn't want to take a decision too quickly. But will look to try size 8.5 fit 1 in the vapors.
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    I agree that the PVD coating helps edge retention and does provide additional protection but I don't think it changes the glide, bite, feel, or sharpening. I am fairly certain blind testing would show 90% of players would not be able to tell the difference in a controlled environment.
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    That’s not really a fair statement. Those that work in the industry and are keeping up with the latest equipment and technologies are well aware of Skatescribe. They are not in all cities at the moment, especially small towns so many skaters don’t know about them, yet. Skatescribe machines are a CNC profiling and sharpening machine which uses a milling cutter to cut the blade. Since it is CNC based you can send any profile to contour any blade. I profile on a CNC machine sometimes and it’s great. I also use my Blackstone for a lot of profiles as well. I finish sharpening on my Blackstone. Both methods have many positives and both are in NHL rooms. As is Blademaster and Elite. And if anyone is interested, no one finish sharpens on a Sparx… lol. Those are for home convienence, and stores that don’t have the people with knowledge to train their own employees.
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    Graf has carbon fibre skates, the Peakspeed line. https://grafhockey.com/skates/ice/player/peakspeed-pk7900/ The issue is that their overall technology is still lacking significantly compared to TRUE, Bauer, and CCM. In regards to how Bauer spends their capital and the overall profitability of that company, understand that none of the big brands are good generating significant revenue. CCM and Bauer are riddled with acquisitions and financial failure; look at their histories. The main reason is that there is not enough market penetration and not enough players. Hockey in the USA: <1M players Basketball in the USA: <23M players Baseball in the USA: <15M players Football: <7M players As someone who has owned multiple retail hockey stores of various sizes, a large hockey store would be any retail location that does more than $1M in gross sales annually. A friend who owns a similarly sized retail store (store square footage and addressable population density) makes about $5M. Its also significantly easier to sell baseball, football, soccer, and basketball equipment as compared to ice hockey.
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    The issue is Graf skates are the technological equivalent to a dinosaur. If they offered the same performance as other brands, we would see players of all levels using them more often. I had Graf skates when I was young and played prep at Shattuck and in the EJHL/ECHL. I loved those skates, and they worked well for me back then, but I assume if I wore them now, I would not have the same impression.
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    Definitely. I have the XP pure hockey model and 13 is perfect. They break in nicely. Enjoy.
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    Yeah, every once in a while I'll pick them up and they feel like bricks. But I did my best skating and the best years of playing were spent in them. If anything, I have weak ankles now because the support of composite boots.
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    Same. I still remember my first skate on TF9s. Was blown away by how great they felt from the first stride
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    McDavid's skates are definitely an old model but they are not a low end model by any stretch of the imagination. Connor's skates were the CCM Cadillac back in 2015
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    Equipment can never compensate for proper skating style and talent. I know many players who wear low end skates, they are smooth and fast skaters. The fastest and, arguably, best player in the NHL still wears first generation Jetspeed skates. 😉
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    Not sure this is a predictable thing. I have older TF9s and have had zero issues over several seasons with them. I bought mine used in fact, but am guessing they are from the 1st 1 or 2 initial production runs. My kid's Cat9s were bought almost a year after they hit the market. Had issues within 6-8 months.
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    Yup, I didn't bother even putting my foot in before having them baked (doubt I could have even got them on otherwise).
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    Okay. I don't see too much physical play Minnesota district, Bantam play. Many of the refs will not let you finish a check as the rule is you're supposed to be making a play for the puck. The play at A and AA level is more of a skating, playmaking style anyway. My son rarely gets checked but I do recall a crosscheck he took right between the back pads and top of the breezers that kept him out of our game vs Warroad. That sucked. I found him one of the discontinued padded Bauer shirts. He likes it.
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    Yup. I had low expectations for the ti steel because it's Bauer steel but I was still surprised how bad it is. It definitely feels like regular Bauer steel and don't notice any real increased edge retention and definitely doesn't provide smoother gliding like step or jrz dlc. Pretty much a ripoff with it being the same price as other brands dlc steel.
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    Catalyst fit about a 1/2 size smaller (more inline with the other big brands / "true to size"). So going for a 6 in the Cats would probably give you a closer fit. If you like the TF7s, see if you can get them in the 5.5, really no difference in the stiffness or performance of the Intermediate/Junior sizes compared to Senior. I'd definitely suggest sizing down instead of trying to stuff the extra space with something. The TFs also tend to continue to break in and feel a bit larger as the foams compact. For instance, I have very small feet and am in a size 4 in my TFs, and I'm 190lbs
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    Ive found the best solution is usually the easiest. What good is added protection if it's a PIA, uncomfortable or limits mobility. I think that's why I felt the shirt was so effective. It may not be as protective as the other options but it was so easy to use. I just subbed it out for my regular base layer. The hockey ones can be a little thin. There are some football specific ones that offer a bit more protection. I never found a long sleeve version so I went with the hockey version.
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    Even high end pads don't have a ton of padding on the side/ribs. Easiest thing might be to get a padded shirt, I think they're for football, but they have padding on the rib area (I used to get them for my son who plays lax goalie, also would get them to cut the pads out to attach elsewhere for different things). I'd say try the shirt, they're relatively cheap, or find some rib padding for football/lax (I've seen it in Dicks) and attach to the shoulder pads or straps (someone on here once attached padding to the side straps, I can't find the thread though).
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    Says who? You can bake TRUE skates as many times as you want, unlike Bauer and CCM. In fact, TRUE specifically tells retailers to perform a full bake. If a retailer tells you otherwise, they are either misinformed or lazy. For custom skates, they do not have a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. TRUE will remake the skates if needed, but unless there are significant extenuating circumstances, they will not issue a refund and will instead work with the customer to get the skates made to fit properly.
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    Warrior says the DX and LX2 is the same kick point... but LX2 Pro feels like a complete hybrid. LX Pro will be the same as DX and plays more like a low. Novium is a full mid (or what Bauer calls a high kick).
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    Any shell will work since it's just a cover, no need to attach any of the loops that some shells have, those are just more trouble than anything, just use the belt/closure the shell has and you're good to go. Just be aware, collecting shells can be addicting 😅 I've lost track of how many I've had over the years, they're much cheaper than buying new pants so it's easier to match teams you're on. In my experience, the PP90/PP9K shells run a touch longer, Warrior girdle shells run smaller (the ones from the past year or so are really small), the Tacks shell is a bit more fitted but has a zipper at the waist to add length if need be. Bauer has some Supreme shells, they're pretty true to size but I always felt they seemed cheap, the material on the backs of legs was thin and like mesh, I wasn't a fan. You can also use pant shells, they tend to run a little larger, a PP10 or the Bauer pant shells would prob be good since they're a little longer than a regular girdle shell, only other difference is they don't go above the waist/belt where as a girdle shell will go higher.
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    Those look like great! I will order one directly to save my hands. I've had so many cuts the last couple of weeks that the hockey tape had to double as band aid. Thanks for the tip!
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    Hopefully this is it and you're on the road to feeling better.
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    As they say, what happens in Vegas… …can become a viral sensation on the internet!
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    I've been following True skates and the threads here on MSH for a while now and finally picked up a pair of Catalyst 7s from my local Hockey Monkey store yesterday. I finally found a store close to me that had them in stock to try and I'm glad I did. These fit amazingly well on my feel and feel almost exactly like my Makos, the best skates I have ever worn. These were so comfortable right out of the box, I could have skated in them without baking. This has been a long journey for me... I have a weird ankle with pronounced inner ankle bones that sit pretty far forward and on most stock skates, it touches or comes close to the end of the padding and some even touch the eyelets. Even then, I almost always have to have them punched out as well. This has always made it extremely difficult to find skates that didn't kill my ankles but still give me proper support. When the Makos came out I finally found the Holy Grail of skates for my feet. I have a pair of the original Makos and also picked up the Mako 2s when they came out as well... I was in heaven. And then Bauer bought them and we all know what happened after that. I kept skating on my Makos for a few years and then actually stopped playing hockey for the past several years and just played lacrosse all year round. During that time I sold off all of my old skates except the original Makos but now that I'm back into playing again, I had made up my mind that it was time for new ones. I started looking into the Catalyst last summer and figured that I'd try them on in one of my local stores when I had the chance. Well, the Makos started giving me trouble as my ankle bone finally worked its way through the padding and was causing sharp pain. Pain I'm all too familiar with from prior skates. I went to try some on and couldn't find any in my size anywhere. Ultimately, I had a local shop repair my Makos with new ankle padding and bought me more time with them. Then yesterday I walked into Monkey Sports and they had them in my size... tried on a couple pairs of Catalyst 7s and a couple HZRDUS 7s. The Cats fit me absolutely perfect... I couldn't believe how well they fit. The toe box, width, ankle...all of it fit my foot perfectly. My ankle bones lined up nicely on the size 9 but were a little too close to the edge on the 8.5s. My toes touched the toe caps, just resting against them. They offered to bake them to make sure and the 9s still fit perfectly and after baking the toes now feather the cap. I was kind of surprised my foot didn't slide back even further. I kicked my heel in pretty good and they did the shrink wrap method to bake them. Regardless, I'm totally psyched to have a pair of skates that fit my feet so amazingly well... I had to come here and make this post. JP
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    Skating without pain is such a beautiful thing haha. TRUE Customs have given me what I've been looking for (especially from an officiating perspective). There's no way I can not go with them for any future skate purchases.
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    Link below is to a pdf from the manufacturer of Curv, detailing the temperatures required in the manufacturing process. After reading, I don't think a skate oven gets hot enough to truly deform the material. My unscientific opinion is that Bauer skate shells have limited thermoformability, and it's mostly the interior foams that are changed. Personal observation is that True and CCM shells are more pliable when they come out of a skate oven. https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=https://www.pearl-hifi.com/06_Lit_Archive/15_Mfrs_Publications/Menlo_Scientific/CURV%20Thermo-forming.pdf&ved=2ahUKEwi6wLK2mO38AhUKjIkEHflKCNkQFnoECA4QAQ&usg=AOvVaw0-SXtpDz1v-kHDR7OVWwDM
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    I went in the opposite direction - Hyperlite to Mach. Like @skates73 said you, you can feel the heel give more in the Hyperlites when you turn hard in the corners. It's definitely a more forgiving boot, per Bauer's marketing material and corroborated I think by anyone that's skated in both lineups. The edge of the Hyperlite tongue did pinch into my ankle a little until it was broken in properly. Then again, I skate barefoot so this might not even be noticeable for you.
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    After my first few skates I hated them, had them on ebay 2 times but wasn't willing to lose $500 after skating on them 2 times. Here are a few things I found. my last vapors were 8.5D, my new Hyperlite's are 8.0D. the toe box is larger, I had to insert a cut foot bed in the front to take up the volume lacing to the top offered zero flex (maybe this will change once really broke in. it made me feel like I was always going to fall back.) I thought there was no way around the feeling of always falling backwards until I read the thread "why you shouldn't lace up tight" I started lacing them down one and totally fixed the problem. During play I would lace them up loose to the top loose and would still have the same problem. Maybe this will change once I break them in....for $1k I hope so.
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    TRUE skates are stiff laterally, but they allow for lots of forward flexion in the way the boot and eyelets are designed. I rarely ever compare TRUE to anything else because while they might not look significantly different overall, the actual implementation of very subtle changes is quite dramatic. I consider that their "special sauce." Agree 100% that what works for me, maybe not work for others. What works for others may not work for me. I can only share what I know first hand and have experienced. YMMV. I have had only had one person get 100K skates (custom or retail) and dislike them. This is compared to many people who have purchased the Hyperlite skates and had significant regret and later swapped back to their previous skates or to some other model. It seems like they either work for the player or don't, there is not a middle ground. I can also share that I had a customer recently purchase custom Hyperlite skates with standard eyelets, full lock fit liner, with a standard tongue. He was very happy with them. He previously had Vapor 1X skates with standard eyelets and he said the Hyperlite felt "like home" for his feet. He is about 0.5 size larger than me and I was able to test his skates and the standard options he selected felt much better to me than the retail model. Again, everyone is different. Some like the injected eyelets, some don't. Some like the new tongue, others won't. Some will like the new outsole design, others may find no benefit. I think the direction Bauer is going with the Vapor is interesting. I like that they are trying out new ideas. However, I think some of these implementations yield little benefit and are more "show" as opposed to actual innovations in skate engineering dynamics.
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    Well, I wear 10W dress shoes and 10 sandals and have a pair of converted TF9 inline skates in 7W. They felt too small at first, but after baking and about 10 hours of skating they feel like the right length. I scan a 7.5 Fit 3 on the Bauer scanner. So, based on your Bauer and shoe size I'd recommend a 7 TF9. With that said, I wear 8EE Mako II skates. If you should've been in 8.5 Makos then perhaps a 7.5 is the way to go. With the 30 day guarantee, trying either size isn't that risky. Just make sure they're properly baked and you wear them for several hours before deciding if they're the right size.
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    This is super helpful! Thank you. Great reason why forums like this are much more useful than other social media sites.
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    Don't start thinking this way for starters. You will learn great edge control and balance from figure skating instructors. Many high level teams will bring in figure skaters to refine top level skater's technique. They are also good at teaching power skating. Everything a figure skater does is based on balancing and their edges plus they have to learn to generate power in short distances. No offense but there is a big difference between what most people feel is "being competent" and what is really good skating. Learn to skate with good technique first before messing with profiles. Learning to skate takes a lot of practice, repetition and falling. IMHO it's better to start with a stock, neutral profile and learn how to skate correctly.
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    FWIW, I’ve tried Blackstons FBV from two different places and the results were much different, same exact cut. As with any manual sharpening, it’s only as good as the guy/gal behind the wheel. Ive also tried a Blademaster flat bottom, which was nothing like Blackstones. Not all flat bottoms are created equal.

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