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  1. There’s a difference between creating hype, and just giving away all the info right away. This is the whole reason spoilers exist.
  2. Still doesn’t equate, but Babcock did a lot of things in Detroit that are questionable too and bring him closer to Peters than you’d think. It’s partially why I was happy he left in the end (the other being I feel he is overrated as a coach). It’s not like Bowman was a saint in this aspect either, but Babcock just seemed to go over the line, and you’d think with his background in sports psychology he’d understand the effects that concussions can have on ones mindset in his dealings with Franzen, etc.
  3. Agree with you fully. Switched over to rx3 elbow pads, but few those wouldn’t be ideal for what the original poster was looking for. Still looking to find perfect shins to replace the RBZ but that’s another topic
  4. We sure about the validity of this? Those are all the same features of the DX, also kind of weird they wouldn’t show the actual stick in the catalogue for the stick
  5. Rbz elbow pads. Not sure about the more recent iterations, but the original rbz bows are the best I’ve found in this regard
  6. Definitely rough looking fit and finish wise. I’ll probably wait on either a price drop or bonus time to get one
  7. They are also at peranis as well
  8. Not to mention the “powered by true” and true logo at the top hand 😉
  9. Photos to be added over holiday weekend. 2 pairs of modded Mako M8 skates in size 7.5D Sold RH STX Surgeon RX3 75flex x88 curve grip stick. Mild usage. measures 63.25 inches flat against wall. $80 RH Warrior Super Mac Daddy Retro 75 flex W16 Karlsson grip stick. Sold Revision Flex wheels- Version that comes with True Custom Inlines. 80 80 76 76 from both skates (8 total wheels) Used only 2 hours, just prefer my Konixx wheels. Soft Version of the wheels. $60 All prices include shipping to the US.
  10. No, the last several posts were tangentially discussing the VT testing and methods and not directly this helmet. I’d prefer to see more input on the helmet than discuss a topic that’s already discussed in length
  11. I believe there is already a topic where this has been discussed at length. Can we stick to discussing the helmet here?
  12. saying they "dropped the ball" based on comfort and poor fit seems a bit harsh, considering it might fit others just fine. if i judged all helmets based on how they fit my head, 90% of them are shit.
  13. CCMs cage was the fitlite. Don’t think they make a titanium cage anymore though as it was never replaced once discontinued. 😞 I like mine way better than my reakt
  14. Ek15 is still currently my favorite ice stick, but I hate it for inline. Have 3 of them! very light and responsive, and I feel my shots with the EK15 are better than most sticks I’ve used
  15. Mine are HiLo setup, only worn for 4 skates so far so can’t help with durability question as of yet
  16. I got them on my trues, seem good, what would you like to know ?
  17. I went through the same process as everyone else. I noticed the masking tape issue in store, they offered to remove the masking tape from the right boot for me but I said I could just as easily do it and I would prefer that we waited for the boot to cool down to remove it. I glanced over the rest of the skate, but couldn’t really spend a lot of time looking at the bottom as I also had an appointment for a replacement of my cell phone which died, so was in a bit of a time crunch, and don’t get out to that side of town too often so maybe I overbooked. Again none of these issues weren’t fixable by me, and I’m overall happy with the skates. Perhaps as a consumer I didn’t spend enough time looking at every detail, but then again, someone there has to have the job to do such a thing before the skate goes out. I guarantee if I was that person I would’ve caught these issues and cleaned them up really quick before sending out, because details matter. All of these issues were noticed prior to usage as I have had them for 3 weeks but due to a wrist injury as well as a death in the family I hadn’t skated in a month prior to this week. I may mention the glue issue to the shop when I order the ice version, but like I’ve mentioned in another of my replies, the issue wouldn’t probably be noticeable on the ice skate due to where the holders are riveted on to the boot. Some other slight cosmetic issues on the boot exist but I don’t really care about those so much since it’s roller hockey and the boot is likely to get beat up anyways after some usage 🙂
  18. please note that i have the inline version. not sure how many of those you have done, but the holder on the ice version would cover up the glue issue i am seeing, as the copper rivet on the front tower would press down and combine toe cap to the boot. The tower on the inline boot is much more narrow and shorter, the copper rivets on the front tower do not reach the toe cap edge, hence why people probably aren't seeing this issue as much.
  19. could also be that some people arent reporting the issues to the shops. Mine were easy enough fixes, just removing the taping material from the right skate vent inners, and cleaning up some of the other stuff. Just something that couldve been caught pre consumer to give a bit of a better impression, but nothing out there. Perhaps i am harder on stuff like this having worked in a QC lab prior to moving into research.
  20. True called the shop I was scanned at and asked them if I wanted indoor or outdoor wheels, so I went with indoor thinking I’d re sell them. Unfortunately I forgot it was a Hilo style chassis so I couldn’t just switch my Konixx over so I’ll be selling the wheels gently used 🙂 if it’s truely soft vs firm indoor wheels it wasn’t conveyed well to the shop. Really it should be on the order form.
  21. first time using my custom inlines. They are super comfortable, pretty good performance so far, just a few notable issues. 1. QC on the skates is just aweful. there's a gap on the bottom where it wasn't properly glued between the overlay and the composite that i had to fix, and just globs of glue all over the skate in areas. Also some masking tape was left in the toe cap vents. things you could look over and fix in like 10 minutes, that shouldn't really be on the consumer even if they aren't difficult to fix, but its almost like they make the skates and just immediately toss them in a box without looking them over. 2. wheels that come with the skates should be customizable in terms of hardness. I was only given options for indoor or outdoor wheels, and since im 205 the indoor wheels that came with the skate are too soft. For a truly custom skate, i think they should offer all 3 levels of the RV flex indoors (xsoft, soft, firm). In the end, i think the wheels are kind of gimmicky and will just purchase some konnixx wheels anyways, but itd be nice to be given something i can use out of the box (and yes, i know most off the shelf skates come with softer options, but being able to customize wheels would be a nice touch for something made one off). All in all, im fairly happy with them after one skate, but we will see if they hold up to the abuse. If i continue to like them i may get the ice version later this year.
  22. i guess Anti Niemi shouldve been offered this contract, since the only stipulation is to have won a stanley cup.
  23. That’s about the time it took me to get mine, roller
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