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    I’m not missing any point. I was responding to the message I quoted. As far as your weight comment, I’ve used many a 420g carbon stick, some are great, some are shit. You differentiate yourself by being on the former end of that scale.
  2. Stewie


    Makes full sense then. My boss is French, so resin and resine at this point are interchangeable for me.
  3. Stewie


    Other patterns used to be offered, and they weren’t flying off the shelves then, that’s why they were discontinued. As mentioned by others, if you’re trying to build a brand, you start with the curves people know and use, not that one curve 8 people used to use and still have nostalgia for
  4. Stewie


    If he speaks French , I can see the spelling of Resin as Resine. I see it all the time.
  5. You should aim for the corners, not the goalies head. 😉
  6. Crazy. Just if Friday we were talking about Dick Dale in the lab and I played a bunch of his songs
  7. First game of this season I had one goal and three assists. I got credited for one goal and one assist on the sheet. Game 2 I had 0 goals and 1 assist, but got credited for 2 assists. Last game I had two and one, and got credited for 2 and 1. The only common denominator here is in all three cases I was never contacted by NHL scouts and I still had to just live my life the next day. its just beer league, you’re never going to get consistent refs. Just have fun
  8. Difference between a refresh and a full grind. We’ve already been over this
  9. So far I have the elbows and shoulders (top of line versions) and really like them both as good values. Perfectly happy with elbows, and mostly like the shoulder pads outside of how they rest on my collarbone. Definitely a fan of the line. Looking to try shins next!
  10. I had some gloves that were similarly irritating me. They seemed to stop after I had the gear sanisport cleaned, so maybe that’s something to look into
  11. Wow those lightning 3rds are bad. Looks like the arms were printed separately on a printer with the black ink cartridge running out
  12. For what it’s worth, I shoved my foot in 7.5d makos for some years now because I got them at a good price. Looking to get some better fitting skates, The scanner kept telling 6.5EE nexus, so basically that my feet were the equivalent of bricks. I ended up getting 7.0D nexus, and I’m really liking them. Can’t imagine that I’d be as short as a 6.5, and I wouldn’t want any wider a skate.
  13. For what it’s worth, I’m less annoyed with the sleeve than I originally thought I’d be, although I’m not one of the quoted people. Didn’t look too much into it, but I fee it can be removed fairly easy
  14. Not to mention, they probably want to use a chassis that exists today in a manufacturable state. Haven’t heard much from fizix in a long time
  15. Found another angle. Probably doesn’t hit the hand, but an inch or two from possibly being a serious injury.
  16. The way his glove comes off makes it seem like he gets more than just the stick. Potentially very dangerous, probably worth a fine, but I don’t think they’ll do anything
  17. It’s not clear from the photo, but I wonder if they’ve considered wear on the sides of the front of the skate, where most manufacturers put wear patches. The sides of the skate can take a beating in roller and I don’t see anything to mitigate that here
  18. Skated three days in a row and my knee held up pretty well. First time I’ve been able to do back to backs since I hurt it in January. Not 100%, but good to see some marked improvement! Now I just need this wrist issue to go away.
  19. I’d believe the shining knight story more if the Futur sticks weren’t graphically ripping off well known high end sticks.
  20. They approach eachother from the front, and both drop the gloves. maybe instigator, but not suspension worthy.
  21. Started modeling an extension/knob for my sticks. I don’t tape anything but the knob anymore, so I’m trying to eliminate tape up top all together. Got pretty close with hollowed photoresin model today, but going to use Magics to flare the corners more on the knob portion. Also going to try a solid printed elastomeric material for a more rubbery texture. Once I’m happy with the structure, I’ll probably add a textured surface to the knob, and name/number details, and mess around with pigmentation.
  22. If the OP doesn’t list price limits as a factor, than you should always explain all options rather than limiting options when they ask, and specifically when they ask if the process is full custom.
  23. at first I thought they were basically just buying closeouts from companies like harrow and winwell etc, but it appears I was a bit off. I can buy the Lazer 8 there, but where can I get the Lazer 1-7.
  24. I don't see how only the shop can be considered in error here. it should NEVER be acceptable to just add padding to the toe of a custom skate to get the length right, and if I was in the business of custom skates, I would NEVER listen to a shop even if they were the ones requesting that. I have the feeling that some people would just defend True no matter what they do, and even after they have accepted responsibility. we get it, CCM and Bauer customs also have issues, but that's not the topic of debate here. In this case, their process and responses have let down the customer, not the other two companies.
  25. I don’t think they have enough customers to be worth an acquisition. It’s a nice niche product, but not at the level that a company would want to acquire them, especially if they are not going to use the technology
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