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  1. I really liked the shoulder pads, but there wasn’t a good fit for me as large was a bit too long at 5’8” 210. I think the large should work well for you though. IMO they are a good value
  2. actually, a intermediate stick may be perfect. I am 5'8" and still have to cut down intermediates a small amount, so an intermediate may be perfect, especially at 125 lbs. Id find a place with an intermediate stick and see if it stands roughly the length up to his nose without skates.
  3. maybe i should give this a try. I stopped playing for 3 weeks during the rink shutdown at Taylor for NARCH, and my wrist was feeling great, but getting back to it Sunday and immediately the pain returns, worse yet i put it through back to backs.
  4. Nyquist isn’t close to getting back any skill they lost, and I say this being a Nyquist fan.
  5. ive been dealing with this too. It was affecting both my wrists, but now seems to just be my top hand wrist. Currently i am in a three week hockey break, so hoping that will help relieve it some as it seems to be helping, but yeah, it is quite annoying.
  6. so, the newer lighter construction will be available on the 15th? or is that already available, just the holder changes on the 15th? I am considering getting their inline skates first, and then if I like them, getting the ice version in fall, but I don't want to miss out on a lighter construction by ordering too early.
  7. I’d convert if you have extra ice boots. If you’re going for asphalt usage the wheels will be cheaper, same with just getting some cheaper bearings and a basic aluminum chassis. CCM Tacks has a 9.5 on IW in their under 200 boot if you can fit into a Tacks skate. Wheels look outdoor already. If you start to get more serious about inline you probably want to get up to at least the 300$ range Lastly, you can get some basic roller blades if your just looking to do some skating. I have all 3 levels that I use for different tasks.
  8. I’m guessing he’s showing off the 3 fantoms
  9. I bought large, they are a bit too big on me at 5’8” 210 mostly due to the length so I’m probably selling them, but they are really nice shoulders
  10. It was a very exciting game to watch. Flowed great, low amount of stops, heavy hitting and some great skill play. Binnington made some great stops and St Louis made the best of their opportunities. As to why Binnington did not win the Conn Smythe, although he had a great series, he did have two off games. O’Reilly was a steady force.
  11. I had @JR Boucicaut convert a pair of M8s but using an alkali straight 80 setup. Overall happy with the skates outside the pain of the boot being a bit narrow for my feet.
  12. What size are you wearing now ?
  13. Sold their future for a slight increase in a chance this offseason, it was always stupid. Luckily for them they hit one of their patented “we’re a competitive hockey team” streaks at the right time to get past the first round (paired with Tampa doing Tampa playoff things), but their definitely a team on the downswing from here
  14. Thank you for the recommendation! I figured that would be where I go as I’ve heard good about them in the past.
  15. Distance wise from my house, the two closest fit centers are both in Windsor (Brian’s and pro hockey life). Both about 12 mile drives, but everything depends on traffic
  16. https://www.google.com/amp/s/nesn.com/2019/05/charlie-mcavoy-reportedly-will-have-hearing-for-hit-in-bruins-game-6-win/amp/ hearing tuesday, I think he sits a game. Can’t let headshots like that go with only a 2
  17. So that’d add extra costs? I’m very close to the Windsor area, and maybe I’m only assuming there are better options there
  18. Does anyone know if it’s possible to get scanned/pay for the skates in Canada but have them shipped to a US address? Considering checking them out but not sure if I trust any of the stores around here to get a good scan
  19. its not as much a difference in the boot, as it is the chassis that will cause the difference. id just get some recreational skates or a lower end pair of missions/whatever skate fits your feet, and make sure the wheels that come with it are for asphalt.
  20. To me I love my pacific rink bag. Had 2 warrior pro bags before and they were good, but the pacific rink is another level. The best feature for me is I can carry it as a backpack when I get home to easily maneuver the tight dimensions of my garage depth and basement stairs. It’s also easier to organize my gear also. Got one on a Black Friday deal and another gently used from a member on here
  21. You don’t have to use their foam inserts though, so that also can save you certainly buying from them is a great option if money isn’t an issue, but you can probably get pretty close to the level of protection on the cheap if you don’t mind a bit of work personally I’d get a nice used case, and I have a good source of free foam if needed, so I could make something pretty close for pretty cheap if I ever were to purchase a sparx
  22. You can get those cases gently used around 150 on eBay fairly regularly, which could be a great option for those that don’t mind a few scratches to save a couple hundred
  23. Islanders were never an overachieving team to begin with. They are built very well, particularly with the type of depth that can shine at this point in the season, and have great coaching. I’m not surprised the series is going this way, although I thought the penguins would put up more of a fight
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