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  1. For those who didn't see this. Not sure if this was talked about at SJ. https://www.instagram.com/p/CxGe_aesoZo/
  2. Good look. I like the Superfeet Carbon insoles for playing but since I spend way more time officiating throughout the calendar year, comfort is way more important to me. I didn't realize we had the option of buying these insoles (outside of getting them with True Custom skates). Thanks!
  3. Does anyone know when companies STEP, Bladetech and the like will come out with their own compatible runners/steel?
  4. Often thought of upgrading to Bones Swiss but wasn't playing inline hockey on a regular basis. Now that I am, I feel like I'm due to make the change.
  5. My 2nd scan was noticeable better than my first scan. The issue is my first scan aggravated my Accessory Navicular bones so bad that I can't even fully enjoy either pair of skates ha.
  6. Interesting. Then that means my first scan led to a smaller boot which led to me dropping down to a 280mm holder. Hmm.
  7. Here are some YouTube channels I'd check out: https://www.youtube.com/@hockeytraining https://www.youtube.com/@CoachZac As mentioned earlier, I'd focus on emphasizing "body weight" training since you're a younger teen. Even in workouts that uses weights (barbell, dumbbell, medicine ball, etc.), you can still do these workouts with a BW focus. I really like Hockey Training because they have a lot of "free" resources and even more "paid" resources. There are also some good Instagram accounts that I'll have to dig up and will post here for your benefit.
  8. Yes. The posts are the same but for me to use the 288mm TUUKs with my first pair of SVHs, the front end of the holder would've extended past the front end of the boot (if that makes any sense).
  9. So just got back from using my PowerFly Holders (along with the Fly-TI steel) for the first time. One thing I didn't realize is that it seems length of the PowerFlys are shorter than the outgoing LS Trigger TUUKs. With my first pair of True SVH Customs, I had to drop down to the 280mm TUUKs to have the holders fit underneath the boot appropriately. With the PowerFlys though, I'm back to a 288mm holder (which is the size I've used for probably 12 of the 13 years of me wearing the stripes). This is alone was worth the "upgrade" in Bauer holders.
  10. If they made a RH P28 in Lie 5, I'd heavily consider using their twigs for inline hockey. That's a really good price.
  11. Well that's good to hear. I plan on getting a pair at the end of this month when Pure Hockey has them available. I was hoping that the change wouldn't too drastic 😅
  12. Just saw this myself and it definitely makes sense to target the grassroots via this route. And FYI: the Atlantic District is Eastern PA (Harrisburg is the cutoff), NJ and DE. https://www.atlantic-district.org/news_article/show/1274028
  13. As some who pushed off getting custom skates due them being being "too expensive" and subsequently regretting that original thought process, I've grown to appreciate the "Custom" route that is more readily available for us on the retail side. At the end of the day, comfort is critical for the enjoyment/safety/performance of the sport. I'm sure there are people who've had issue after issue with stock helmets over the years and finally have a viable option: I'm all for that.
  14. I played with the OG O1 chassis and currently use the R1. The R1 feels much better to me when playing. You can definitely "get away" with using the O1 but I'd spring for the R1 if you can.
  15. To avoid any further Facebook rhetoric, I've only used True when it comes to the "custom" route. Why? Because, in Bauer terms, I have a Vapor heel, Supreme mid-foot and Nexus toe box when it comes to boot fit. If you have "unique" feet like I do, I would recommend going with True. If not, then I'm not rich enough to blow another $3,500 USD on "custom" skates to guide you. Take my irrelevant post as such.
  16. Skating without pain is such a beautiful thing haha. TRUE Customs have given me what I've been looking for (especially from an officiating perspective). There's no way I can not go with them for any future skate purchases.
  17. Who else does what True does? I was under the impression that True is the only true custom fit.
  18. I am also of the the big dome piece coalition haha. If you can spending some time window-shopping on Sideline Swap, I would. I've gotten both my ice and inline helmets (OG Bauer Re-Akt). The Re-Akt is the most comfortable helmet I've ever worn and haven't cared to find a more current replacement but instead look on third-party websites to find old "new" stock and hope they have my size. For officiating, I currently use the CCM Tacks 910 and it feels pretty comfortable. The difference is that for my Re-Akt helmets, I wear fishbowls (you can see my profile pic for reference) whereas with the Tacks, I only wear a visor. So I don't know how the latter feels with a full cage/shield.
  19. At the end of the day, it is your money so spend it as you see fit. Will it be somewhat awkward? Yes. Is there more to beer league? Believe it or not, yes.
  20. To dismiss the Marsblade ability to provide a "rocker-like" feel for inline skating is baffling to me but then again, I probably do way more ice skating vs. inline skating compared to almost everyone here haha. I only play inline once a week while between playing on two ice hockey teams, playing Shinny at least once a week, and officiating x-1x games a week, the transition from ice to inline improved dramatic when I first used the O1 and continued with my current setup of R1. If you think that using a normal inline chassis is the same using the O1/R1, that tells me that either you don't skate on the ice on a regular basis and/or your Marsblade chassis is setup in a way that it practically has no "rocker" while one is using it for playing/training.
  21. Most people who regularly go back and forth and have a background of ice hockey (and mainly spend their time on the ice throughout the year) have my experience aka the product works. That doesn't mean that there aren't people who have issues with this (or any other) product that works for the majority. You responded to his experience and I responded to your unbelief of the Marsblade "hype." Pretty sure that is permissible around these parts. I also never said that the transition from ice to inline using a normal chassis was impossible. It's just way more of a transition because you can't emulate the "rocker" action that you have and use in ice hockey (which is pretty significant when it comes to the hockey stride). Then again, if you skate in some funky, unnatural way on the ice, maybe the Marsblade would detrimental to your ice + inline experience 😅.
  22. As someone who actively plays and officiates ice hockey, the Marsblade is the best thing to happen to inline hockey. Any other inline chassis forces someone like me to complete change the way I skate when I play inline hockey. And I'll have nights when I play both inline and ice within hours of each other. Nothing can replace being on the ice: way too unique of a process to do so. What I do know is that Marsblade makes the transition less dramatic to someone like me whose muscle memory is based off of ice hockey skating. If you just play inline, the Marsblade really isn't going to mean much to do.
  23. Yea, this is what I figured. I can still work the boot to punch out the sore spots. Just wanted to make.
  24. Is there anyone who took our the stock footbeds and replaced them with something else? I'm thinking that the stock FBs are too think for me but not sure if I should spring for something else.
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