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  1. Funny that this thread gets revived given my "issue" with 288 vs 280 LS Edge Holders. Definitely think that going with 280 is the right choice for me. I'll have to spend more money but hopefully I can find a good Black Friday deal(s)
  2. Buying an Edge Checker has been huge for me since I got my Sparx Machine back in February. Being "level" is something that is noticeable when you're not.
  3. That's dope to hear. I don't plan on using the Shift Holder but will probably just buy the 280 LS Edge Holder. The 288 LS Edge Holder just makes me nervous with it's length.
  4. For starters: I'm pretty sure this has been covered before but I tried searching this Topic to no avail. I just got my first pair of SVH Customs and wanted to have a spare set of Bauer Tuuks (LS Edge) Holders put on. The issue is that I have 288's and they seem to be a little too long for my skates. My gut feeling is to get the 280 Holders. For those that were in a similar situation: what did you end up doing?
  5. Welcome to the group. The skates look nice. You don't really have this kind of understated look these days.
  6. Ah. I see. I can see this. I don't put my machine through those kind of paces so it is shocking that I don't have any of those issues. It would be interesting to see/hear if Sparx has had teams/clubs having similar issues.
  7. I've only had mine since February 2022 but I have 2 pairs of skates (one for playing and the other for officiating). I haven't experience any sort of overheating to this point yet. I assume you have the Sharpener for a team? How many passes are you doing per skate? A portable unit like the Sparx is probably prone to overheat quicker than a pro-shop "stand still" unit when making many passes on many skates. At least that's my guess.
  8. Agreed. It's a limited edition that is probably geared towards people my age and younger.
  9. https://www.instagram.com/p/CgcY2GzDhcn/
  10. As someone who has made the switch, I think its worth it. The stability and weight reduction was a noticeable improvement with the R1 chassis. You also "sit" lower on the R1 chassis (which probably contributes the aforementioned stability).
  11. It definitely isn't new but it does seem that more players are doing it? Maybe it's just me. I don't see it that often at the levels that I officiate though.
  12. Ah. I'm excited to, once again, attend a SummerJam sess! Looking forward to it!
  13. I've been long overdue but I'm finally looking to purchase a Sparx machine. Are there any "must have" accessories that one should purchase?
  14. All of us who've played beer league for long enough have dealt with teams like this. We had our 'B' league fold because us and the other teams decided to forfeit every game against this one team that never seemed interested in playing hockey. It sucked because there is no more 'B' league at that rink but most players just want to show and compete. Sacrifice was made for the betterment of the whole as that "problem" team left and went to a different rink.
  15. Nice to see that you're willing and able to move up the ranks. It will make you both a better official and player. It has for me haha.
  16. Nothing from Philadelphia was mentioned but pricing would probably comparable to New York. Thing to note is the higher the level, the more expensive it is haha. I know that the lower levels usually have more players on the roster and also show up for games. At least that's what I've noticed both as a player and a referee.
  17. Yea, I remember you mentioned it back then. I've been able to confirm that now that I've been back to hockey since May haha.
  18. I've never used Rink Rat before. It may be worth a shot. I don't like spending money if I don't have to but us gear nerds can't put a price on equipment that works better IMO haha.
  19. I would agree. I've been using the Pure-X (+2) since I came back to hockey back in May (2021). The OG Pures just felt better. Kinda tough to explain but the Pure-X wheels to have more drag. Wish I could've found more OG Pures haha.
  20. For me it was the OG 1X's. I never wore the 1X Lites. It's crazy to say but the 1X's are my favorite shin guards to date.
  21. I had the 1X's and got rid of them during my break from hockey. Tried the 2S Pro's but, as others said, they were too bulky. I have the 2X Pro's which fit much better but I'd still take the 1X's over what I currently have when it comes to fit.
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