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    CCM Ribcor 70K
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    CCM 48k, Warrior MacDaddy
  • Gloves
    Warrior Alpha QX
  • Helmet
    Bauer IMS 11.0 with CCM VR24 Visor
  • Pants
    CCM Tacks 7092
  • Shoulder Pads
    Reebok 20k
  • Elbow Pads
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    Bauer Nexus 8000
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    Equipment technology, pro shops, and fixing equipment
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  1. Could you go through one of us shop guys who are dealers then? My rep is awesome and might be willing to do something like this.
  2. A section dedicated to Pro Shop workers would be cool where basic questions could be asked as well as opinions on things.
  3. Tacks in a small or Warrior in a XS (or small depending on fit). CCM Tacks will be lighter, but the warrior is really a great, protective pad too. Are you looking for gloves too? Honestly with gloves trying them on is your best bet. All fit differently, and each line is made to accomodate a particular style. In terms of the helmet, Warrior also offers a gold helmet, they just don't offer it as a combo. They stock the Covert PX+ and PX2 in sport gold. In terms of the fit, what was the problem with the bauer helmets?
  4. Most of the kids that we fit love the CCM Tacks line. Great protection, whilst still being light and mobile. Really depends on his build though. Warrior line is great, but definitely try it on, their stuff (minus shin guards) fits big.
  5. They almost look like the Easton Mako M7's
  6. The Jetspeed SMU's were really good this iteration.
  7. Jetspeed line didn't do well last time, so I believe they are just trying to encourage more sales.
  8. With that in mind, I would definitely go with the 2S over the pro.
  9. The curves are very similar other than the toe. It's awesome if you shoot off the toe.
  10. The 70K Skates are more narrow out of the box. Nothing fits like the 20K's did currently. The 70K's however have a good amount of volume to accommodate a lot of different feet.
  11. It is a true P88 Clone.
  12. You might want to add the Warrior Alpha Protective line to your elbow pad section. The large's fit huge
  13. It was the IMS 11.0, but it was discontinued because "there was no interest"
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