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  1. The Oilers locker room sale is Sat Jun 24th, 11am for general public (10am for season ticket holders) at Rogers Place Visit Rogers Place and get your hands on: Oilers game-used sticks, equipment and skates New team-issued sticks, gloves, helmets and skates Autographed game-used pucks New and player-worn locker room apparel Game-worn Oil Kings jerseys, helmets and gloves Great deals on Oilers and Oil Kings apparel from The Oilers Store Heritage Classic Alumni Game autographed game-worn jerseys
  2. I was at the Oilers/Jackets game and I do admit, Bobrovsky played very well.
  3. Yeah I thought so. Although most of my sticks came from other sources, I bought a Reebok Ribcor and a Warrior DT1 from Sport Chek in the past and both have performed very well.
  4. Heh. I didn't know there was ever anything shady about Sport Chek sticks. I just assumed they wanted to clear out old stock to make way for the new
  5. This;. 100% This. I'm still mildly bitter that my team lost a chance to tie a playoff game cause of that. We were shorthanded and got called for an icing with about 5 seconds left in the third, down by one of course. They placed the faceoff at center due to the mis-call. In those last 5 seconds we actually got a zone entry shot off, but we would have been way better off had the icing not been called.
  6. I've not heard of G3QRN before, but I think the 'G3' part of it is the dead giveaway that it may be a low fused shaft
  7. I'm not a warrior rep, but is there a code stamped on the back of the stick that says either T3LR or G3LR? A T3LR describes a 'true' QR1, while a G3LR is a fused shaft with QR features. What you are describing sounds to me like a G3LR stick.
  8. If Hall can remain healthy, the Devils got a good deal. I know using the term 'injury prone' is kinda a swear word, but that left ankle has sure taken a beating in the past among the concussion and other various injuries over his career.
  9. Just got back from the Oilers team sale. Picking were slim for right-handed sticks (as expected), but excited to give something new a whirl
  10. It is very possible the flames sale is all used stuff, I'll admit, I've never been. The Oilers one generally has a mix of new and used gear. If one has a bit of knowledge on pro stock stick codes, you can be familiar with what you are actually getting, and just hope you don't get a dud stick that breaks easy ;)
  11. Where do you recommend I shop Hills? Being a fellow Canadian with the poor exchange rate, I'm all ears if there is a place I don't know of that is selling things at a better price. For a normal run-of-the-mill person like myself, I don't think those sticks are high priced. Supreme 1S and 1X sticks at $100CAD are better than any store would have it, same go for the Ribcor Reckoner. Pro Helmets starting at $10 is hard to beat in my mind. The glove prices I agree are not great, but not poor.
  12. Also should mention the Flames annual equipment sale is this Saturday at the Saddledome. Their prices (in the link below) make it so tempting to make the drive down, but I should be responsible :( http://flames.nhl.com/club/news.htm?id=883913
  13. The Oilers are having their annual sale (With some bonus rexall place items that they dont want to move to the new arena) Sunday June 12, 10am-1pm Mountain time for non season ticket holders. People will be lining up for $400 Connor McDavid game used sticks is my guess, as they did for Nugent-Hopkins ones in years past.
  14. I had the same problem, except the fact that it tucked itself bothered me. My poor man's solution was to modify a cheap pair of hockey suspenders to run from the back of my pants up to my shoulder pads. Kinda like a fight strap (which my jersey doesnt have). That prevents it from tucking on the fly.
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