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  1. I would look at the FT2. It's a very good stick.
  2. Never heard of https://customhockeysticks.ca before. You ever used one of their sticks?
  3. A low cut boot the allows more ankle flexibility and is not overly rigid and stiff like all of the other brands. I would say the closest retail skate on the market similar to a Graf would be the 80k.
  4. Would you say the HPR fit like the Alpha QX/DX? I like those gloves except they are too wide and loose in the forehand.
  5. Yes, the open cuff was nice. Maybe I need to look for a pair of pro stock Vapor gloves.
  6. This is the official retail P90TM curve, though it can change once it's released via general availability. Its not as max height as most other blades and slightly less aggressive as compared to a P28
  7. Yeah, I am not really a fan of them. The Vapor 1X Lite has a terrible palm and the 1X Lite Pro palm is too soft and likely wont last long. Also, I really dislike the natural light tan colored palms on gloves and prefer a darker color like a grey clarino or digital palm.
  8. I believe so. You mean the height measurements, yes? CCM doesn't post "flex" ratings on their sticks.
  9. I have the FtT1 currently. Still need a more open cuff. Even after snipping the elastic they feel too restrictive on the wrist.
  10. Firs good for me too. Ventilation is nice. Helmet is light when paired with a Re-Akt cage. Probably not ideal for everyone though as adjustability of the helmet is somewhat limited.
  11. If you like a 75 in the A6x I would go with a 68 in the AX9. I should note that the shaft on the AX9 68 flex will be smaller than the 75 flex. TRUE changed the shaft dimensions for intermediate sticks this year so the dimensions are smaller than the previous years and the senior sticks.
  12. Its actually pretty easy to sand off the grip and to reapply it. The biggest issue is having connections to get the grip coating liquid since it isn't made in enterprise level of volume. A lot of stick manufacturers have to pre-buy a year or more supply in order for the factories to manufacturer the chemical. This is why many companies are slowly changing their application to incorporating the grip into the graphics wrap for sticks. Warrior has been doing this and TRUE just started to do this too with the AX9. I dont think CCM or Bauer are, yet. Supposedly this is also helping to shed weight as well. I forgot where I read/saw info on it but they mentioned this helped Warrior get the Alpha DX down to under 400 grams, among other things.
  13. Any update on this? Order arrived but I havent been back at the shop to grab it. I am super interested in hearing some feedback.
  14. Does anyone have these? How do they fit compared to other brands and what style/model of gloves would you say they fit closest to? Ive been looking for a hybrid glove, something with a tighter backhand than a traditional 4 roll or Nexus, but with an open cuff.
  15. The new AX9 plays very close to a Vapor Flylite in terms of stiffness comparison. It's definitely more stiff and the kick point is slightly higher than on the A6.0 HT model.
  16. I haven't had that issue and I have a bunch of them in my garage which gets VERY hot. Which model is this?
  17. If you take the steel out of the holder, does the holder look aligned? Is the steel itself bent?
  18. Is this the study? https://dr.library.brocku.ca/bitstream/handle/10464/8681/Brock_McGurk_Michael_2015.pdf?sequence=1&isAllowed=y
  19. When I get back home I will take a pic of it next to a P28, P29/92, and a P90T and you will see they aren't nearly the same. Does this make sense? No. But I dont work for CCM so I didnt pick the naming convention.
  20. Yeah, prob should have an admin move it there 75 flex
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