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  1. Looks interesting. I have never seen these before. I sent them an email asking for more info. Sharpening them would likely be the same as Flare or any other unique steel.
  2. Bummer So sad. These look awesome.
  3. Damn these looks sweet: Release date is 1.21.21
  4. It shouldn't. Though I can sort of understand how some people playing maybe in lower level hockey leagues would be more interested in coasting/gliding and less concerned with agility; hard start/stops.
  5. Wouldn't their current stick be their control stick? Also, after testing a lot of players officially changed from their previous stick brand to something else they tested.
  6. I somewhat agree, however considering we had about 30 players testing I think that does help balance things out a little bit. The next time we test I want to use a much large sample set, various skill levels, ages, etc. Once the Vegas store is officially open and we have the outdoor shooting area setup this will make collecting data much easier.
  7. This is pretty close to an Iggy in shape, but with more curve. https://prostockhockeysticks.com/collections/pro-stock-sticks/products/mcd-97-pro-stock-hockey-stick-right-70-77-85-159-100
  8. Per STX "obviously weight being a big “feel” difference. The Halo features a seamless one-piece construction, as well as a high balance point. This allows for an even feel throughout the stick, compared to other brands with low balance points which make the stick more blade heavy. Additionally, the Halo features our Square+ shaft, which is a slightly larger take on a regular shaft, as well as a slight concavity." Cost is $229 USD Senior and $189 USD Intermediate Only available in USA. Only curves are X88 and X92.
  9. The AS3 Pro doesn't feel overly stiff. If anything I think it feels very similar to the Nexus 2N Pro kick point with a much stiffer blade.
  10. I think STX has shared most details, mid kick, 390 grams, only 2 blade patterns will be offered. I think they listed pricing at $229 on their IG page.
  11. Some pics of the soon to be released STX Halo
  12. This is the best photo I could find.... and it still doesn't show much.
  13. Sounds about right. The main thing about the FT3 Pro that everyone remarked on was how forgiving the FT3 Pro. If you took a shot while balanced it was great, but its the times where the puck was outside of the shooting area or the player was off-balance that the FT3 Pro still gave a good release whereas many of the other sticks would shoot muffins.
  14. We also tested the Nexus Geo, AS3 Pro, Trigger 5 Pro, and TRUE Project X, all of which ranked high. If you included those in the testing it changed the ranking considerably. I also had time to collect more info from players on some other sticks we tested as well that I originally didn't include. The ranking was as follows with those included: CCM FT3 Pro CCM AS3 Pro CCM FT2 Bauer Flylite Bauer Nexus Geo CCM Ribcor Trigger 5 Pro CCM Trigger 4 Pro Bauer Nexus 2N Pro TRUE Project X CCM AS2 Pro Bauer Ultrasonic Bauer 2S Pro Sorry for the delay in updating this.
  15. Their sticks are overpriced and too heavy for the cost.
  16. The stick did in fact get the hands on multiple occasions. I don't think it was intentional, he just had poor control of his stick.
  17. Slashing someones hands doesn't always have to occur from top down as it can come from underneath if you get the players hands and not the stick.
  18. You dont think the first defensemen, on the boards, change his lane and foot speed in an attempt to play the body and take away the lane, after the puck had been chipped up the boards? The stick did get into the hands multiple times. Its really hard to tell with this low quality video trash.
  19. They holders are very similar, TUUK Edge vs CCM XS, the biggest difference is in the options for steel.
  20. The holder holes line up fine. I would get the XS holder. The older generation of holder will slowly be phased out.
  21. I was told the same thing. I wonder though if the sizing becomes off once you hit a certain length, for example, anything over a size 5.0 the sizing becomes more skewed than in an intermediate/junior skate? I know many individuals who bought skates for their younger kids, sizes ranging between 3.5-5.0, and they said the skates fit perfectly without any issues. It could be kids of that age don't really know how a skate should fit or maybe they struggle with conveying a sizing issue if there is one. I just wonder if the issue is more with certain specific sizes more than others. Many individuals who have had sizing issues are in senior skates with sizes ranging between 6.0-9.0, myself included.
  22. Interference? Slashing? Penalty shot? You make the call. https://streamable.com/6cbiif My apologies for the TERRIBLE Live Barn quality.
  23. Maybe they are paying him? Looks like he may be using Flare steel too. They don't look too wide. I think it's the angle.
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