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  1. Pure has internal buyers who dictate what's gets ordered for every store. IMO the people who do the ordering are out of touch with trends. I could go off on a tangent on this...
  2. It shouldn't unless they are a custom color. Some of those pro stock models had multiple layers of clear applied over the graphics. Are these standard colors?
  3. Supposedly the parabolic design is to help the steel lock in place, preventing it from popping out during impact. However, the changes were to also introduce a new patent as well, since the old patent had expired. This was not for weight reduction.
  4. It's very simple. Any decent store should know how to do this, If they don't, you should not let them touch your skates.
  5. 1: FT6 is a softer boot which allows more forward flex. This will give the feeling you are more on the balls of your feet. 2: As others mentioned, you would need to bring both the old and new steel in to a knowledgeable store so they can copy the profile. 3: That depends on you, as this is a debatable question. If you want to spend the time to get the skates dialed in, because you like them, then keep them. I am a huge believer in the "If it ain't broke, don't fix it.” If you know what kind of skate you like, and have been using such skate, why change things?
  6. TRUE has had the P90 at retail for more than a year. Bauer released the P90 at retail with the new Vapor line. Sherwood released the P90 with the latest versions of their sticks. It's still hard to find the P90 as most retail stores as they have been nervous about ordering and not being able to sell them. They instead prefer to stock P92/P29 and P28.
  7. They already have custom orthotics, the Bauer Speedplate. Bauer is not changing the custom skate process for 2024. There are rumors though that in 2025 Bauer will have a new scanning system and allow more options at the retail level.
  8. I have personally had no issues with the FT6 Pro. Have only seen one break, at the handle, when a college player crosschecked an opponent in front of the goal. 😉 FT6 stick production is ramping down as the FT7 Pro is getting queued for production. I have seen no issues with players using the Trigger 8 Pro. Though I would imagine the dual feel blade would likely lose pop over time.
  9. You cannot specify much of anything. It's all based on your scan and any notes you provide. Is there something specific you are wanting to have adjusted or customized?
  10. The majority of retailers didn't understand that the new Jetspeed would fit different and stocked up heavily on Regular fit, going light on Tapered and Wide. Manufacturers use the booking orders from dealers to determine how much of each specification to make. Any dealers can order them though as CCM has stock.
  11. All half size Bauer skates have a +1 holder if you are a FIT3. Example: Size 6-6.5 Fit1 or Fit2 are a 254, Fit3 is a 263 Size 7-7.5 Fit1 or Fit2 are a 263, Fit3 is a 272 Size 8-8.5 Fit1 or Fit2 are a 272, Fit3 is a 280
  12. The new Bladetech steel has the tapered center so it fits the new holder.
  13. Those look interesting. Not sure how much actual function you will get from those vents. CCM introduced AER-TEC in their current pants, and I don't think it does much of anything.
  14. Apologies, I read your post too quickly, and after having too many drinks, assumed you meant the HZRDUS skate compared with the Catalyst. The TF fit bigger than the HZRDUS and the Catalyst.
  15. The new toe cap piece makes it feel smaller
  16. The boot last is almost the same with the Catalyst and the TF9. I would order the same size and width as your TF9 if you are going to try the Catalyst.
  17. FT6 skates come in tapered, regular and wide. The new boot design had added more width and volume to the boots, which also increased the heel width. The current regular width fits more like an E, while the tapered fits more like a D.
  18. These would be good for that. https://shotblockers.com/products/xt-pro-new
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