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  1. I am fine not wearing a neck guard. If something happens, it was meant to be, and I accept that 🤪 Statically, I am more likely to die in the shower (It is estimated that about 1 person in the U.S. dies every day from a bathroom-related injury occurring in either the bathtub or the shower) or in my vehicle (car crashes remain a leading cause of death in the United States, with over 40,000 annual fatalities). According to available records, there have been a total of 24 reported cases of hockey players dying on the ice since 1905. So should I never shower or drive? If others want to wear protection, I am fine with it. I don't judge. I wear a full cage instead of a visor, mostly because I spent a lot of money getting my teeth fixed after taking pucks to the face when I was younger. I also wear it because my wife likes my face and wants to keep it the way it is, lol. People sometimes joke about me wearing a cage, then a year or two later, I watch them take a puck or stick to the face and their teeth are blown out of their head.
  2. I am a size 7 Tapered with a 271 holder. The newer CCM skates are made a little bigger than previous models, which makes putting an oversized holder on much easier. However, at the price you are paying for a FT6 Pro at retail, spend the extra money and go custom with oversized as mentioned by others. It will cost about the same as buying holders/steel, removing the 254, and installing the 263. However, you get all the benefits of going custom too.
  3. If I had a dollar for every person that quoted VT ratings... I appreciate what VT is doing, however they need to refine their testing process more. Too many times, I have had parents “explain” to me what is the ideal helmet for their kids, quoting VT ratings. They push for a helmet that doesn't fit the player's head, and cannot comprehend ideal fit is responsible for 90% of the helmet's effective protection. Things like rate sensitive foams, liquid/gel pods, and all of this other new technology are only effective if the helmet fits properly. All hockey brands perform internal testing and then partner with other companies and universities for third party testing. The fact is, if a helmet gets CSA or HECC certification, that is genuinely all that matters. That is the standard. Think of it this way, there are many cars on the road. They all must pass crash safety testing. However, some cars have better results than others, this could be in all categories or in select categories. Regardless, if they pass, they are approved and sold. I like how they word this specifically: https://driving.ca/features/safety/2023-vehicles-worst-iihs-crash-tests "ratings don’t mean they’re unsafe, but they could be better."
  4. That's the beauty of Skatescribe machines, you can create any profile you want. It's all software driven, there are no templates.
  5. Are you in So Cal? I assume so based on your user name.
  6. It will cost you more to build rather than just trying to find a used one in good condition. I recently bought one that came from an AHL team for about $300 USD, and it was in perfect condition.
  7. This is the retail Tacks X, right? The custom and retail are both entirely different. The retail model is good, but does take some adjustment time. The custom is softer, more plush, and just feels amazing out of the box.
  8. You just need to have some friends that work or own a hockey store 😉
  9. They are still around. Just not a lot of stores selling their product.
  10. FT6 Pro, FT Ghost, or Trigger 8 Pro. I obviously gravitate towards CCM sticks.
  11. Yes, the XS Reload 😉 But let's not discuss that since it won't be out until 2025.
  12. I would not say it is better or worse. That's a subjective opinion. Some might like it more than the current generation sticks, some might like it less. For example, look at how many NHL players are using stick builds that are 4+ years old and they seem to be doing just fine.
  13. Interesting to see him use them in games though. Practice, that is usual for many players, but using something new in a game is not common.
  14. Anything that has material removed to decrease weight is going to be more fragile. YMMV. It could last days or could last months.
  15. I have hit that point in my life that I will gladly pay the extra money for items if it makes me comfortable. 😉
  16. I actually like the Alpha and depending on your level of play, it might be a good option. I have taken some nasty shots from NCAA D1/D3 and ACHA D1 players, and the girdle did fine with protection. Unless you are planning to eat shots often, the Warrior girdle would be fine. I like that they have a cup pocket in them so you can either wear two cups or not wear a cup in your jock and instead put the cup in the girdle.
  17. Looks like Nate Dog is testing the Bauer Proto.
  18. I think if you can't find anything at retail that fits well and doesn't cause you pain, then the only natural decision would be to go full custom. I skate with a lot of people who buy $1100+ skates, complain about the pain they have, yet refuse to pay the small fee to upgrade to a custom skate... It's not logical.
  19. I do. But it would be best to ask them, I don't think they would appreciate me sharing any of the proprietary information.
  20. I looked into these machines before decided to move forward with a Skatescribe ISP machine. The finish of the Skatescribe ISP makes this machine irrelevant.
  21. Not sure if I agree that the carbon ones offer any increase in performance compared to the comfort. They are both very different in design. IMO, the best foot bed is the one that feels most comfortable.
  22. I have never seen a 280 holder mount in 271 holes unless the holes are expanded or worn out. That is VERY weird.
  23. I can't tell from your pic of that is indeed a 271. Is that's what's stamped on the holder?
  24. It is possible. But then that would theoretically affect the engagement of all steel, assuming they all had the same dimensions.
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