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  1. Funny, as I recently replaced my old gloves and thought the exact opposite. Fingers seemed shorter and fit was tighter. Certainly shorter cuff.
  2. I drop the top eyelet for better forward flexion and mobility. Just my personal choice.
  3. COVID - we have to stay 6 ft away from new products (plus rinks are just starting to open again; wouldn’t have had an opp to test it)
  4. All Black hockey sticks makes a decent price point twig. Durable and good (not elite perhaps) performance.
  5. Oooohhh,.... scientific techno balls.... its so shiny !!
  6. I saw that too. Maybe they bought the name or old stock or old molds. Suspect they’re “real”, but they won’t be developing new stuff.
  7. Oh, and while based on the QX line, I don’t think they are identical. Skimming thru Stick9’s post you’ll note the AK27 SL is 40 grams lighter. https://warriorhockey.com/2017/10/20/warrior-alpha-ak27-collection-limited-release-line-details/amp/
  8. Like Nickmast said; the silver one’s aren’t the SL (super lites) for what it’s worth. The SL is sort of a dark yellowish-gold color and 410 grams based on the QX pro. The non-SL is silver representing the price point and I think is 530 grams based on a QX5
  9. Fantastic stick. Great kick for slapshots. I currently have two and am thinking of grabbing a third before they are gone.
  10. The add in USA Hockey offers a discount and says the “special” price is $189 for a senior twig. Perhaps the $300 is the MSRP which they will quickly abandon so you think it’s a great deal. i mirror others sentiments; it is a fugly stick. anyone watch the videos? Their add says it reduces blade twist but in their own slow-mo that blade is torquing and vibrating all over the place.
  11. Saw this in this month’s USA Hockey magazine http://nicchockey.com/product_details.php?pid=2&catid=3 (Note; no information on the curve patterns) Makes some bold claims; anyone have any feedback? Quoting:”Patented technology, resists blade twist, increases shot speed, spin, control and feel. Reduces drag forces, receives the puck with dead stop action. Lifts puck onto blade upon impact, the competition twist down. Exclusive carbon fiber layup and mold.” http://nicchockey.com/hockey_sticky_performance.php?a=2
  12. It has a mid-low kick; great for slappers. I have enjoyed mind quite a bit. Light, not harsh vibrations.
  13. We were trying to get some K1 sweaters, too, but they changed their policy and require a 12 piece minimum (per color). good luck!
  14. Bigger curve, but more open face. When I did it the biggest adjustments I had to make was on the back hand (harder to get under it for air due to the larger curve) and snapshots (bit higher due to the open face and bit further off to the strong side due to the bigger curve). Benefits were was a little easier to catch passes and stick handle (again, because of the bigger curve). Shouldn’t take that long to adjust.
  15. For what it's worth, those that want to give it a try can use discount code TWENTY for 20% off. Shipping is outrageous at $39, but it;s still tempting to try because of the nice assortment of flexes. If anyone has actually used one, would love to hear feedback on the balance, performance, durability, etc
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