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    Wife Kids and Hockey! Of course its supposed to be Hockey first but if she read that then....LOL oooopppsss!

    Toronto Aeros and assisting with many other teams and individuals to get their game to the next level.
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  1. I had to use for one of my players it was a couple years in when I got it. Was a solid machine but I only did the one pkayers skates. If I had to use one that would be my choice.
  2. Actually not really after reading the acquisition article. 2 different technologies just happened to know be owned by Mips. Now if they add Fluid Inside to the Mips rotational system then it gets very interesting. At the end of the day if everyone wearing a helmet is safer and it doesn't cost 1000 for a helmet.... isn't it just better for all? The acquisition is primarily part of our strategic plan to increase our patent protection and is an acknowledgment of our position as the world leader in brain protection systems within helmet-based safety. We are also very enthusiastic about strengthening our relationship with University of Ottawa and to further increase our knowledge within team sports.—Max Strandwitz, CEO of MIPS
  3. And what about the VT test? It isn't a legal testing program. It's a study group that says they can test helmets and gives its proposed ratings on helmets based on testing methods that are not used by anyone else. Not the companies and not the 3 certification boards that actually certify helmets. I'm not repeating everything I have already written it's in the thread about the testing.
  4. Well it sure sounded like it was a hard hit. And from the mark's I would say if he didnt have a concussion then the helmet did its job? If you and your son dont like it and you feel it sucks that's purely up to you. I was just answering the questions asked.
  5. Yes I have read it. I have seen worse with a similar helmet from another company. Seemed like it was a pretty freak hit.
  6. With the figure skates we just put a hard guard on the blade and wrap tight.
  7. Hahahaha. Wow that went south in a hurry. Is that a personal opinion or some facts in the testing and performance that you have??
  8. Pretty sure it is. MIPS has been burned by both CCM and Bauer. Not sure why they would go away from True in hockey anyways. Other sports there in a ton of different brands. But highly doubt that will change in hockey.
  9. They have great places to source steel. Don't forget they have a huge golf program and have plenty of access to better quality steel.
  10. 100% I still do that sometimes depending on what it is.
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