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  1. This sucks.. Hope the hernia heals quickly !
  2. Happy belated 18th birthday MSH!
  3. I am waiting on the Photoshop version. Plus the yellow laces will tie in with the whole lightning color scheme….
  4. I think we all should rock yellow laces around @dkmiller3356
  5. Signed up! Cant wait to see you guys
  6. Goonsquad

    Save the date!

    Save a spot for me too please
  7. Happy birthday MSH !
  8. And Me getting my ankles broken!
  9. Mojo about to be chopped!
  10. What in the f*cking H. E. Double hockey sticks??? Take some time out. There is always just subbing for a team OR another team might reach out for a goaler
  11. https://smile.amazon.com/s?k=bunga+pads+for+figure+skaters&crid=6FC88CUW1JW8&sprefix=bunga+%2Caps%2C373&ref=nb_sb_ss_i_2_6
  12. Lets hope its better than my aim on goal
  13. Some movement for the Islanders arena https://sports.yahoo.com/ny-state-approves-1-3-billion-arena-project-043540178--nhl.html?src=rss
  14. I'll second the praise of the Montys coatings! I had a couple of sets of STEP coated by Monty. I feel like the edges do not dull as fast. Plus the finish looks great in Black Tuuks..
  15. That shot off the face off is a tough one to stop.
  16. I've just been introduced to using bidet hoses.... next level shit.. literally
  17. Well with the heat gun its localized heating and the heat output can get higher than 200 F. Liquid nails suggest layer petroleum Jelly or Mineral spirits to soften the adhesive for extended periods of time. Maybe soak a paper towel with mineral spirits and lay on top to the adhesive only?
  18. is the Skate oven hot enough? the Liquid nails site said to use a heat gun or blow dryer to soften the adhesive https://www.liquidnails.com/how-to/how-to-remove-construction-adhesives
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