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  1. Looking for advice on injury

    Ive actually broken both wrist and my best advice would be to be sure you are comfortable that things are as close to 100% before you play again. Definetely do your rehab to regain motion and strength. i know that sounds slightly obvious but your wrist takes a bit of punishment when playing that you probably didnt even know until now. Depending on where you broke your wrist you may have a loss in strength, which forced me to dropped down a notch in flex (100 to 85/87). Additionally you could tape your wrist for support. Everyone is different so just be honest with yourself
  2. RH Combat 45 Cal Reloaded

    85 shipped... Does anybody want this thing?
  3. RH Combat 45 Cal Reloaded

    Pics of curve.
  4. RH Combat 45 Cal Reloaded

    update on price
  5. RH Combat 45 Cal Reloaded I would say its a mix between a Drury and forsberg. Hope this helps.
  6. RH Combat 45 Cal Reloaded

    Basically Brand new Combat 45 Cal Reloaded. Right handed 80 flex SC curve. Stick measures about 57 inch from heel to end. Used twice for about ten minutes of a mens league game. Blade has small mark on the face (no cracks or chips). Asking for 110 shipped CONUS. If you have any questions let me know. Asking $95 shipped... or Best offer.
  7. Bauer Nexus vs. Total One Stick

    Just wanted to give my two cents. I have used both sticks in an 87 flex and I would have to say that the Nexus "feels" softer. I don't necessarily think that the Nexus has an overall softer flex, but due to the two different constructions I felt like the Nexus gave me more feel overall. This may have been my personal experience, but coming from the One95 ( used religiously in college) I was not to happy with the feel of TotalOne. I know they changed the blade construction from One95 to the TotalOne and this may have caused some of my dislike. Because of the small sample size this may not be the same for everyone, but my TotalOne broke after about a month and a half. Very disappointing. The Nexus, up until last week, was amazing. Sadly it broke after about 3-4 months which is a pretty decent run for my sticks. I will admit that it lost some of its pop about a month ago but some how in the last week of its life i was starting to enjoy it again. I have had this same experience multiple times in the past so I wont hold it against the stick. I rarely take slap shots, but i felt like when i did there was no loss of velocity or loading time as have been mentioned by others. Very quality stick and performs as good as advertised. I am sure the totalOne is fantastic for certain individuals but it just was not for me. Just an FYI Both sticks broke in the middle of the shaft...... If i will say one thing bad about both sticks.... the price is absolutely ridiculous.
  8. Cwc2134 sale

  9. Bruised my ribs!... I need a better chest protector

    Hey I just read your topic and I wanted to let you know about EvoShield. I know my profile says I work for them but I don't anymore but i still think they make a great product. If you want more information I still have friends who work there and they can answer any questions you have. Go to http://www.evoshield...hirt-p/a100.htm and check it out. Its cool stuff and like I said I don't work for them anymore so this is just a recommendation.
  10. Cwc2134 sale

    bump. Really need these gloves gone
  11. Cwc2134 sale

    Price updates
  12. Cwc2134 sale

  13. Cwc2134 sale

    Prices do not include shipping Willing to Negotiate on prices MIA MB33 13inch Thrasher Pro stock gloves-- $125 $100 Pair of MIA (now warrior) Pro stock thrashers gloves that I believe used to belong to RIco Fata #14.. These came straight from the team locker room. The gloves used to have leather palms but I had replaced the palms and gussets and the palms are brand new and have not been used since being re-palmed. Gloves are Tufftek material except for the yellow stripes which is carbon. The inside liner is completely intact and the gloves have no smell. On a side note the gloves used to have #14 stitched on the thumb but someone removed the number before I got them. This is shown in the pictures Jofa 9044 Elbow pads Size 5 -- $60 $45 Pads are in good shape usual wear. No smell or tears. Elastic is in good shape. Thrashers Pro Stock practice Jersey #9 Size 56 -- $45 $35 Practice Jersey is from equipment sale. Completely stitched and came with #9 on the back. Nike Bauer 4-Roll 13in Maine colors - $50 $40 Gloves are used but no holes in palms. usual wear.
  14. Xzzy, Just wanted to let you know that i was in no way trying to convince you away from custom skates. For me personally, custom skates would benefit me a lot more than most considering I have feet that are a size and a half different ( L is a 8.5, R is a 10). I don't really have a specific skate suggestion for you to try other than keep looking across different brands because they all fit different. Also as a word of caution... if you do go custom please make sure you trust the person who fits you.
  15. A good place to start might be to explain the problem you are having. It is near impossible for anyone on here to help you out with no knowledge of your previous skates and what problem they were causing. I'm sure someone on here would be more than willing to offer ideas or advice if they had more information. Just a few questions to start....What type of pain have you been having? Where is the pain? and what skates were you wearing?