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  1. Pm Sent
  2. what does the C42 curve look like. Thanks
  3. Will do thanks Zac911
  4. Does anyone know of any online place that has the MC2 curve? I know pure hockey had it in the 5.2 pro but its no longer available. Any direction would be helpful. Thanks
  5. I have a couple of the original Tacks Team sticks and i would agree.
  6. Added some sticks
  7. Thanks Ozziesdad. Much Appreciated. I agree with the idea of sticking with whats easily available.
  8. Sorry if this was already discussed. I have always been a PM 9 fan and was curious how the MC from True compared( especially for lie and blade length)? I've seen a couple of MC2 options but as this is not always available i was considering making the switch over. Any one use both ? Thanks
  9. not trying to piggy back off the topic but ill be in Toronto next week... curious if there are any good hockey stores worth going to?
  10. *JR beat me to it*----If you think the problem is from the extra height of the LS3 steel then go with the LS2 Edge steel and skip the holder replacement. I'm sure someone else will chime in to comment on the holder itself.
  11. Would really like to get rid of this stuff.... if you have any interest at all send me a message and we can discuss.
  12. Sorry No skates right now. May have more later.
  13. Updated prices
  14. Hey guys have a couple of things that have been sitting in our locker room for a bit too long. All are used if you think my prices are off just let me know. I am ball parking these things and just an FYI all the money is going back to the team. Easton S-19 Helmet (no cage) - Large Black ~ $50 $40 Decent shape. Doesn't appear to be used to much. No major cuts or dents. Super light. Two sets of shin guards both are 16inch Jofa 5080 ( i think. the numbers are a bit scratched off. if someone recognizes it to be different let me know) - $35 $25 The liners are kind of worn but they can be replaced. knee caps in good shape. Jofa 3500 - $25 $15 these are definitely used and may need some TLC. *also will be putting a bunch of sticks on here so check back soon* (Might be more coming) all used. In decent condition (will add pictures upon request) Cut to around 56 inches ( top to heel) RH sticks (working on getting more) *Bauer Total one - This was a my bauer stick I bought from a MSH member a couple of years ago. P106 87 flex - NON grip Blue graphics ~ $65 *Easton V9E Elite Edition E36 85 Flex --$65 *CCM TACKS 85 Flex P15 --$65 *buyer pays for shipping.* Message me with any questions or concerns Pictures (also not very techy so someone please tell me if this link is viewable only) Thanks
  15. Thanks everyone for the info it is much appreciated. KG i do have a super weird foot shape. I've gone to shoe stores and the reps have looked at my feet and just laughed. Buying shoes is next to impossible. I also have about a 1.25-1.5 size difference between my right foot (bigger) and left foot. I was really hoping the nexus line would offer me something as its the deepest skate which is something i need due to a pretty substantial arch as well as a wide forefoot. I did a tracing and measurement of my foot (probably a bad job) and came up with this Right foot- Lenth from center heel to big toe 27.5 cm -10 7/8 inch Forefoot width 10.8 cm - 4 1/4 inch Heel (2 inch from back of foot) 7cm - 2 3/4 inch Heel (1 inch from back of foot) 6.4cm - 2 1/2 inch left foot- Lenth from center heel to big toe 24.15 cm -9.5 inch Forefoot width 10.5 cm - 4 1/4 inch Heel (2 inch from back of foot) 7cm - 2 3/4 inch Heel (1 inch from back of foot) 6.4cm - 2 1/2 inch