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  1. Just wanted to comment on the XCORE 9 ACF (for those that care.. had the MC2 in an 85 flex) First, I very much enjoyed the stick once i got used to it. I thought the blade had a great feel with the insert and the stick definitely performed as advertised. When I needed the blade to respond for passes or shots it responded. Catching passes was a breeze and If i was going to build a stick from scratch i don't know that i would have come up with a better shaft feel/weight/performance combo. From an aesthetic perspective i though it was really well done. I bought the stick right when it came out and had been using a Bauer 1N at the same time. I periodically picked up the TRUE during that time but i never really played a game with it or did much more than stick handle and occasionally shoot around for 5 min at a time (maybe 3 times max). After the 1N broke near the blade I switched to the TRUE and while i would have preferred to stick these comments in the LTR section... it lasted only 2 games. The stick broke spectacularly in the defensive zone while trying to catch a pass from my teammate it was almost as if i was using a shaft blade combo and blade had just decided to fall out. Im sure other players have had great success with durability but just wanted to share my story. Would i buy a True stick again.. Yes. would i buy one right this second. No
  2. Bauer Speed Plate

    anyone having issues with the SP sliding around? Added some cloth tape to the bottom but would prefer a more permanent option. Maybe a re-bake?
  3. Locker room cleanup

    bump. anyone want any of this?
  4. Locker room cleanup

    added gloves
  5. Locker room cleanup

    Sorry! im working on getting whats left over from the lockeroom after the season is done and the guys clear out. ill try to post more stuff later
  6. CCM Ultra Tacks Pro Stock Sticks

    Pm Sent
  7. CCM Ultra Tacks Pro Stock Sticks

    what does the C42 curve look like. Thanks
  8. Will do thanks Zac911
  9. Does anyone know of any online place that has the MC2 curve? I know pure hockey had it in the 5.2 pro but its no longer available. Any direction would be helpful. Thanks
  10. Super Tacks Team Stick

    I have a couple of the original Tacks Team sticks and i would agree.
  11. Locker room cleanup

    Added some sticks
  12. Thanks Ozziesdad. Much Appreciated. I agree with the idea of sticking with whats easily available.
  13. Sorry if this was already discussed. I have always been a PM 9 fan and was curious how the MC from True compared( especially for lie and blade length)? I've seen a couple of MC2 options but as this is not always available i was considering making the switch over. Any one use both ? Thanks
  14. not trying to piggy back off the topic but ill be in Toronto next week... curious if there are any good hockey stores worth going to?
  15. Switching Holders LS Edge to LS2

    *JR beat me to it*----If you think the problem is from the extra height of the LS3 steel then go with the LS2 Edge steel and skip the holder replacement. I'm sure someone else will chime in to comment on the holder itself.