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    CCM Super Tacks
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    Custom Warrior Covert QRL
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    CCM Fitlite 3Ds
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    Bauer Supreme TotalONE NXG Girdle
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    Jofa 5044 w/ EvoShield slashguards
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    JOFA 3175
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    Junkyard Athletic ModSquadHockey bag

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  1. Step Steel | Lightspeed Edge

    There is honor in doing things the right way.
  2. 13th Annual MSH Winterfest

    Spots were open in early August. You can be put on the waiting list in case someone drops out.
  3. 13th Annual MSH Winterfest

  4. Step Steel | Lightspeed Edge

    I know. I’ve seen them too. Do note my post was from July.
  5. 2017-2018 Gear Sightings

    ST 2.0 has been holding up pretty well from what I've seen. The FT1 was not received well because the Revolution didn't do well, and there wasn't much of a difference between those two sticks. Also, both the 2.0 and T2 use Sigmatex and the FT1 does not.
  6. 2017-2018 Gear Sightings

    No. FT1 is in stores now. It launched (quietly) a couple of months ago. Wasn’t received well. That’s why you haven’t seen a marketing push around it. Jetspeed is the way forward for them.
  7. Bauer LS5 Black Carbon Steel

    I'll be able to discuss it in about a month or so, with some hands-on. I like the concept; it sounds like it'll be a joy to sharpen.
  8. Ribcore Pro PMT. Team stock or not ?

    No, there was some confusion - the 2nd stick in the line usually has a similar construction to team stock sticks; they tend to have performing materials but are a touch heavier (and presumably, more durable.) So, the term "team stick" is used to describe them.
  9. Ribcore Pro PMT. Team stock or not ?

    It’s the 2nd stick in the Ribcor line, under the Trigger2.
  10. Be careful with that - it's an easy way to catch an infection.
  11. 13th Annual MSH Winterfest

    Brian's is confirmed to attend Winterfest, for you goalies out there.
  12. Reebok 20K Elbow Pad Recall

    If they're CCMs, then no.
  13. 13th Annual MSH Winterfest

    Vendors confirmed so far: CCM STX True Warrior
  14. CCM junior skates for adults -question

    Manufacturers overbuild the 5/5.5 skates knowing that it would work for small adults.
  15. Bauer LS5 Black Carbon Steel

    Too early.