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      Stick Long-Term Reviewers Wanted   01/07/18

      We are accepting Long-Term Reviewers for a manufacturer. The category we are testing are sticks (player) Requirements: Must be Members+ 0% Warnings Must have experience with high-end 2 user-submitted reviews Please PM me with your name, age, location and playing level, and a short blurb about how you would be a good candidate.

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  1. Bauer Advanced Series Stick

    Then report it. Of course people are going to try to piggyback off of MSH.
  2. 10th Annual MSH SummerJam - Pittsburgh, PA

    Nah. Full disclosure - I was about to walk away from PIT until Joey stepped in. Truly saved the event!
  3. The 10th Annual MSH SummerJam will be held at the RMU Island Sports Center in Pittsburgh, PA on July 28, 2018! Pricing details are still being worked out, but event invites will go out sometime in the next week or so. If interested in attending, please state it in this thread.
  4. Bauer Advanced Series Stick

    The OD1N Project was across all categories; the 3 year timeline makes sense. Something came out of that category and now they're using it.
  5. Red Wings Pro Stock Jerseys

    It’s late and I can’t remember, but the shop they use is in Trenton.
  6. hockey girdle fit for women

    Yeah, unfortunately women's pants don't seem to fit the average woman. As far as the girdle shell is concerned, go same size. I typically wear lowers from a 2-piece pant, and on that, I go down a size.
  7. hockey girdle fit for women

    To be honest, what I didn't like about the Super Tacks girdle is that when you did adjust for the negative length, the padding would bunch up there as you moved. To the OP - my wife has similar dimensions and I put her in the Bauer Supreme HP girdle (it's a Pure Hockey SMU that is essentially the original TotalONE girdle.) The top of the S190 (kidney/spine pads) are nylon and so, you only have the elastic to make adjustments; with the HP, the entire piece is lycra so it's more forgiving. She's able to wear a L and keep the length right due to that.
  8. 2017-2018 Gear Sightings

    Unfortunately, we used to have a plug-in that didn't allow quotes to include pics. It wasn't compatible with this software. Been a while since I've looked; maybe there's a solution now.
  9. New SuperTacks skates

    No. It is not being touted as a fitting tool for retail skates at this time.
  10. Job change

    Some of you have found out; most of you don’t know, but as of this week, a personnel decision was made and as a result, I was relieved of my duties as a Pure Hockey store manager. It was on good terms. I’m grateful for the almost 5 years in the Detroit market and will always cherish the customer relationships I resurrected from my first Michigan stint as well as the new ones I’ve formed. I look forward to focusing my energy to grow MSH.
  11. New SuperTacks skates

    Skate launches in April. I cannot stress how much that despite you asking, we are going to talk about it when we can. Let me do my job.
  12. I signed up - curious to see how it does.
  13. 2017-2018 Gear Sightings

  14. Graf Skates

    It’s simply the Vaughn Canada and Vaughn US offices that are listed.
  15. Bauer Stick prices for Pros

    We won't answer this question.