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    Custom Warrior Covert QRL
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    Bauer Supreme TotalONE NXG Girdle
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  1. Think of it as a portfolio. If I don't have examples of your ability to review something, how can I give you a review to do?
  2. We'll make sure to get in some more protective LTRs with Warrior this year. However, people have to understand that your user-submitted reviews determine whether or not you get picked for a LTR.
  3. Pro 15 is IMO the most protective pant you'll find at retail. The reason why HM has the GX is because they bought what was left. There won't be any 2017 Easton products.
  4. The 9th Annual MSH SummerJam will be held in Toronto! It will be held at the Mattamy Athletic Centre/Maple Leaf Gardens on July 29, 2017! Please express any interest in this thread.
  5. Was never on a mainstream skate, and therefore never gained traction.
  6. ...and the first time I heard about this machine was in 2013.
  7. It's a professional grade machine, not meant for home sharpeners. So, please treat the OP with respect and quit being a shill, because it shows.
  8. Call it 100/50 from now on. It's the proper term. The reason why a hollow plays into it is because if the hollow is too deep, it will also exacerbate what you're feeling with the profile.
  9. No such thing as 9/16 FBV...
  10. No, you do one skate/SP at a time. When you stand on the 2nd foot, shift weight off first.
  11. Also, keep in mind that your hollow choice plays into this. What hollow are you currently skating on?
  12. We will be conducting a LTR on these gloves soon; also, this thread will be monitored by Warrior's product team, so if you have any questions about the glove, be sure to ask it here.
  13. It's simply not necessary to go that far up on the heel, even though plenty of manual sharpeners do it and end up, over time, destroying the heel radius. But it sounds like you don't have a choice. You could go shorter on the toe at well, especially since you do have a sharpened area above it.
  14. Too high on the heel. I'd say half that at the least.
  15. You should be able to sharpen all of those with the standard holder.