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JR Boucicaut

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  • Birthday 08/10/1977


  • Skates
    CCM Super Tacks
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    Custom Warrior Covert QRL
  • Helmet
    CCM Fitlite 3Ds
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    Bauer Supreme TotalONE NXG Girdle
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    Jofa 5044 w/ EvoShield slashguards
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    JOFA 3175
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    Junkyard Athletic ModSquadHockey bag

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    Metro Detroit
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    MSH Admin, Hockey equipment tech
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  1. All spots have been handed out. Please check by clicking on the participant info thread - if you can get in, you're good.
  2. I had them on at SJ.
  3. Mine did not require new holes. Used exactly the size it required. Remember that SB 4.0 has same rivet pattern as Tuuk. As long as you match the holder size you should be good. Had to expand on one of the holes.
  4. Nope, it's correct. It's just wonky sizing with Step. I have a customer who has size 5 Graf and I have to order 246 for her even though the holder says 242.
  5. More often than not, it'll be a different construction from the retail stick. Please stay on topic.
  6. A simple look at the Store Locator will let you know this.
  7. Thanks for stopping by while we were clearing the store out. Sorry the Diet Coke was frozen!
  8. HM was only store to get the skates.
  9. Me and my crew finished Ann Arbor's physical closing yesterday. We still had customers stop by periodically as we were doing it; we didn't ignore them and went outside to tell them what was happening. The TSG guys I've been working with throughout the process were really great guys.
  10. I hear you. Trebs, Justin and the crew there are solid guys.
  11. Thanks for the clarification on the PIT market, Matthew. I wasn't sure about the Pure locations closing down as we didn't get that information. And thank you for the kind words. I'm sure our paths will cross soon and I look forward to meeting you, and if there's any questions you may have, please don't hesitate to contact me; store phone number is listed on our stores site. I'm sure you'll extend the same courtesy to me.
  12. At this moment, no. The stores are separate entities.
  13. I've noticed some inactivity from those saying they wanted to go. I didn't send a PM to invite; I gave access to the participant info forum. Click it and if you're in, you've been invited.
  14. Sorry, Pali, but Total Hockey Lewisville is indeed closed.
  15. It was a tough day yesterday as we ceased to be Total Hockey Inc. employees as of closing time yesterday. As expected, we took the opportunity to streamline the store offerings by closing the stores that were underperforming, or in some cases, had other TSG representation in their market. In my market, we closed up Ann Arbor, which I will be heading the physical closing of the store starting Monday. We were fortunate enough to do some shuffling to accommodate the majority of their staff, but I did have to reduce my staff as well. Today I have to rehire my staff as TSG employees. At this time, I think I can go ahead and announce some things that I have seen being mentioned: Gift cards will now be resold again. Obviously if you have an existing gift card, the balance is still good. At this time you can't use it in another TSG store, but I believe at some point it'll all be seamless. Breakaway accounts are still good as well. It has been a rough few months; obviously while I try my best to keep my two ventures in the industry completely separated, there's always going to be some slight spillover. All of the rumors that were swirling about TH, I was hearing constantly. Some of it true, some of it completely absurd. But I had to keep it held together in front of my staff, and on here. But it certainly wasn't easy. I think some people noticed it at SummerJam. I'm really excited about this though. I think this allows me to continue offering a great product to our customers, as well as career opportunities for myself.