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JR Boucicaut

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    CCM Super Tacks
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    Custom Warrior Covert QRL
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    CCM Fitlite 3Ds
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    Bauer Supreme TotalONE NXG Girdle
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    Jofa 5044 w/ EvoShield slashguards
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    JOFA 3175
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    Junkyard Athletic ModSquadHockey bag

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    Metro Detroit
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    MSH Admin, Hockey equipment tech
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  1. The theme is a work in progress, but PMs are working. With everything going on at work, not really sure when I can have this complete, but I'll try my best to clean it up in the next few days.
  2. Didn't seem to break anything, so won't reskin.
  3. Sorry, a bit late with all that has been happening as of late - Got the skates a couple of days before I had to go to Columbus, OH for a business trip, and so the first time I skated on them was at SummerJam. These skates have felt nothing like any other CCM skate I've ever worn. The left skate was absolutely perfect. The right skate, however, started to develop a bit of arch pain in them. But I did not lace them up myself (thanks, @mojo122) so the lacing wasn't the same as the left. I had difficulty getting dressed in the locker room and sadly enough, had to require help lacing and then unlacing my skates when I was done. The injury that I sustained during Winterfest simply hasn't gotten better. I think I skated for an hour on them.
  4. We'll be upgrading software today. My hope is that it doesn't break the look too much, so things may look a bit strange for a bit.
  5. Yes, Blademaster's box has nothing in it. It's what elevates the head to reach the proper height. Blackstone, on the other hand, is a bit different. The "box" is part of the table, and the head has a plate that screws into it.
  6. By request, we are adding the 5 and 10 year badges to those members' profiles. It will appear under the SummerJam and Winterfest badges.
  7. I feel the need to clear up some misconceptions about TH and their online vs in-store pricing, as well as their inventory: TH runs all promotions in store AND online. The codes that are used work for both. We also match other retailers, in-store and online. We also have the ability to either: Have an item transferred at no charge/no penalty to the customer from an in-market location (or out-of-market, depending on the situation.) Place an online order for the customer (we log in like our CSRs in St. Louis would and order the item for you) We even give you the option to get it shipped to the store so that you can come in and get your skates fitted and sharpened (you'd be surprised as to how many people, especially those new to the sport, just assume the skates are ready to go and they're skating on unsharpened steel.) If the skates don't work out, we will also return them for you right then and there. Or any order you place online - you can return it back in your local TH. We're currently the only major hockey retailer in the country to have the stores and "online" inventories being one in the same - an omni-channel experience. We have distribution centers in St. Louis, Denver, Minneapolis, Chicago, Detroit and Washington, DC. Most of them are part of a store. We have stores with shipping capabilities in Pittsburgh and Philadelphia. And yes, have I shipped skates to a customer who came in our store and got fitted and bought them online? Absolutely. I've had several instances in which I helped a customer out and he had no interest in buying them in-store, because he thought he would find a deal elsewhere. Then realized the skates were the same price everywhere and ordered them through us. And the same skate he tried on was the same skate he received. So all of those things that people have mentioned happens to them in their local store still happens in our stores. Keep in mind, I'm not an idiot; for as much as we would hope, the experience we provided wasn't consistent in all of our stores. It's obviously something you try to achieve but there are several anecdotes in this thread from customers that say otherwise. I always did things by the book, and it was the best book I ever read in this business. There is one thing that has not been mentioned here: we never intended to be a discount hockey store. As long as everything worked correctly, you wouldn't be stuck with last year's merchandise that you then had to blow out. And typically our stores were purged of whatever was left from the previous year (similar to what Bauer is doing with their OTM stores.) But the sheer amount of product out on the marketplace forced everyone to go down that road. And at that point, there really is no coming back. So for those who lamented that we never had the best deals, that might be a true statement. But it was in a way that we had current product in store all the time. That's smart business. If you want to buy closeouts and then sell those, that's smart business too. But buying items at full boat then have to take hits on the margin isn't. There is a lot of assumptions and misinformation in this thread about how we failed. But what is truly killing me is how we are being painted to be some sort of industry villain when we have 32 physical locations to walk into. Yes, did the industry change? Yes, did it put the mom and pops out of business? Yes, is there plenty of blame on both sides to pass around for that? But some retailers saw how the game was being played and decided to play. Some retailers chose to strategically sprinkle stores where it was attached to an even bigger warehouse. Some chose to have multiple brick and mortar stores. And some chose to have just warehouses (which somehow, those guys have skated away from any negative mention in this thread) It's unfortunate what happened to us. Some are mentioned, some are twisted around and some haven't been mentioned. We certainly were on the right track, and it ended up not working out. I'm very optimistic about where this is going, and I will continue to do what I do best, regardless of which company's name is on the shirt, building facing and paycheck.
  8. Just got home about 10 minutes ago. Thank you all for your participation! It really means a lot to me that you all are willing to travel every year for this. First time SJ badges have been added to those accounts. Thank you to the brands who continue to support this by attending. It's always a great thing to have our members speak to the brand representatives and are able to demo the product. I have a very small window until Winterfest planning starts, so be on the lookout for that relatively quickly.
  9. Here are the winners, announced at SummerJam - Protective Lineup Of The Year Stick Of The Year Skate Of The Year
  10. I'm still interested in seeing the machine and/or a sharpened set. Looks like customers seem to be happy with the final product.
  11. It's a marketing promotion that is designed for end users to try their skate. Bauer doesn't do it because they have the most market share and feel that they don't have to.
  12. I think people take equipment managers' opinions as gospel way too often. And as far as your last line, I wouldn't say that either. There are a number of factors why EQMs choose some things over others.
  13. Customers with gift card balances, prepaid sharpening cards or Breakaway rewards accounts are getting the notice.
  14. 8