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    Going in Friday to have some of my internal sutures removed. Hopefully this should take care of most of my pain I'm still having. Thankfully it's a fairly simple and quick procedure.
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    1. I don't care where he's from, pretentious people can come from anywhere. You get a glimpse of this guy's personality from his "blog." It's pretty obvious his goal is not to make innovative hockey equipment so much as it is to become a successful entrepreneur. And you know what? Even if I'm wrong, and this guy's the nicest, most humble guy in the world, it won't matter b/c he doesn't come across that way. 2. That being said, my main gripe is, why should a consumer put their faith in the form of hundreds of dollars on an unproven product? He's going about this the wrong way. The most successful niche brands IMO are Innovative, Mission, and MLX. With the exception of Mission, those companies had proven, quality products that were good enough for the very best players. Mission caught fire at the same time as the golden age of roller hockey. Also, correct me if I'm wrong but, Innovative was started by guys from Easton, Mission was started by guys from Bauer, and MLX was started by a guy who not only had many years experience as a world class skater, but more importantly Dave Cruikshank also developed and made prototypes that were used by himself and some of his peers to win actual events. What is Verbero's angle? Simply claiming to be revolutionary is not enough. Give me a tangible reason to believe your products are awesome instead of throwing around words like carbon and kevlar (laces at that, I can't even). 3. Never did I ever say there was no purpose for Verbero or niche brands. In fact, I wish there were more b/c as you stated, more competition equals more choices and forces manufacturers to be more "honest" with their prices and the value they offer at each price point. 4. I never claimed that doing a carbon boot or holder was a bad idea. I may have pointed out that it was done, but I never said shouldn't it be done again. It would be extremely short sighted of me to say that just because something was done poorly in the past it can't be done properly in the future. 5. Finally, Verbero has entered an arena where public image matters no matter how unfair it may be. It is also an arena where you are at the mercy of the whims of the consumer. You can have a good product but if consumers don't like or trust you, you're dead. See Kor (out of business), and to a smaller extent Warrior (competitive products, small market share). However, in Verbero's case, there just isn't enough evidence at the moment that shows they have even that.
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    Honestly, before I read through this entire long thread. I checked the website. My first impressions were not so good. First, if I read right, they want you to trace your foot and send it in. Anyone that has ever “traced” anything realizes that often times it is quite inaccurate (either too small or to big depending on how you’re holding the pen/pencil/crayon). The skates remind me of the first all lace up, all plastic skate with a foam line, Bauer skates I had in the early nineties. I also am not digging the Quilted Northern uppers on the skates. Plenty of skates have come and went that had carbon fiber boots. First ones I saw were missions in 99. As for the carbon chassis it reminds me, once again, early nineties skates. Not sure about how I would like the cuff x2 on the gloves. The pants look like nothing special. Considering I just picked up a pair of high end closeout missions for less what they are charging. The missions seems to have more features or at least according to the brief blurb of a description next to the pants on their page . As for the Sticks I am with others on this. What makes them special? As a matter of fact nothing on their website suggested I was getting anything better with any of their equipment than by spending the same amount of money the a known entity (i.e. Alkali, Mission, Easton, Bauer, etc.). Someone needs to let them know that just cause you say its worth $XXX doesn’t mean people will pay for it. For an upstart they seem to have their bar set pretty high. The business model of look our stuff is expensive so it must be good even though you never heard of us but we promise it is good, isn’t real effective. I could be off base.
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    I agree. All of the "Top secret ;) ;) ;)" BS is starting to bug me. If you want people to be interested in your product, cut the cute cheeky crap and convince me WHY I should buy your product over a seasoned veteran in the industry.Sounds like these guys are very close to becoming Brooklynite V2.0
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    Lol, you're not going to believe me, but I think you look much better. Your stance is wider, which is engaging your edges. Your movements are more solid and you look more explosive. You made some good saves where you got a pad out really quickly. Faster than I had seen you in the first video. I know it doesn't feel like it because you feel like you played poorly, But I'm saying you looked much better. Watch the save at 8:40. Nice wide stance, knees in. You dropped very quickly and got the stick down and deflected the puck away. Can you see how much more fluid you are in that save? same at 2:21, 2:31, 2:45, 2:49, 2:56. Even the play at 3:09, you moved across well and just missed the puck. That was a great movement and then quick pad at 4:15. You just missed the puck again. 4:35 was great movement on a breakaway - deep knee bend, to one pad down, and a push across with the other leg. I think you moved better and had better push there because you were deeper in your stance. If you think about it, by getting your feet wider and a deeper knee bend, you can move your leg further and generate more power. Just like bending your knees as a skater. If you stay straight-legged, your shorten your stride and limit your power. There are other things to work on, obviously. But don't be discouraged by a bad night or the changes you made. Stay with them and build on them.
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    Yes STX confirmed on twitter it is a E28 clone i may have to give this stick a try now.
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    OR, my skates are Graf Goaler Elites. Once again I have learned even more from you guys, this thread is the best!!!
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    If that pic was a Rockwell painting it would be called "midlife crisis".
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    oh, someone got a car, I thought it was a freeze frame from a Cialis commercial
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    Going under the knife again. hopefully for the last time.
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    Trust me, you're paying for them either way.

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