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    Version 1.0.0


    2017 Bauer Hockey Catalogue (minus 1S stick content)
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    That sucks. Best of luck with the searches.
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    I'd be surprised if the league went past the original 32. One of the goals of the current playoff format is to keep as many teams as relevant as it can for as long as possible.
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    I understand. Yes, for those who want to fine tune for dead even edges, the alignment tool can be seen as your starting point followed by fine tuning to an edge checker. Honestly, my opinion is that in most cases no one would feel the difference if blind tested with perfect fine tuned edges vs. alignment tool-only edges. In my personal experience with the sparx and my hockey team, the alignment tool does it's job and the edge checker was an unnecessary splurge. We still don't know what's expected to break down first on these machines and when; maybe at some point the edge checker will help show that the machine is past it's alignment accuracy lifespan. Hopefully in the distant future :) I'm not discounting the desire to fine-tune, though. It's fun; rewarding. It kind of relates back to the passion for manual sharpening that's been seen in this thread, and the debates that arise from it. Set it and forget it, or play and tweak. I enjoy feeling confident that the sparx is aligned after using the alignment ring and sight. I check alignment every time I travel with the machine, and I make a 1 or 2 click adjustment maybe 1 out of every 10 trips when I bring it to the rink or a friend's house.
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    Seattle makes sense. Good size market, balances the conference and instant rivalry with Vancouver. Granted, Houston/Dallas could be fun, too.
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    Getting laid off. Wouldn’t mind being on the hunt for a new job but my wife was also laid off right before Christmas. Crappy situation all around.

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