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    My cat's breath smells like cat food.
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    Version 1.0.0


    2017 Bauer Hockey Catalogue (minus 1S stick content)
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    That sucks. Best of luck with the searches.
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    ^^^^^^ This is living your best life.
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    I usd a concept 3 for a while. Initially loved it, But had some games where fogging was really bad and I got tired of fighting with it. I tried all sorts of stuff like pledge, dish soap, anti fog spray. Switched to a white, flat bar cage and I am happier. I never notice it, way cooler with airflow.
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    I'd be surprised if the league went past the original 32. One of the goals of the current playoff format is to keep as many teams as relevant as it can for as long as possible.
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    I had two of the Bauer hybrid cages, and both cracked at the connection point between the visor and cage part after about 6 months. I use a concept III now, and while it is lighter, the airflow isn't as good so it fogs up quicker. Still better than a cage for me, I have too much trouble with the bars. I use either Lemon Pledge or Turtle Wax spray to prevent fogging. With Pledge, it takes longer to fog up, but when it does it is more difficult to clear. Turtle wax fogs quicker, but is clears up faster/easier. YMMV.
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    Mine didn’t fog up very often. If I could guess, it would have been less than 10 times in the many years of owning it. When it happened, it was really annoying. But it took specific conditions to trigger it. It may have something to do with being in a warmer climate like So. Cal. During the times it fogged up, othrs on the rink with a full shield or hybrid had the same problem. Others may play in areas where it won’t happen as often. I was just bringing this up since a cage would not have this issue by design. I would not recommend against a hybrid, but I would want to make sure the OP is aware of issues that I have experienced in the past. There are a few products that I would recommend against purchasing and this is not one of them.
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    So after the second game in with the x900s, they have started to break in nicely. The first game i wore our team shells over then so I think that added to the restricted feel, the second game I went without the shell (different team) and they were much better but by the end of the game I hardly noticed I had anything different on. I think these are a winner!
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    I currently use the Hybrid and I like it a lot. Yes, it's a bit heavier, but you don't notice it once it's on your head and strapped up. I have zero issues with fog on mine, which is on a Bauer Re-akt 75 and before was on a Nike Bauer 5500. The nice thing about it is that if the visor gets messed up, you can replace just the visor instead of buying the entire thing. If I stopped using it, I'd go back to just a visor.
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    I understand. Yes, for those who want to fine tune for dead even edges, the alignment tool can be seen as your starting point followed by fine tuning to an edge checker. Honestly, my opinion is that in most cases no one would feel the difference if blind tested with perfect fine tuned edges vs. alignment tool-only edges. In my personal experience with the sparx and my hockey team, the alignment tool does it's job and the edge checker was an unnecessary splurge. We still don't know what's expected to break down first on these machines and when; maybe at some point the edge checker will help show that the machine is past it's alignment accuracy lifespan. Hopefully in the distant future :) I'm not discounting the desire to fine-tune, though. It's fun; rewarding. It kind of relates back to the passion for manual sharpening that's been seen in this thread, and the debates that arise from it. Set it and forget it, or play and tweak. I enjoy feeling confident that the sparx is aligned after using the alignment ring and sight. I check alignment every time I travel with the machine, and I make a 1 or 2 click adjustment maybe 1 out of every 10 trips when I bring it to the rink or a friend's house.
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    Yes, and the new titanium cages (both the Bauer Reakt and CCM Fitlite) have flatter bars, are even lighter and more resistant to rust (I've never had a titanium cage rust and I've used one since the Itech Titanium days).
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    I grew up wearing a cage. I wanted a hybrid after watching Team Iceland in Mighty Ducks 2. I finally got one as an adult when I could buy my own gear. It worked really well but fogged up on me at times. Used it for almost 10 years and it finally got too scratched up and had to be replaced. I went back to a cage to see if it would mess with my vision. It’s so much lighter with a cage and the air flow is much better so it’s a cooler. I don’t think I’d go back to a hybrid. You do lose something with those bars on the cage. But the weight savings, cooler air flow, no maintenance/cleaning, and less fogging are more beneficial to me. Try it out. The things that matter to me may not bother you. I used it for a long time, so it wasn’t that bad. But I think I figured out what works best for me.
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    The materials aren't close to the same. I'm 50 and recently purchased new skates and learning my self between the older bake skates and today's skates .old skates the bake was to loosen the gel in the ankle. The composite skates become maluabe and form to the foot contours. Another member explained to me that eventually the composite wants to go back to its original state so the molding has to be redone periodically. So far I'm not liking the composite boots .
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    I've had my skates done at a local rink, and it wasn't good. Everyone says to avoid the two local rink shops. I've seen a sharpening at the other rink, and he'd left a step along the length of the hollow, where the skate wasn't high enough to allow the full width to engage the wheel. My last three sharpenings have been bad. Two at a good shop were out by 4/1000". They'd previously been good. One at another shop must have been 3/8" and not 5/8" as requested as that evening at hockey training I could barely skate. They felt too deep. Sharpening is a nightmare. I'm taking my BAT gauge to the sharpeners today! A LHS is going to fail, or do poorly, unless they invest in stock and provide good service. I bought mid range skates - Bauer Vapor x500 - at a local rink, and it took me months to realise they were far too big. I was constantly falling over for an unknown reason. I suspect it was because the balance point was off. I didn't try on a range of skates, doubtless because they did not have the stock. I then went to a proper shop, and tried on Bauer Vapor, Supreme and Nexus in a range of sizes and bought a Supreme one full size down from the Vapor's. The proper shop has invested a huge sum in stock. They are not cheap, but I will pay for service. I want to be sure that skates and pads fit.
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    Seattle makes sense. Good size market, balances the conference and instant rivalry with Vancouver. Granted, Houston/Dallas could be fun, too.
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    Getting laid off. Wouldn’t mind being on the hunt for a new job but my wife was also laid off right before Christmas. Crappy situation all around.

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