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  • Skates
    Kor Shift 1, Bauer 8090, 1994'[s finest Bauer Supreme Comp
  • Stick
    True A5.2 pro stock
  • Gloves
    TPS R8, Bauer 4-Roll, Eagle X95, Warrior MSH customs, MicMac tan
  • Helmet
    Bauer 4500
  • Pants
    Tackla 5000 NHL
  • Shoulder Pads
    old-school Cooper, if I wear any
  • Elbow Pads
    Pro Tacks
  • Shin Pads
    Pro Tacks
  • Hockey Bag
    NESSI team bag

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    Hazel Park, MI
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    Hockey, good beer, good times
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  1. Too bad 2-piece sticks fell out of favor. It was so much easier to experiment with flexes and curves.
  2. Bar night. Get to know each other a little better. You might start to click on the ice if you click off the ice. At worst, it's one season, losing SUCKS, but it's still hockey...
  3. I put a cage on after the 2nd puck to my eye. I went with a titanium cage, super light, it doesn't drag my helmet down at all. Look at the Bauer Re-Akt or CCM's version (can't remember the model name/#), they are both nice.
  4. Understandable. Thanks for the quick reply!
  5. Jason, any plans for custom blades? Specifically tapered... with the overall decline in the 2-piece category, it's impossible to find blades that I like anymore.
  6. Probably is from a training/rookie camp... as far as I know, they don't number their regular practice jerseys.
  7. A couple guys in my beer league have MIA/Warrior custom gloves already.
  8. It works just fine, as long as you use it properly.
  9. I measured myself, I'm right between a 5.5 and a 6. I have tried both lies (from Black Beauty) and I've had better luck with the 5.5 lie.
  10. It seems like being slightly bowlegged helps skating. Most of the guys I've played with that were the better skaters on the team were bowlegged. I, unfortunately, am not.
  11. To make a standard shaft, just flip it over.
  12. The Legend stuff is BEAUTIFUL. The elbow pads fit great, are light, yet still offer good protection. The shoulders are a little bit thick for my taste (I wear some 1980s Coopers, they're paper thin) but I think they'll soften up with a washing or two as well as some use. The gloves... oh, the gloves! Pigskin, thin leather palm (I think they're supposed to come with a 2nd palm, like the Vapor XXX), split fingers, leather gussets, lace in the cuff, plastic inserts... extremely comfortable right out of the bag, and should be reasonably priced. I have yet to see the pants, but my brother (prenny207, a DR rep) said they're very nice, look like they're from the 1970s, but are quite protective. I'll probably end up wearing the whole series.
  13. A Senior tapered blade should fit in a Senior OPS. In a fused OPS, they generally use the same shaft you can buy as a 2-piece, tapered shaft. (Synthesis shaft should be the same shaft that's used for a Synergy.)
  14. I gotta say, I love the catalog layout... the color-coded schematics REALLY help you understand what each feature is and where it's located. Even a rookie pro shop employee will sound like an experienced vet when talking about RBK/Reebok equipment... and the equipment looks very good too!
  15. Well, my LHS in Timbuktu got their shipment in last week. I bought one of everything!
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