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    Kor Shift 1
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    Warrior Dynasty shaft, looking for the "perfect" blade
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    TPS R8, Bauer 4-Roll, Eagle X95
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    Bauer 4500
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    Tackla 5000 NHL
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    old-school Cooper
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    Pro Tacks
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    Pro Tacks
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    NESSI team bag

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  1. Bar night. Get to know each other a little better. You might start to click on the ice if you click off the ice. At worst, it's one season, losing SUCKS, but it's still hockey...
  2. I put a cage on after the 2nd puck to my eye. I went with a titanium cage, super light, it doesn't drag my helmet down at all. Look at the Bauer Re-Akt or CCM's version (can't remember the model name/#), they are both nice.
  3. I don't think this gets fixed until Holland and all of his disciples are gone. It's really, really frustrating to be a Wings fan right now. Like Stewie said, the years of success are taking their toll, but Holland's poor signings and lack of player movement have severely hindered this team. They are more than $3M over the cap (before Franzen goes on LTIR) but have not signed Athanasiou. Holland plans on going into the preseason over the cap. He'll weasel his way out of trouble AGAIN because at least one guy will get hurt and go on LTIR, Holland's favorite salary cap lifeline. And if that doesn't happen, he will have to waive someone to get under the cap, and likely carry a 21-man roster, MAYBE 22. I can accept being at or over the Cap if the team is good, or close to it. But this is a bad team. 3rd lowest regulation win total in the league last year. They only stayed somewhat close to the playoff pack because of their shootout record. Yes, there were a few injuries, but most teams battle that. The goaltending was inconsistent, the defense pretty much abysmal, and the offense was AWOL. Holland puts way too much stock in 3rd- and 4th-liners, and veterans past their prime. Blashill seems generally lost behind the bench at the NHL level... at least behind this bench. He may be a good coach, but it isn't working here. The comfort level is too high for a team that is, at its very best, a bubble team, and on the whole, a near bottom-feeder. Nobody gets let go, nobody gets traded away. Ken Holland-issued contracts are pretty much lifetime contracts, and it's gotten to be unhealthy. Fresh blood is needed in the office, behind the bench, and on the roster.
  4. Bending Branches is still around, they make paddles for canoes and kayaks. I used to love their sticks...
  5. Horrible news, and even worse timing with all the support and momentum Womens' hockey had gotten in the previous weeks.
  6. What size do you need? You can find some on eBay.
  7. Understandable. Thanks for the quick reply!
  8. Jason, any plans for custom blades? Specifically tapered... with the overall decline in the 2-piece category, it's impossible to find blades that I like anymore.
  9. CCM RBZ skates run pretty big, you might be able to get into a 12. I fit a guy (MLB pitcher, actually) who wears a 15 shoe into an RBZ 70 size 12 and his foot wasn't crammed at all.
  10. Unfortunately, it's not uncommon for holders to be slightly mismounted at the factory, which causes a slight bend in the steel and can create a pressure point that would be more susceptible to breakage.
  11. Skill and sense are not related. Sometimes they're complete opposites.
  12. My C-league (Livonia, MI) plays blue-line icing. 10-10-12 stop-time periods. 3-man shootout, then sudden death (no ties). All teams make playoffs, single elimination, best-of-3 final. My D-league (Fraser, MI) has a 2-goal cap per player, per game. 3 11-min stop-time periods. Red line icing. Not sure how shootouts or playoffs work, it's my first year in that league.
  13. I also have a few original Dynasty shafts. I currently have TPS and Reebok pro stock blades in them. The Reebok blade was a pretty tight fit, but the TPS wasn't bad. I haven't tried any Easton blades. I'll agree with previous posters, some manufacturers have tweaked their shaft/blade size so only their blades fit. I understand why they'd do that, but it's shady, IMO.
  14. Just make sure the sharpener knows what they're doing. It's really easy to mess up V2 steel. Most sharpeners today probably haven't ever seen it, let alone sharpened it.
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