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  1. Got a pair of custom Proto-Rs for my birthday (70 flex Pasta curve), this stick is honestly incredible. It’s a mid kick but pucks release off it almost as quickly as the Vapor ADV. And I love the XX stiff blade.
  2. Correct (if you haven't gotten a response before now lol)
  3. Pic 1 and 2: P28/Pasta/Kuch Pic 3 and 4: Kuch/Pasta/Kuch Pics 5 and 6: Pasta/Kuch/Pasta I don’t have a second P28 that isn’t a Nexus ADV right now to sandwich but you can see compared to the Kuch, the Pasta is more closed. Comparing the Pasta to the P28 is more subtle, but at least to me looks like the toe of the Pasta is slightly more open than the P28. If you want I can try to do a comparison with Pasta/P28/Pasta.
  4. Maybe they just don’t manufacture those ones individually and are trying to find a way to send you new holders?
  5. Funny that Bauer used to offer this, then did away with it, and now that CCM has been doing it since the first gen Jetspeed Bauer is bringing it back.
  6. When I went to a store to compare the Pasta to the Kuch to the P28, the Pasta is closer to the P28 than it is to the Kuch, but the difference is super subtle and I doubt it makes *that* much of a difference to the average beer leaguer. And my impression is the Pasta is actually more *closed* than the P28 but that’s based on the eyeball test with the sample they had on display; I don’t know if they’ve updated any of the curves since introducing them on MyBauer (like if pros have since modified them). The Kuch is identical to the Warrior W28, which to my understanding is essentially a Fisher Pro (think of it as a P28 that is smoothed out from the heel to the mid part of the blade, where the P28 has an ever so slight heel “kink” similar to what you would find on the P91/A family of curves).
  7. They're still an option on CCM custom skates if you want to go that route.
  8. https://www.ebay.com/itm/325630791286?itmmeta=01HQNQA7MD3M9VR52DK2PARVT4&hash=item4bd11b8e76:g:kIIAAOSwKztkRvij&itmprp=enc%3AAQAIAAAAwGqkvvzQnoTYMlqi%2BBjpPwJGZxUtuc6WuBhxZCV6wvltLQqGHJd7ALSbGVe%2FsKpUm6aVbTnKHZrDmAe%2FupT0DDsUY%2FZ5tSBdrzliAQ1PIvNiCpwXT3hTkbe%2FgAsuo6Bqs70BjmeK%2FL0Ax9tDWjCf677nVcXgVQQqSqmdgsifogr51m4htoqlW%2FmSnj3SAyKGi1EtRUjjjY3NhUCkNTu8%2BEuzklKQMDGz5UNoLvqFu%2B9JxXP21VuBNJy6PesqpNQNTg%3D%3D|tkp%3ABk9SR6j6qLe9Yw Here is your Malkin AG5NT. 87 flex though.
  9. I mean, the stick order sheet I got was from a non-NHL pro team in Europe and it had all the options (including the G15F that OP is asking for).
  10. Short answer: 99% no. Long answer: the 1% of the time you need to know either an EQM of a pro team with a Bauer account that has access to the full range of pro custom options. Then that EQM needs to be willing to ask their team’s management office if they can slip in your order with the next batch of (re)orders for their players. If the mould of the blade exists then great; if you’re planning on sending in your custom curve then it’ll be something like $2000 to have it made. I was actually trying to do the same thing through a friend of a friend who is the EQM of a team in Europe but the guy ghosted me, even after giving me the order spec sheet with literally every Bauer stick option to date.
  11. Thanks for the info, not sure it’ll apply to me, someone who weighs twice as much and will be using a 70 flex 😅
  12. I remember when it was: Hockey Monkey > Hockey Giant > Total Hockey > Pure Hockey
  13. Thanks for reply. How’s the blade holding up? And how would you say the stiffness compares to say a 1X Lite blade?
  14. Any updates on Proto R durability?
  15. Someone already mentioned Oggie grips but STX Surgeon had a different shaft shape at the top only for a similar effect. I guess you could consider any “odd” shaft shape in the answers to this question: Easton Ellipse, CCM Octogun, CCM Ribcor taper, CCM Jetspeed asymmetrical, RBK O-stick, Bauer ER Spine, Bauer Sonic Taper, Trilage triangle hockey shaft.
  16. Nothing like showing off an AG5NT stick that clearly doesn't have the ellptical taper.
  17. will have to see what my schedule looks like, should find out next month, and if i can take a vacation that month then will try to come on through!
  18. Yup. If you want any custom work done on gloves and can wait, then CPR is your go to.
  19. These were like 4 years in the making, from finding appropriate donor gloves to getting the embroidery files digitized and then stitched out, then sent off to CPR. Didn't get around to sharing on this forum. Here's a teardown photo CPR sent me:
  20. GoalForFun

    Save the date!

    Dang, I wish I checked this site more often. I already submitted my vacation requests for the next few months and I don't think I can switch anything around. Looking forward to the pictures!
  21. GoalForFun

    Bauer Nexus ADV

    About Me Height: 5’10” Weight: 150 lbs Shoots: Left I've been playing hockey since I was 7 with roller and started ice when I was 11. I've played as high as midget AAA but was a career AA player at best, along with high school varsity hockey in New Jersey. I've used many sticks throughout my time on the ice. To give you an idea of what I have to compare the Nexus ADV to, I've used: Nike Bauer Vapor XXX Lite TPS Response R8 RBK 7K SicKick Easton Synergy SL Easton Stealth CNT Easton Stealth S19 CCM pro stock with XX-stiff blade TRUE A6.0 SBP (pro stock) Warrior QR Edge Bauer APX2 Bauer Vapor ADV (both retail and pro stock) Bauer Nexus 1NXL Bauer Nexus 2NPro Bauer 1X Lite Bauer Pro Custom 2NPro + Vapor 1X Lite blade Stick specs: 70 flex, P28 Blade/Receiving Passes - 8.5/10 Not sure how the hole in the blade affects this, but I felt that receiving hard passes with this stick was much easier than with most of the other blades that I've used. The puck doesn't stick to the blade like with the True A6.0 SBP, but it doesn't ricochet off like is often possible with the 1X Lite's blade. I rated it an 8.5 because somehow I felt that making good passes with this stick was harder, probably because of how the blade flexes differently from a conventional solid blade does. The release point to get the pass to go where you want is definitely different. I haven't dialed it in quite yet. Shaft/Flex – 10/10 Not sure how much the "ER Spine" shaft actually helps but I felt that it made loading the stick for shots faster than you would expect from a Nexus line (but not quite as quickly as a Vapor's low kick does). I didn't really notice the difference in ergonomics in my hand so I consider that a positive as that's one less thing I'm being conscious about when playing with a stick that's oddly shaped. I do appreciate that the shape doesn't go all the way up the shaft like you would find in the Surgeon line from STX so your top-hand still gets to grip a traditional shaft shape. Stickhandling – 9.5/10 Stickhandling with this blade and shaft combination is much better than with my 2NPro (the shaft is really a non-factor, though, so it's all about the blade.) The blade does have a somewhat dampened feel but you're still able to get a good read on where the puck is on the blade with your head up. I didn't rate it a 10/10 because I just like the 1X Lite blade a tad bit more. Shooting – 10/10 Like mentioned about, the release of this stick is not quite as fast as a low-kick stick but it's definitely faster than a traditional mid-kick stick. Honestly, I can't feel the blade doing it's "slingshot" work but I definitely notice it happening in real time when I take shots, especially when I compare the stick to a retail 2NPro or even my pro-customs. Weight and Balance – 10/10 I'll basically paste what I wrote about the 2NPro, in that this stick isn't Bauer's lightest offering nor its heaviest. I think this stick is very nicely balanced, however, without being too blade or too shaft heavy. It definitely has a better center of gravity than the 2NPro does, though, so that earns it extra points. And it's even lighter than a 1X Lite which is another bonus. Durability – 10/10* Considering that there's a hole in the blade, this stick has held up pretty damn well. Granted, my mens' league is respectful enough to not have lumberjacks every game so YMMV, but I've definitely jammed the stick into boards and skates during friendly battles and nothing has broken so far. Intangibles I like the graphics well enough, though if I were to rate all the ADV graphics it would have to be Vapor > Supreme > Nexus. I really like the green, though, gives it pop. Conclusion – 9.5/10 Bottom line: a Nexus that plays like a Vapor, basically what I tried to make with my pro-customs but done much better. I liked the stick so much that I bought a second one (so I am that guy who brings $700 worth of carbon fiber to mens' league). I don't think I've liked a stick this much since the Vapor XXX Lite, and so long as I have these to use I probably won't be buying any new sticks. I highly recommend trying it out if you have a buddy that will let you borrow it or if you have the means to purchase one for yourself.
  22. JR put Edge holders on my One95s as well!
  23. Seems that Bauer is starting to be more "transparent" with their stick codes, so 2NPRO = 2NPRO and etc. They even write "FLYITE" on Flylite sticks. Even though historically they've used BRxxxx for Vapor-line sticks I would trust the actual "2NPROSE" written on your stick to be the definitive code.
  24. With all the Bauer shit I own you’d think there’s send me one for free.
  25. I’ve been playing without a knob on the end for almost 5 years now for 3 big reasons: 1. The grip does the job just fine for tackiness 2. My palm doesn’t have a lot of surface area so a knob would make the grip weaker 3. Next to no wear on my palms The only con is that I get calluses on my palm more easily, but those naturally go away if I don’t play for a couple months.
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