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  1. How much do the compuware and hb gloves and pants go for? You can inbox me if you'd like
  2. He's been one of my top players for me all season. I definitely think going into the year he kept my fantasy team in mind, and has used it as extra motivation.
  3. My guess is no mid kick for at least a year if not more. It's a whole new stick manufacturing process for them it sounds like
  4. Stewie

    Bauer X:Pro

    Model-13" Black, used for about 6 months of beer league (c/d) and drop in hockey Bauer Vapor Pro Series purchased for 85 on sale. Fit- Vapor Series fit, and its likenesses in other manufacturers, is my favorite style of fit. These have great dimensions, although I would like a little more finger length and would probably like something more of a 13.5" for some reason, they just dont fit as well in the fingers as my 7k. Subjective Protection- At the level I play, the protection of these has been pretty good. Its not as protective as my 7k gloves are, but very good for the price point I purchased them at. A nice blend of foams and plastics keep any beer league player adequately protected. May need wrist slash protectors if you like something more adequate in that area. 7/10 Weight- Very light weight. This part and the thumb flexibility are my two favorite upgrades from the 7k. 10/10 Durability- as previously mentioned, these are where the gloves dont shine. I have some holes and stitching coming up in some areas of the nylon, and my palms are in worse shape than the 7k's ive used for the last 2 years extensively. By no means does this mean these gloves are falling apart, just not as high quality as what I am used to. Also, the palm material is not very breathable, which I feel contributes to the wear of the glove by creating a little more palm sweat than Id like. 6/10 Intangibles- love the look of these gloves. Perhaps the greatest intangible Bauer has for me is the flex thumb, For someone with smaller hands, Its nice to get a little extra wrap behind the shaft of my stick. 8/10 Conclusion- For average Joe beer league player, these gloves would be a perfect value selection. They offer a nice feature set in a basic package, giving you light weight without too much protection sacrifice. For my next gloves, I will definitely go with something more breathable in the palms, but otherwise, This has been a very solid purchase for me. Overall 31/40
  5. Stewie

    RBK 11k

    Product: Reebok 11k Helmet - Large (combo) Time Used: 4 months Personal Specs: 31 Years old, 5'8'', 170lbs, Hat Size: 7 5/8'' On ice ~4 hrs/week in Men`s league and Drop-in hockey Fit: 7/10 Reebok Helmets fit me the best. I have a rather large head and find that the 11K gives me better fit than any other helmet I tried on in the store (roughly 10 models). For this, I will not include fit in my overall scoring, but rather score this section on how adjustable it is with the dial. The dial helps me lock in, and I haven't noticed any change in its performance over the time I have had it. That being said, I think their are some better adjustable setting systems on the market, but the dial helps for sure. Protection: 9/10 I was going to hold off for a few more months on doing a review of this product, but feel as though I have tested it enough to know how good it works. The main "test" came unwillingly in an adult league hockey game where a guy basically lined up my head when i was going to poke a puck forward to move past the D. It was probably the most impact my head has taken in a while, and although it wasnt a wall, the guy was the skating equivalent. This helmet protected my head very adequately, as I mostly just felt some neck pain afterwards from awkward bending. I have also taken many shots off the cage and helmet, as for some reason I like to use my body to block shots even in the beer leagues, and upgrading my helmet was definitely a great decision. My one point knock in this section is for the chin cup. It holds onto my chin decently, but there is definitely some give. If I played in a league with more contact, that could be an issue, and it is likely just my chin shape that creates this. Also note they changed the chin cup on the combo at some point, the one I have is a softer rubbery material which I think will help absorb impacts better and is way more comfortable on the chin, I exchanged the one i bought originally for one with the softer cup as the other cup felt awkward and too hard. (both 11k combos) Weight: 9/10 Its light, but not the lightest on the market. For its protection level, it has a good weight for sure. Durability: 9/10 Held up very well thusfar. The cage does have a few coating chips from pucks and other abuse, but otherwise, this helmet is holding up to the abuse fairly well. Also, the sticky padding inside the helmet is holding on much better than the adhesive in my previous 6k model. Breathability: 9/10 I notice a big jump in how breathable this helmet is, but it's not quite at the 10/10 mark. Intangibles: as previously mentioned, the colorway options are nice to have. One big drawback, Is that it will take some modification to fit a Re-akt cage on, its not seamless. I tried in the store, and it would take some bending of the cage. You can find this helmet on sale, however, at some places, and at the price I got the combo for, I went with it and have been happy. The biggest drawback of this helmet so far to me, has been the black color of the chin cup. The other chin cup I tried on was a lighter gray, but the black of the more comfortable cup sometimes makes puckwork at the feet and my peripherals slightly more problematic, not a deal breaker, but I liked the Gray. Conclusion: Find one of these on sale and be happy with the high performance and level of protection. A great balance of performance, and luxuries, makes this a solid investment. Final Score: 8.5/10
  6. I'm definitely interested in all the protective lines, especially those gloves :)
  7. anyone know the fit of the respective Sherwood glove lines? in particular, how the rekker ek15 glove will fit?
  8. wood bats are a bad idea for softball anyways. i dont think they make wood softball bats, and softball and baseball bats are entirely different based on differences in the ball and pitching style both. a big difference in hockey sticks vs gloves, is there really hasnt been much of a general construction change in gloves over the years. still mostly made of leather, and basically the same design and similar performances. you dont have load points, flex profiles, textures, etc.
  9. glove fit is usually semi adjustable, theres a strap on most to get the wrist locked better. its really hard buying a glove in actuality, much harder than a pair of hockey gloves, because everything you try on is going to be stiff as hell. in a rec softball league, you will probably be ok with just about any manufacturer, but make sure you put in a lot of work conditioning and breaking in the glove. Whenever i got a new baseball mit, id sit on it any chance i got, and then take some wiffle softballs and straps to work the pocket overnight.
  10. you dont want a wide fit in your baseball glove =) I havent played too much softball, but i dont think you need a specialized glove too much for any softball position like you would in baseball, just infield or outfield. Infield i would maybe suggest a 12.5.
  11. wow, looks like i might have to plan a trip to windsor soon! did they have a decent stock of them?
  12. the videos dont need to be some massive production, just 60-90 second clips that go over the product, maybe some motion on gear pieces, up close shots, etc. One big thing I love about some sites is these videos. I know a lot of the stuff they will talk about is marketing or technical jargon, but the main thing i want to see is how will these pieces look etc more than a photo would show. Hockeytrons unfortunate drawback is that you do not have retail equipment, as far as i know, in Michigan, so I cant just go to any store and try on your shoulder as an example, but these videos could give me enough of an idea to make an order and hope that if i dont like the fit, the return policy will be easy.
  13. one of the bigger things that scares me from trying tron product is that, lack of info or insight into the products other than basic key words. Pictures are often really bad at showing what a product is about, how spongy is that sternum protection, etc.
  14. I liked their gloves at summerjam, especially for the price.
  15. man am i regretting missing the warrior sale for work =(
  16. I came in last Tuesday, guy did a great job btw. Unfortunately I'm going to be mostly out that way Sundays so ill only make limited use of my free Tuesday sharpenings. I like the 100 50, might try others in the future :)
  17. I was skeptical at first, having tried it as last Winterfest, it didnt entirely sell me. something just felt very different, but in the end, I just dont think i was comfortable with it. I tried it again at summer jam, and noticed although it had been some time since I last skated, my legs werent as sore as I was sure they were going to be the next day. Since then the rest of this summer I spent exclusively on it, and now that I am used to it, I definitely notice advantages, mostly in the amount of effort i need, but also I feel I can turn a lot better. The only negetive I notice is that it seems like my edges nick up easier with this style, but I am in the process of acquiring a good honing stone to help with this.
  18. Always one of my favorite players, his hockey camps were the highlight of my summer. I met countless wings players through them and stayed all day long for a week in different sessions. He was always very approachable and good with us younger players, and probably is the most responsible for cultivating my passion for the game at a young age. A wonderful human being that will be missed
  19. Ian White couldnt even crack the Wings D top 6 last year very often. He has been lost ever since paired with Lidstrom, which just goes to show you how good Lidstrom was when he retired, he made Ian White look like first pairing material. Back on topic, I think its a great move for Edmonton.
  20. Stewie

    CCM CL Pants

    6 months in, Reviewer is 5'8" 185 lbs. Fit: Tight in the waste and short in the leg area, this pant would be great for someone like me who has trouble with the length of other manufacturers pants in the waist size you need. You will want to like a slightly more snug fitting style pant to prefer these over others. Fit is subjective, So ill go without the rating here. Protection: Never a single major issue so far in the several beer leagues and drop ins. Taken pucks to just about any spot on these pants, and dropped a few times to the front and back. These are easily the most protective pants i've owned, and definitely a good step above my fit07 LE of previous. 9/10 Weight: This is where these pants shine. For the level of protection I feel are attained in this design, the weight is rather minimal. This is all a comparison to protection level, as there are likely lighter pants on the market, but nothing that makes you feel as comfortable with your health on the ice. 10/10 Durability: nothing big in terms of negative durability here thusfar. Some minor piling on the velcro tabs, a little normal wear and tear, and the belt probably holds with about 90 percent of the force it did initially so i have to readjust a time, maybe 2 times a game. 9/10 Intangibles: The dry liner is really good not only for multiple games in a day, and drying equipment on the balcony, but also ensures that your not adding a whole lot of weight during your skate. My pants dry before any other piece of my gear. would like a slightly better sealing system on the zipper flaps at the bottom of the leg. 9/10 Conclusion: if your looking for a great protective pant, but want to maintain a low weight and have the bucks to put down, the CCM CL pants are an excellent options given that you like the fit of the pant. Its definitely worthy of being a top of the line pant model. 9.25/10
  21. now that'd be a better glove image!
  22. maybe its meant to look like its proudly waving. flags arent really meant to be straight often anyways
  23. Ill check the sizes then and see if something fits right.
  24. this might be answered somewhere else on this thread already, but I was wondering if the CA5 line was available in half sizes, im just getting back into roller hockey and was looking for a decent budget level skate for drop ins, not sure I want to commit to the CA7, but I am a 7.5D in CCM Ice hockey skates, and cannot seem to find half sizes in the CA5 to check out. Thanks!
  25. Skates - CCM vector u08 with rocket runner Stick - Reebok 11k, datsyuk pattern Gloves - Reebok 7k Helmet - Reebok 6k Pants- CCM fit07 LE Shoulder Pads - CCM fit05 Elbow Pads - CCM fit05 Shin Pads - CCM fit05 and then for Pond I have Skates- CCM vector u06 with scalloped steels Helmet- old Bauer helmet without cage Gloves- currently using the same gloves in both sets, but once the palms start going i will buy new. All but the skates and helmet from my main set are purchased within the last year when i went upgrade crazy. I love CCM fit line of gear for adult hockey, i recently lost some weight though so I might be needing new pants soon, hoping to hold out until next xmas though as they are about 3 month old lol.
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