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  1. to me, i had the opposite feeling. Both pair of warriors I have had, the Projekt and ax2 shins, I had some slippage during play, even when tightened all the way. I feel like the light weight of the RBZ makes it so they move a lot less, and i can get an almost anchor like grip on them, to my leg. I still have and like my projekts, but will probably sell them and eventually get a second RBZ pair for my drop in kit, maybe a line or two below top end.
  2. It existed but I think was swallowed in the great void
  3. i agree. the lycra straps are definitely better. everything else in your post makes sense from my experiences as well. I just was really hesitant buying the CL shins, and when i did, I wasnt very impressed in fact, the opposite. My RBZ experience has been fully the opposite, love from first try, so much so that I will likely buy another pair in a few months after i test out their durability.
  4. i guess our mileage is varying. The RBZ shins are the first pads I have worn on my shins that havent moved at all during the course of the game. to me, they had better forward flex when standing straight up at the cap point, and just overall felt a lot more comfortable, especially at the knee cap, but also the way down. Another huge improvement for me is the way they did the top of the pad. My CL shins were catching my CL pants on the top tab rather frequently, this isnt happening on my RBZs due to the shape and the nature of the way its constructed. Outside of my APX pro gloves, this might have been the most impressed I have been with a piece of equipment (non stick) based solely on initial impressions. next week i will head back up to total to check out the shoulders.
  5. so I was in my local Total Hockey, looking mainly at sticks, and the RBZ shin guards caught my eye. I had previously written them off since I wasnt a huge fan of the CL shins when i tried them. I put these on in store, and instantly decided to purchase them they felt so nice. I dont do this very often, usually i think more about purchases over 100 on gear, but after one game, I can say it was a great purchase. They dont seem to breathe quite as well as the CL did, so it ran a little hotter, but the comfort was great and they are super light. I might find myself getting a second pair and selling off my projekts. as far as the shoulders go, I didnt have time to try those on as the store was closing, but i tried on a lower line and was impressed.
  6. How much for the landeskog
  7. for those who have received them, it appears in the catalogue that the geometry of the Surgeon shaft is similar to the ek15 and is concave. Is this true?
  8. liking the look of this stick. Would love to feel one, wonder if any local stores will pick it up.
  9. didn't go with a hatchback???
  10. also if you got them powerball numbers for tonight that would be helpful as well =)
  11. Gettin Dem fantasy points! was excited to see I had so many after day one of my fantasy matchup this week.
  12. wow thats awesome! hard to make?
  13. if your familiar with the APX glove fit, are they pretty similar?
  14. Jealous! have those been released already?
  15. I liked the Pro glove too, but for some reason I preffered the standard glove better, then again, i didnt have a stick in hand.
  16. both the APX2 gloves and shoulders are Very impressive. Bauer really is trying to get my next shoulder purchase, As I had been set on the CL shoulders but Winterfest may have changed that. They feel impressively light and well protected. The gloves I was already sold on the current version, but the lastest one solidified that even further.
  17. I share JR's opinion of the Gloves, they felt really nice at WF
  18. how is the fit compared to an 11k. I wear 11k and its pretty much all I have found that fits my head really well, but I am always looking for more options
  19. How much do the compuware and hb gloves and pants go for? You can inbox me if you'd like
  20. He's been one of my top players for me all season. I definitely think going into the year he kept my fantasy team in mind, and has used it as extra motivation.
  21. My guess is no mid kick for at least a year if not more. It's a whole new stick manufacturing process for them it sounds like
  22. Stewie

    Bauer X:Pro

    Model-13" Black, used for about 6 months of beer league (c/d) and drop in hockey Bauer Vapor Pro Series purchased for 85 on sale. Fit- Vapor Series fit, and its likenesses in other manufacturers, is my favorite style of fit. These have great dimensions, although I would like a little more finger length and would probably like something more of a 13.5" for some reason, they just dont fit as well in the fingers as my 7k. Subjective Protection- At the level I play, the protection of these has been pretty good. Its not as protective as my 7k gloves are, but very good for the price point I purchased them at. A nice blend of foams and plastics keep any beer league player adequately protected. May need wrist slash protectors if you like something more adequate in that area. 7/10 Weight- Very light weight. This part and the thumb flexibility are my two favorite upgrades from the 7k. 10/10 Durability- as previously mentioned, these are where the gloves dont shine. I have some holes and stitching coming up in some areas of the nylon, and my palms are in worse shape than the 7k's ive used for the last 2 years extensively. By no means does this mean these gloves are falling apart, just not as high quality as what I am used to. Also, the palm material is not very breathable, which I feel contributes to the wear of the glove by creating a little more palm sweat than Id like. 6/10 Intangibles- love the look of these gloves. Perhaps the greatest intangible Bauer has for me is the flex thumb, For someone with smaller hands, Its nice to get a little extra wrap behind the shaft of my stick. 8/10 Conclusion- For average Joe beer league player, these gloves would be a perfect value selection. They offer a nice feature set in a basic package, giving you light weight without too much protection sacrifice. For my next gloves, I will definitely go with something more breathable in the palms, but otherwise, This has been a very solid purchase for me. Overall 31/40
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