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  1. Just picked up a brand new pair of 20K skates for $50 CAD. Thankfully my wife tolerates my skate habit. I feel like the Imelda Marcos of skates!
  2. Seems pretty pointless to me, since an ellipse is just a squished circle. Any application of the ellipse shape to a skate blade would have to use the long arc of the ellipse, so really it's still just a circle. Oh well, will be interesting to see what it actually is.
  3. I had the new blades profiled to a 10' single radius and agility returned to normal. My concern with the quad 0.5 is that it still has a long rear radius which seems to be the thing that causes a lot of my issues. If I was stateside, I would definitely participate in the Prosharp project to try everything that have to offer, but shipping back and forth to Canada would just be too pricy. I'm currently sitting on a couple sets of brand new Step XS runners, so once I sell those I'll probably pick up some Edge runners and try a quad 0.5 and 9.5/10.5.
  4. I would say they are equally "easy" and it's your shooting mechanics that determine which is "better for you".
  5. The P28 starts to open further from the heel, but it is more open at the toe than P29/92. Therefore, I would say at the middle of the blade the P29/92 is more open, but the toe section of the P28 is more open.
  6. I disagree with this statement. I have owned all three and would say they are very close to the same, but not identical. I feel that the P29 is ever so slightly more closed than the P92. The W03 is in my opinion, more open/less curved than the P29 and P92. I actually think the W03 is closer to the CCM P19.
  7. Oh, sorry I misunderstood. I did not find that it helped my backwards skating at all. I am an older player and probably pretty set in my mechanics, so perhaps I just can't adapt my stride to the quad. I tried it a few times, with probably a total of 12-15 hours of ice time. Just don't like it.
  8. Well, I guess in theory it would allow me to turn a tighter circle while skating backwards, but in my 45 years of hockey, I can't ever recall performing that type of turn in a game.
  9. Of all the ones I've tried, I like the CCM Custom Support (Curex) ones the best. Good arch support and better cushioning of the forefoot. In all honesty, unless you have foot problems, the "rivet cover" insoles are just fine. Not saying aftermarket insoles are not good, just that in most cases they aren't necessary. Shops push Superfeet because they are a high margin item.
  10. I believe the P30 has been discontinued at retail. Bits basically a P88 with a big open toe hook. I don't think it's a great ball hockey curve, as you'll probably be hitting the rafters.
  11. I think @JR Boucicautwas asking what store (and when) made the original 11' recommendation? You said it was a few years ago?
  12. Interesting comment on the crossover around the circles; the first time I tried a quad, I had this same exact experience. I literally almost fell over trying to do that drill. I also like to practice skating with my laces untied, but couldn't do it with that quad. Some pretty strong skaters like the quad, so it must work for them, but I just can't adapt to it.
  13. I ended up on a quad zero because I picked up a pair of 3S and figured I would give the "power profile" a shot. Due to COVID, there's no public skating available, so my only option was to go straight into a 4 on 4 game. I was fine going in a straight line, but that's about it. Drove straight to the shop afterwards and had them put a 10' on them. I may try a 9.5/10.5, but I'm done with quads, (this is my third attempt over the past few years). On a side note, the 3S are unbelievably comfortable and felt broken in from the first stride in warmup.
  14. Very good points, and I guess I could have selected a better topic title. Guess I'm really wondering if there is a flaw in my skating that is stopping me from adapting to the longer rear radius on a quad? The tight turns claim really does confuse me because like I said, for me, tight pivots are performed on the rear part of the blade.
  15. I know many of the members here absolutely love quad profiles. I've tried a few different times and I literally can barely skate on them. I've been playing hockey for 45 years and played at a pretty high level, so I'm a decent skater. I find that I have zero agility on a quad. One thing that confuses me is the claim that the short front radius allows for tighter turns. I could see how this would be true for hard cuts when you're moving fast and leaning forward, but I find the long rear radius inhibits tight pivots. Maybe my skating style is odd, but when I'm trying to turn a very tight circle to shake a forechecker, I lean hard into the heel of my blade. The long radius makes it much harder for me to make that tight pivot. Anyone else think single or dual radii are superior to quads? Am I just weird in my inability to adapt to the quads?
  16. Having held them all in my hand at the same time, I can tell you the the curvature of the P29 and P90TM are pretty close to identical up to the point of the toe kink. It opens up more at the kink. In terms of blade shape, it appears to have less rocker than the P29.
  17. First image is P90TM Second image is P88 and P29 This should give you a good idea of how open the P90TM is.
  18. I suggest you take a look at the pics I posted on the previous page. They clearly show the rocker and curve. The pics were snapped of a retail version of the P90TM. In my opinion the P90T pro stock pic that Colins posted is not quite the same as the retail P90TM, but you can judge for yourself. When I took the pics, I purposely held the blade as vertical as possible to give a true view of the curve. It is very open, (moreso than the P29).
  19. This is so true. I'm always baffled when someone posts that they wear a size 10 shoe and a size 7 skate. Well if a size 7 skate fits properly, your shoes are too damn big then.
  20. As skates start to have more swapable parts, I think we're going to start seeing more Frankenskates. I saw a pair of 1S on a second-hand site, that had a Jetspeed tongue and CXN holders. It just looked super weird.
  21. Some pics I snapped of the P90TM. Honestly just seems like a more open P29/P92. http://imgur.com/a/nAPFJTI
  22. I think age has finally caught up with me. Even though I'm in my late forties, I was always one of the quickest skaters on the ice. Now after 6 months off due to COVID, I have just started playing again. I still have decent speed when I'm moving, but the first few steps are completely gone. I try to push hard to take off and my legs just won't move. I can't generate any power from my quads. It's not so much that they feel tired, more like I just can't feel anything, (dead legs). Getting old sucks!
  23. Unless I'm mistaken, it seems to me that everyone that has said the Trues fit a half size smaller are wearing EE/W skates. I'm a D width and did not have to go down a half size, so I'm wondering if the W sizes have a much wider heel that is letting their foot sit further back?
  24. That area has been a problem for me in almost every modern skate with the exception of the 20K and CL. Did you have to punch where the toe cap is attached to the quarter? Did you just use a regular punch tool or did you have to use something special like the toecap punch that Custom Skateworks designed?
  25. A half size is equal to 4mm which is pretty small. Using foam to fill the 4mm space is quite acceptable and will allow a snug fit.
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