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  1. Well if your accuracy is 70-80%, then you're fine, no need to change anything. Even the pros miss their target 20% of the time or more.
  2. For ball hockey I can't think of a single reason to use anything other than a P88 or some other closed face curve. Anything with an open face is going to elevate a ball way too much, and it's very easy to shoot a ball 20' high with a straight stick, let alone a closed curve.
  3. More marketing gobbledygook. No curve is a shooter's curve. The curve that best matches your preferred technique is the best shooter's curve for you. I can shoot equally well with just about any curve, and certainly all the popular retail options. The difference is in how much I have to concentrate on different types of shots with each curve. For example, a P28 or P29 requires less wrist rotation to hit the top corner in comparison to a P88.
  4. But they have X-ribs, so they must be super awesome!
  5. XS is a mechanical lock, so I doubt that it is spontaneously loosening a couple clicks. I have no evidence, but I suspect that people are inadvertently turning the dial a click or two when handling the skates. I personally prefer the XS holder, but would not have any issues skating on the Edge. I don't really think one is noticeably better than the other.
  6. 80K can be found on clearance for $200 CAD less than the 90K. I know which one I would get.
  7. Ah, I see what you're talking about. I think I misunderstood because you initially referred to it as a "flex notch. Although, having looked at pics of the Microns, their notch had the same effect of spacing the lacing. Micron 10-90 https://imgur.com/a/e9pNNCa
  8. My Micron Mega 10-90 skates had that notch, and I think it's a big reason why they were so comfortable to skate in.
  9. Is Suzuki wearing the unreleased Super Ultra Light Hypersonic Supreme 8000S?
  10. Chabot switching from Tacks to True with XS holders; interesting.
  11. Alright, I owe @Hills an apology for doubting his take on the sizing of these things. I tried them on when they first came out and thought they were fairly close to standard sizing, (maybe a touch bigger). Went to the store today because I was going to buy a pair of TF9. I'm a 7.5/7.75 in Bauer and CCM. I put a 7R TF9 on my foot unbaked and my forefoot was swimming in the boot. Length was pretty good, so I know they'd be too long post bake. I think if these things fit you properly, you must wear no pants and have nephews named Huey, Dewey and Louie!
  12. Do you need any employees in the GTA, who's sole responsibility is to test skates? 🤣
  13. @PBH I wish you were 7.5L and 7.75R so I could take all your castoffs LOL. Being a total skate nerd, I'm very jealous!
  14. If I'm understanding your idea correctly, then the blade would flex too much because it would only be attached to the holder at the ends. The blade needs to slot into the holder somehow to give some resistance to flex.
  15. Not to sidetrack the thread too much, but society seems to have all but abandoned the idea of civil discourse. If you think someone's opinion is dumb, listen to what they have to say, evaluate it, then either modify your own opinion or don't. No need to tell them you think they're an idiot.
  16. Bauer tried aluminum first. Look up Lightspeed Fusion runners. They were a disaster.
  17. Um, I think you must have missed the /s at the end of my post. To be clear....the material with the strength of steel that I'm referring to is "steel".
  18. I don't think hockey players respond differently than any other consumer base. To use your PC building example, I know plenty of folks that fall for "this new Nvidia card can run Duke Nukem at 4 gazillion FPS". So they spend $2k on a video card to play DOTA or something similar. Some people will spend thousands on designer clothes thinking it will make them more attractive, when in reality they're often made in the same factory in Bangladesh that made the Walmart knockoff.
  19. If only there were some sort of material that has the strength of steel, and would be suitable to use in the upper portion of a skate runner. /s
  20. I skated comfortably in a 7D of the original Jetspeed. 7.5D in both the FT1 and FT2 are too narrow for me, (right at the edge of the toecap). After speaking to other Jetspeed wearers, I'd say the boot got narrower beginning with the FT1 line. CCM has their 90 day satisfaction guarantee though, so as long as that's applicable in your country, you can try them out risk free.
  21. I skated for a short time in both the 9080 and 9090 adult sizes. The 9090 surprisingly had great forward flex when laced one eyelet down. It was similar to the 9080. What I did find with the 9090 is the comfort edge didn't do a very good job, so I had some discomfort above my outer ankles. That problem didn't exist with the 9080. Other than that, the skating experience was very similar between the two.
  22. Wow he really could have explained that better, so easy to see how it would confuse someone. In other words he said, a 66" stick with a flex rating of 85 will still have a flex rating of 85 after you cut it to 58". It will however take more effort to flex the stick after it has been cut, (shorter lever). Therefore that 66"/85 flex stick cut to 58" will be identical to a stick manufactured to a 58" length with a flex rating of 85.
  23. I'm not sure what video that would be but True cannot debunk the laws of physics. The longer the lever the less force is required to induce deflection. It doesn't actually change how stiff something is, but it does change how easy it is to bend that thing. That's the sole reason that breaker bars exist.
  24. FYI in case you're not aware, the 3S Pro comes stock with a Quad 0 profile. If you're not used to skating on a quad, you're likely to have a "what is this #@ckery" moment.
  25. I think your best bet would be to soak them in hydrogen peroxide, but I'm not sure if it would weaken them. Depending how old they are, they may already be starting to get brittle.
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