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  1. Guess someone will have to tell O'Rielly that roller guards are for benders. /s
  2. That actually sounds like a good idea. I'll have to give that a try. The bars are going to annoy me for a game or two, but I know I will adjust quickly enough. I tell all the young guys to leave the cage on since they're already used to it.
  3. As an older player I've gone from starting organized hockey at age 4 with no face covering, then wearing a cage, then a half shield in junior and beer league. I've tried going back to a cage, (and still want to) but can't find one that fits properly. For me, the floating chin cup is a problem because every time I open my mouth, it pushes the cage down, which moves my helmet down. I spend the whole game pushing my helmet back into position. Never had that problem with the old cages that had the chin cup attached to the cage. Only way I can wear a cage with a floating chin cup would be to "hang" it, which I refuse to do because it defeats the purpose of wearing a cage.
  4. I can tell you that a 7.5D MX3 was very slightly too small for me, while a 7.5 Fit 2 3S fit well. Can't tell you why, but anecdotally it would suggest that the current line fits slightly bigger. (I'm almost 50, so my foot has not grown )
  5. I don't know about those models as I haven't worn them, but my X100 gloves looked like they were 3 years old after about 3 games. Comfortable as hell, but garbage durability.
  6. I met Bourque a couple of times and got to play against him in a Pro Am a few years ago. He's not a very nice guy, so I'm not thrilled that he got the cup with Colorado.
  7. Could be, idk. I didn't see the big CCM graphic on the heel and thought it was the Ribcor.
  8. You're just going to ignore the new Ribcor skate? (Unless I don't see what I think I see?) Edit: apparently I was mistaken and it is the AS3 Pro.
  9. I know this is a joke, but now you've got me thinking. Could you cut open the bladder pockets and put some memory foam in there? The mad scientist in me wants to try it!
  10. Easton aluminum shafts had a foam that was basically the same as what you'd find in a seat cushion. I remember blocking a shot that punched a hole in the shaft, and my whole team was baffled by the spongy foam bulging out of the shaft. I still have no idea what it was supposed to do.
  11. Who you calling nerd? I prefer gearologist, thank you very much!
  12. While I have no evidence to back up my claims, I'm going to say it was purely a cost saving measure. A tiny plastic end plug that can be mass produced is way cheaper than wood that is milled to a precise size and shape, and the glue required. Also, I'm assuming shafts had to be heated to insert the end plugs, which may have been a manual process, which would be labour intensive.
  13. Winnipeg is in the middle of a COVID shitstorm at the moment, so I wouldn't be surprised if turnaround times are longer than normal.
  14. You sir are absolutely correct. Those were so hideous that I formed a mental block to remove them from my memory. Thanks for subjecting me to the pain all over again!
  15. Surprisingly, I don't mind the look of them. I think I'd actually like the look if the white striping was removed. People seem to really hate the large CCM logo that started with the AS3 line, but I don't mind it. I'm actually surprised that I don't hate it, because I thought the original APX was the ugliest skate I had ever seen when it was released.
  16. After having taken a closer look at the video, I don't think I'd use those on XS holders. The depth of the slot for the retaining screw is miniscule. I could see 1/2 turn of the dial being enough to let the runner pop out pretty easily on impact. (This is assuming that I am correctly identifying the retention slot).
  17. When I first heard about this, I was confused because I just assumed the the ellipse would be symmetrical, which would then essentially just be a circle, (Since you'd have to use the long arc of the ellipse). I think a more accurate description would be an "offset ellipse", meaning that depending on which section of the long arc is used, you'll get a graduating lengthening of the arc from one end to the other.
  18. I lost one recently and have been trying to find a replacement for a couple weeks. I've been to five local shops, including Pro Hockey Life and Sportchek. Nobody seems to have any in stock, and a couple said they were having difficulty ordering inventory.
  19. Interesting. I wonder if the altered geometry required to accommodate both holders actually lets them get past the existing patents?
  20. Just picked up a brand new pair of 20K skates for $50 CAD. Thankfully my wife tolerates my skate habit. I feel like the Imelda Marcos of skates!
  21. Seems pretty pointless to me, since an ellipse is just a squished circle. Any application of the ellipse shape to a skate blade would have to use the long arc of the ellipse, so really it's still just a circle. Oh well, will be interesting to see what it actually is.
  22. I had the new blades profiled to a 10' single radius and agility returned to normal. My concern with the quad 0.5 is that it still has a long rear radius which seems to be the thing that causes a lot of my issues. If I was stateside, I would definitely participate in the Prosharp project to try everything that have to offer, but shipping back and forth to Canada would just be too pricy. I'm currently sitting on a couple sets of brand new Step XS runners, so once I sell those I'll probably pick up some Edge runners and try a quad 0.5 and 9.5/10.5.
  23. I would say they are equally "easy" and it's your shooting mechanics that determine which is "better for you".
  24. The P28 starts to open further from the heel, but it is more open at the toe than P29/92. Therefore, I would say at the middle of the blade the P29/92 is more open, but the toe section of the P28 is more open.
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