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  1. I don't know what that is, but it looks like someone took Cobra, XS, and Shift holders and mashed them together.
  2. I'm sure a Fit 1 is not identical to a Vapor D, but right from the mouth of the Bauer Product Manager, "Fit 1 is very, very similar to a Vapor D".
  3. D width in a Vapor is essentially the same as Fit 1. They introduced the Fit system a year after the release of the 2X, so the earlier production runs still used the D/EE sizing.
  4. This is why the point @puckpilot is making is important. People frequently mistakenly believe the marketing nonsense about being able to cut a stick without affecting the flex.
  5. Honestly, if you're just looking for something to let you get on the ice, and you don't need protection from pucks, etc. You might be better off with something like this. https://jacksonskate.ca/products/softec-sport-men-v0
  6. Of course it did. It gave you mega power, (and style)! 🤣
  7. I just assumed that Hyperlite meant they'll make you skate so fast that you'll see that Star Wars light speed effect!
  8. I have no impirical data to support my opinion, but I do have 45 years of hockey experience and have skated with many different lacing methods. My opinion is that tying the top eyelets will shorten your stride, so you may see an increased stride rate. The benefits of the increase in stride rate are offset by a loss of power in each stride. Net result is basically no noticeable difference. Top eyelet undone has much better agility, so my recommendation is to leave it undone if you are comfortable skating that way.
  9. Don't you badmouth my beloved Micron Mega 10-90's! They were the shiznit! 🤣
  10. I'm still trying to figure out what happened in the Montreal / Toronto series. Usually it's the Leafs defence that kills them, but they finished the series with more total goals and Campbell had a better save % than Price. Maybe it really is the curse of Harold Ballard!
  11. Interesting that Bauer has notched the injected lacing between the top five eyelets. Clearly an attempt to make it more flexible, but I wonder how much stress (if any) it will add to the eyelets? Plastic doesn't really like to be repeatedly bent thousands of times.
  12. I wouldn't expect my experience to mirror any normal person. I can skate on rusty butter knives! 🤣
  13. Everyone is different, but I wouldn't say your experience is unusual. LS2 is a better quality steel than CCM stock, which I would say is similar in quality to LS1/Bauer Stainless. I can easily get 30+ hours on the CCM stock steel, but I skate on 5/8 or 3/4 and don't need a perfect edge. If someone gets used to pristine steel, expect to sharpen more often, even with the best quality steel.
  14. CCM is moving to a three fit system on the Jetspeed and Ribcor this year, and next year for the Tacks. As a result the question will be irrelevant by next year as you will be able to get Tacks in a thin, regular or wide fit. There will no longer be a "Jetspeed fit".
  15. CCM steel isn't as bad as people on this board make it out to be, (it's certainly not good either). It's very comparable to LS1 steel. Sure, someone who has to sharpen skates is going to recommend STEP because it is significantly better quality, but more importantly it is much easier to sharpen to a good finish. If the kid is happy with the stock steel and you're not having to sharpen way too frequently, then leave it be.
  16. And why go through the trouble of switching holders, only to put garbage steel on them? 😂
  17. APX are not tech mesh, they are "Alive" composite, which I believe is the original name for Curv.
  18. I hated them at first, but eventually grew to like them. Was actually disappointed to see them go the way of the Dodo. Having said that, you can achieve almost the same result by lacing outside-in on that eyelet.
  19. Being old enough to have worn similar tube skates at a young age, I can confidently say those skates were about as stiff as a pair of Converse High Cuts. That tape is just holding the tongue and tendon against his leg, but there is zero stiffness. Tape is well above his ankle. On a side note, Lanny just looks wrong without the walrus stache.
  20. I was asked to complete a survey for CCM several months ago regarding their logo. The one seen in the pic was one of the options in the survey, so I suspect they are actually changing the logo.
  21. That line of thinking is a big part of the problem with today's skates. Some of the quickest skaters in the NHL wear Ribcor skates, (MacKinnon and Hagelin come to mind). Stiffness has it's benefits, but the ultra stiff boots severely hamper agility and cause some other mechanical issues. Never heard of a hockey player having a high ankle sprain until boots started getting super stiff.
  22. I genuinely like the design. Good luck to her! On a side note, that raccoon memorial is one of the funniest things I've seen. Toronto is full of cool, fun people, so I don't know why people think it's a cold unfriendly place.
  23. I gave her a vote. Is the design inspired by the Toronto raccoon memorial that went viral a few years ago, or just the general "Raccoon City" thing? Not sure people outside T.O. know about the whole trash panda thing.
  24. I believe they are just CCM branded Curex skate insoles, so maybe look into these? https://currex.us/products/hockeypro?variant=30407090896986
  25. I think you're underestimating how many people have to be interested in a product before a company deems it worthy of investment. Over the years we've seen a number of players get their throats slit by skates, yet very few people have interest in a Kevlar turtleneck, (and that's a product that was brought to market). Just because there is a valid need for a product isn't enough, a company will not invest in producing that product unless they can sell enough to make a profit.
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