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  1. Sometimes I use the same stick for several games, sometimes I switch 3 times per game. Either way, I'm still shitty!
  2. At the recommendation of @JR Boucicaut I used Liquid Nails for Small Projects, to glue the pads in my Bauer 7500. Has held up for a few years.
  3. Nope, PHL does not follow the normal ordering process so you can't track your order online. I found this out when I ordered customs through PHL a couple years ago.
  4. I ordered True customs through PHL a couple years ago, and the process was not smooth at all. PHL does not do things the same as other True fitters, and getting info about your order is difficult. You basically have to hound both PHL customer service and True customer service. Eventually someone will find out where your order is. The one good thing about going through PHL is when True royally screwed up the sizing on my order, PHL just gave me a refund right away. Any other retailer would not refund your money.
  5. I have a similar foot profile and surprisingly a Jetspeed EE seems to be a good fit for me. I do not have a particularly wide foot, but the Jetspeed EE is pretty close to a Supreme D. We shall see after I skate in them
  6. Sounds like it's time for you to post a review on YouTube. 😉 I really want to try this pattern but not sure I want to shell out for a higher end stick that I might hate and use once.
  7. No matter what info you gather here, it's going to be a gamble. I tried on a Hyperlite and 3X, both in Fit2, and they did not fit the same, (3X had less depth right behind the toe cap, probably tongue construction). Trying to gauge the difference across lines will be even more difficult.
  8. I'm not saying quads are bad, I'm saying they're bad for beginners. I firmly believe that beginners should learn on a single 9' or 10' radius, (9.5'-10.5' dual is ok too). Once they have mastered the basics, they can then try more complex profiles. I don't like longer singles like a 13' for beginners either, because I think it's too much of a crutch and hinders muscle development. In my opinion, asking someone to learn to skate on a quad is like asking a new driver to learn in an 18 wheeler.
  9. You're correct. I was thinking of the Zuperior triples, which have a 20' radius on the rear.
  10. I couldn't agree more. IMHO it's a terrible idea to put a beginner on a quad. I've been playing for 45 years and consider myself a very strong skater. The first time I tried a quad I could not do crossovers at low speed, I would literally almost fall down. Im also confused by the blanket claim that quads are better for agility. The fact is that proper technique for a very tight pivot is using the rear part of the blade, so if you've got a 20'+ radius on that part of the blade it's working against you.
  11. Lol, kind of. Problem with the Cobra is the exposed screw that gathers water and rusts.
  12. Did you see the same blade flex over time in LS2 holders with the lollipop? If not, then it would seem the solution would have been to make the XS dial mechanism vertical with an integrated lolipop.
  13. Yes, only regular and wide, but that's not a concern for me. No way I'm getting my foot into a low volume, narrow skate. The FT1 D width was too narrow for me.
  14. Has anyone skated on the FT485 yet, (or at least tried them on)? I'm very curious about this skate as it's a one piece boot with a relatively low flex rating. It's rated at 165 on CCMs skate flex scale, which is roughly equivalent to a Ribcor 78K. I'm a big fan of the one piece boot fit, but prefer a softer boot as well. Now that CCM has standardized the fit across the lines, is this skate basically the one piece Ribcor I've been waiting for? 100K looks nice, but I'm past the point where I'm willing to drop that kind of coin on a skate.
  15. The 9080 Tacks is a great skate, especially at clearance pricing. Not sure about the JR sizes, but the SR 9080 also had a 10mm felt tongue which helped with lace bite.
  16. Why on earth does Putin need any face protection? As if anyone would dare risk putting a puck or stick anywhere near his face!
  17. Well that guy is clearly a terrible hockey player. I mean, the striping on his pants doesn't even match his uniform. /s
  18. Sounds like his foot is similar in shape to mine. I bulge out the top of any skate that is the correct length. I've found that stiffer skates make the lace bite worse than a softer boot. Even though I bulge out of a Ribcor D, the lace bite isn't much of a problem. Your best bet might be eyelet extenders. A couple people on this board have made their own. There used to be a company called Great Saves or something that sold some that were highly recommended, but their website seems to be 404.
  19. Yeah, I recall weighing the A5.2 when I got it and also weighed it about 7 grams heavier than the stated weight. On the flip side, that stick is so perfectly balanced that it feels almost like a sub 400g stick.
  20. That is the same problem they had with the tongue on the X7.0. Bauer just keeps making the same mistakes.
  21. The spongy pad on the collar, right above the Jetspeed logo. On a side note, people are hating on the graphics, but I actually like them. Not an opinion you'd expect from an old dude!
  22. Those comfort edge pads look puny. Is that the standard FT4 pad or did you customize that?
  23. I was referring to changes in construction between models or years, (E.g. X2.9 vs 2X Pro, or APX2 vs 2X, etc.). For the folks that say a D width Vapor fit great, but now a Fit 1 won't work, I'd be interested to know why that is. Vapor D was Bauer's best selling skate, which in itself is weird because my understanding is a Supreme D should have fit the highest % of the population. Fit 2 is definitely wider and deeper than a Vapor D, so if Fit 1 no longer covers the customer that was in a Vapor D, it would seem in releasing the new Fit system Bauer eliminated their best selling size?
  24. Point well taken and to some extent I agree with you. On the other hand, the actual width of a Vapor D has fluctuated constantly with every line since the X:60. This is obvious to someone like me who has a foot that is in between a D and EE. Some years a Vapor fit me okay, others it crushed my forefoot. Anyone that says a D width Vapor has fit them perfectly every release is mistaken.
  25. Can't say that this surprises me, but it could just as easily be due to changes in the skate construction as opposed to changes to the last. Bauer is famous for having skates from the same line not fitting the same. For example, plenty of people fit perfectly into a Supreme 190, but could not fit into an MX3 of the same size. No doubt that there are differences, but Bauer says if you were a Vapor D, then Fit1 is your closest match. I think everyone here knows, you have to try them on, no matter what the marketing says.
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