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  1. Look at the bottom of a pair of shoes you wear often and you will be able to easily see if you pronate or supinate. To me, it sounds like you supinate.
  2. I think with the 100k skates there is more fiberglass in the boot too allow more flexion so that time seems fine. I also don't really crank the laces or anything. I prefer to use the plastic shrink wrap method. Also, since they are my skates I don't really care if they break down fast as I swap skates often to try out every model released. Customers skates I won't ever go over 3 minutes unless it's a custom AS3 Pro and they requested it to be extra stiff.
  3. I bake my skates 3 times, each time for 4m 30s. Thats with the oven already prewarmed
  4. I went with the standard donut foams. I didnt see a need to go with anything thicker.
  5. Highly heat conductive materials transfer temperature more easily than materials with low heat conductivity. Composite made from carbon fiber and epoxy resin is a material with heat conductivity x 40 times less than aluminum and 10 times less than steel.
  6. They sharpen decently well, but not as good as the Pulse Ti or LS5. I don't think you can sharpen them on a ProSharp due to the clamp. Havent tried Sparx. Only used my SSM units.
  7. I have a friend who is a pro rep for CCM and he got me the retail tongue. I like it more than the custom options.
  8. Weird. The Tacks model I have doesn't have the diaper and also isn't adjustable in the rear thigh pads. It's a pro stock model so maybe it's different than the retail version.
  9. We can just bind your feet and you'll be good to go. Lol
  10. Employee pricing is so cheap I figured, may as well..? Lol
  11. Ive both the new Jetspeed girdle and the Super Tacks. They both have pros and cons. The Jetspeed is more adjustable and lighter but offers less protection. The Super Tacks is less adjustable, heavier, and provides more protection. I also dislike that the Jetspeed girdle has fabric which makes it fit kind of like a diaper which I hate.
  12. You would have been very unhappy with any of the new Vapors. You made the better choice with the 100K IMO.
  13. My new customs arrived yesterday. Other than CCM making them both 7.25 when they should have been 7.25L and 7.5R they turned out very nice.
  14. I would say they are semi-rigid. They are absolutely more robust than many of the other brands.
  15. To save weight I decided to not wear skate socks, a jock/cup, undershirt, helmet and elbow pads. I timed myself and saw a .00000001 improvement in my speed tests. Totally worth it.
  16. I've had some of these fail for customers. I prefer to not sell them for multiple reasons, specifically durability and longevity. Once you profile the steel you are left with a very small amount of workable steel left to sharpen. As someone who is part of an equipment manager and pro shop group online, there have been a lot of poor reviews on these in regards to sturdiness. I like the concept but I think the practical application leaves much to be desired. I would much rather skate on Flare.
  17. From Marsblade via email Everyone wants to be the best player on the ice, the I2 is the best help you’ll get. For months pro players and Marsblade ambassadors have been testing the I2. And they’ve confirmed what we already knew - the I2 is the most technologically advanced skate holder on the market. Proven to boost your speed and help you maintain the speed out of turns to ensure that you’re the fastest player on the ice. The I2 chassis is 30% lighter than the I1, which will have you flying on the ice. All while maintaining durability and performance. Our new blade switching mechanism allows you to change your steel in seconds to maintain maximum performance during games. With 5 different radius inserts to choose from you’ll be able to customize the rocker to your liking.
  18. I like the fit of the 2X Pro shins but the protection and durability are not good. The 1X Lite shins were fantastic but the calf area and strapping needed some refinement. Overall, the 2X line of Vapor was disappointing. They took away so many features and selling points all to save weight. Clearly they were aiming for 12U and younger because every player I know that plays high level hockey over 14U has swapped to Supreme. Can you imagine taking a hit in a game and your shoulder pads doing this? These shoulder pads were purchased by a 14U player and the caps fell apart after only 30 days.
  19. I would imagine it still has some type of mechanism like the previous holder. I havent seen one in person though and all of the video/pics I have seen dont show the holder in use.
  20. I use an SSM TT-3 as the primary machine for the store. The sled and jig are attached on ball bearings so that sled is limited on the X and Y axis. The operator cannot rotate the jig like they can with a Blademaster or Blackstone machine. However, the amount of pressure and speed is regulated by the operator and as mentioned this means the profile over a long period of time does get modified. It just takes a much longer amount of time compared to a fully manual machine. Machines like CAG, ProSharp, Elite, and Sparx all sharpen very well and also do a good job maintaining profile shape better than any manual or semi-manual machine. This is fact. The problem is the public perception that automated machines are not good. This is primarily because they have had a bad experience at one point from someone who had a semi-automated or fully-automated machine and once bitten, twice shy. Usually, this is due to the operator or calibration or general failure to maintain the machine properly. Not an issue with the machine itself. As a professional, I can tell you emphatically that I would prefer a semi-automated or fully-automated machine over a manual machine 100% as long as the person operating the machine is competent. At the end of the day, the operator is the weakest link regardless of the machine. I have literally watched a pro shop employee launch a figure skate through a wall because the toe pick in a ProSharp machine made contact with the wheel. Had anyone been in front of that machine they would have been maimed.
  21. My store does it, KK Skate, Ice Warehouse, NoIcing. Take your pick.
  22. Humans are the biggest variable and even the best equipment manager or pro shop individual has bad days. I would love to think I never make mistakes, but that would not be factual.
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