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  1. I assume your old steel was heavily sharpened, and the profile has been worn to be more rockered, which means less contact between the steel and the ice since your old steel was more of a 8' profile. The new steel would have been 10' profile, which has more contact with the ice and steel, so the standard hollow would feel more aggressive.
  2. Rubbing alcohol or mineral spirits should work.
  3. Interesting. Kinda reminds me of the spray you can use for baseball that stays tacky. https://www.rawlings.com/product/BGS.html
  4. Send me a DM. I might have some top tier stick options for you at a low price.
  5. Just wondering what do you like better?
  6. Never heard of it. There were a few other brands that sold something similar. Tovi Hockey for example; https://tovihockey.com/technology/diamond-coat-liquid-tape/
  7. POWERFLY HOLDER & STEEL: https://share.vidyard.com/watch/cE4e52BHmWsWtgnLFtXHzY?
  8. The gunmetal version I was able to preview did not look like the current Re-Akt Titanium, which was raw. Indeed, it looked painted or powder coated. The shape for the II and III seems the same.
  9. It will not be available as a standalone purchase in S1/S2 2023. Not sure about 2024.
  10. 2023/2024 Bauer Cages, including the new titanium cage: https://vimeo.com/833381029
  11. Very soon. Super pumped for it to release in the i2 version (oreo)
  12. They are significantly stiffer than the LS Edge holder.
  13. Good question. In the retail models -> 14" Bauer Vapor 13" Bauer Ultrasonic 13" Warrior QR 13" Warrior LX
  14. Order 6, keep 2, sell the others. Profit.
  15. Like I said, in time the TRUE "twist" as I call it becomes standard for players who use the customs. You can also flare the cuff as well, if needed. I am not a fan of waxed laces, they tend to lock in too tightly and cause more issues than benefits. Glad to hear the lace bite has been resolved; nice play on words there 😛
  16. 14" in FT1, FT4P, and now FT6P. No changes in fit for me.
  17. They have ENDVR which is not as good, but at least its something. Supposedly they are going to build an online education platform like Bauer U.
  18. Give it some time. You will learn the TRUE "twist and turn" movement. lol
  19. Just do a custom stick order.
  20. The 2023 HYPERLITE2 skate is a little heavier than the 2021 HYPERLITE model. I would say the FT6P is about 90-100 grams heavier than the 2023 HYPERLITE2.
  21. Very similar, but I think they added even more volume in the FT6P. I have never worn a tapered skate, yet my FT6P are tapered...
  22. I always wonder the actual involvement of the Pros in companies, such as Skatescribe. Are these Pros just getting a few % of ownership in exchange for attaching their name to a product, or are they actually investing significant capital?
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